Thursday, July 24, 2014

FINAL: Blue Jays 6 Red Sox 4

Im getting so friggin sick of writing depressing headlines.  So in lieu of a headline, here is Clay Buchholz taking a ball to the face last night.

Clay Buchholz beaned

Yea, it's been that kind of season for Clay. Oh yea, this happened in the first inning and he stayed in the game...and allowed five runs in six innings.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

After 8 Months Of Beating Around The Bush, Belichick Finally Talked About Rob Gronkowski...And The News Is Good.

From WEEI:
Bill Belichick said Wednesday that Rob Gronkowski has been in the facility in the days leading up to training camp, and has been “cleared to play.”

As a result, the tight end — who ended last year on injured reserve after a knee injury against the Browns — will apparently not start the year on the physically unable to perform list.

Bill Belichick hasn't said a word about Rob Gronkowski in months.  I honestly had no friggin idea where Gronk was at in terms of recovery and rehab.  And today, on the first day of Patriots training camp, Belichick dropped the bombshell that Gronk has been cleared to play and won't start the season on the PUP list.  That is so friggin  Belichick.

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Just To Give You An Idea As To How Elusive Bill Belichick Was About Gronk's Recovery, Here's How He Answered Questions About Him Back In March.

Watch Belichick get pissed off when asked about a time table on Rob Gronkowski's return back at the NFL owner's meetings:

Your Pants Tent Inducing Tweet Of The Day

via @AlbertBreer

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

FINAL: Blue Jays 7 Red Sox 3

David Ortiz hit another home run. That’s cool I guess.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Meanwhile, Over In Buffalo...

Buffalo Bills training camp started yesterday and former Patriot Brandon Spikes is already opening his big mouth.

When asked about his first day of camp with the Bills, he told, "the fans were great.  I’m not used to that, so it was good to see the fans come out and show us love.”

Remember, this is the same guy that went on a Twitter rant back in April, calling his four years with the Patriots, "4 years a slave" then went on to call Patriots fans massholes (as if that is an insult).

I don't know why this guy has a stick up his ass for the Patriots and Patriots fans, but the act is already getting old.  Good riddance to the miserable prick. I hope he enjoys everything that comes along with living in Buffalo--shitty weather and an even shittier team.

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The Celtics Revealed A New Alternative Logo Today...If You Give A Shit.

The goal in creating the logo was to extend the Celtics brand with a symbol reflecting the rich tradition of the organization throughout its history, yet versatile enough to work across various formats and products. 

The new mark was inspired by the team’s past logos and pays homage to the Leprechaun logo from the 1960’s illustrated by Celtics’ Legacy Red Auerbach’s brother Zang.

The logo reproduces well at one or two-color and can be displayed with or without a border on the outer ring. To make the logo even more versatile, Lucky’s finer details were slightly modified, allowing for better visibility when produced at a smaller scale. The logo can also be displayed without the curved Future Bold typeface, resulting in a simplistic yet bold Celtics mark.

Yea, it's a slow sports day.

FINAL: Red Sox 6 Royals 0

The Red Sox completed a sweep of the Royals today with a 6-0 bitch slapping and Jon Lester was friggin nasty.  He went eight innings, allowed no runs, four hits, only walked two and struck out eight.

I cannot believe the Red Sox had the balls to offer him four years at $70 million.  When this guy is a Yankee next season, Im going to be ripshit.

Anyway, Daniel Nava started in left field and went 2 for 3 with 3 RBIs and Jackie Bradley Jr went 2 for 3 with a walk.  And all of a sudden, they have won seven of their last 8 games.  It may get interesting real fast, folks.  Stay tuned.

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GIF: Stephen Drew Actually Did Something Yesterday And Contributed To This Team. Holy Shit!

Stephen Drew Wow

Pick your jaw up off the floor.  Im about to say something nice about Stephen Drew: he made a good play right there.

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Apparently, The New York Daily News Thinks Peyton Manning Is In The Russian Army.

This is today's cover of the New York Daily News

Druken goons?  Seriously, they should have used Johnny Manziel, not Peyton Manning.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

I Want To See This Kid's Bat At Fenway Park So Friggin Bad.

Seriously, when is Ben Cherington going to trade for this guy?

Benches Cleared In Pawtucket Last Night And Will Middlebrooks Was Right In The Middle Of It.

When Esmil Rogers hit Will Middlebrooks with a pitch in 2012, the then-95-mph fastball broke the third baseman’s wrist and subsequently ended his rookie season.

After seeing Middlebrooks face Rogers on Friday, as the PawSox took on the Buffalo Bisons, it’s safe to assume the two haven’t forgotten.

The starting pitcher plunked Middlebrooks in the arm in the fifth inning, after the previous pitch was thrown high and tight. The third baseman immediately voiced his displeasure, slamming his bat to the dirt near home plate.

In the sixth, Alex Hassan hit a solo homer off Rogers to tie the game. The next pitch Rogers threw was high and tight to Deven Marrero. When Rogers struck out Corey Brown, he said something to the DH and that was the tipping point. Brown started to walk toward the pitcher, and the benches cleared.

I dont blame Middlebrooks for being pissed off.  Esmil Rogers basically derailed what was Middlebrooks' breakout season in 2012 and he had the balls to pitch inside to him again?  The dude deserved a good smack.  Too bad baseball players don't actually fight.

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FINAL: Red Sox 5 Royals 4

First of all, I don’t know what the hell happened to Clay Buchholz. He was great for the first three  innings, retiring seven straight batters at one point, then just fell off the planet and ended up ten hits and four runs over six innings.

Anyway, so with the Red Sox down 4-1 in the sixth, Xander Bogaerts and Jonny Gomes hit back to back home runs and the Red Sox ended up beating those bitches from KC.

In that sixth inning, John Farrell had the balls to pinch hit for Jackie Bradley Jr and ended up looking like a genius. Jonny Gomes hit a pinch hit, 2-run, go ahead home run.  He now has six pinch hit home runs as a member of the Red Sox.  One less than Ted Williams.  Damn.

So, the Red Sox are now 1-0 since the All-Star break. Pissa.

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