Friday, October 24, 2014

I Don't Mean To Piss On Your Day But...

So, now the Bruins need a top line winger and a defenseman.  Hmm...they should make a run at that guy on the Islanders.  I think his name is Boychuk or something.  That guy would be a perfect fit here.  Fuckin Chiarelli!!!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

VIDEO: David Ortiz Walked In On Jake Peavy's Press Conference And Peavy Almost Shat A Brick. That Was Awesome.

This is why David Ortiz is pissa.

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PHOTO: Brandon Lafell Wore A "Fuck Statistics" Shirt To His High School's Football Game Last Weekend. I Like His Style.

via TMZ

From TMZ:
Patriots wide receiver Brandon LaFell cops to having a wardrobe malfunction -- wearing a shirt that says "F**k Statistics" around a bunch of high school kids this weekend ... and wants to apologize for what he calls an innocent mistake.

A rep for the wide receiver tells TMZ Sports ... Brandon wasn't trying to shock the kids -- he was just at home and "when he realized his high school was playing he shot out of the house" and forgot he was wearing the shirt.
We reached out to the school to see if anyone complained, but so far ... no word back.

Yea, no one complained because that shirt is friggin awesome.  And it is so Patriots.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It Appears The Stupid Bastid Running The Sharks Twitter Account Has Never Met A Real Masshole.

The San Jose Sharks actually tweeted this today:


I think they are trying to do a Boston accent...and I think they failed wicked bad.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

VIDEO: Townie News Found Tom Brady's Original (And Wicked Honest) Congratulatory Message To Peyton Manning

Nailed it.

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Some Asshole Went To A Halloween Party Dressed As Ray Rice. People Suck. They Really Do.

Most Halloween costumes are funny or clever. This is not an example of one of them. A Reddit user who asked to remain anonymous posted the following image on Sunday night, explaining that his "friend came to the party as Ray Rice."

I lost faith in humanity a long time ago--I don't know when but Ive just known for a long time that we as a society are fucked--so I'm honestly not even surprised that someone was douchey enough to do this.

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VIDEO: This Is Tuukka Rask Playing Drums For Some Band In Buffalo This Weekend. Um...Okay.

From Buffalo:
Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask may have had a rough week between the pipes, but he tried to find his rhythm in an unconventional way Friday night at Nietzsche's.

On the eve of the Bruins' eventual 4-0 stomping of the Sabres -- in which Rask sat in favor of backup Niklas Svedberg -- the 2013-14 Vezina Trophy winner and a few other teammates dropped by the Allentown live-music venue to check out a show, said The Good Neighborhood founder Seamus Gallivan.

Rask quietly asked local band the Mustn'ts if he could step in as the drummer for the band's song, a cover of Phish's "Back on the Train," and Gallivan shot a short video of the Bruins net-minder laying down the beat.

He isn't terrible, but I'll say this:  Tuukka Rask is no Neil Peart.  Don't quit your day job, Tuukka.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

So, Peyton Manning Passed Brett Favre For The Most Touchdowns In NFL History.

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GIF: Tony Romo Almost Did The World A Favor And Knocked Alex Rodriguez On His Ass Today Before The Cowboys Giants Game.

Oh my God, I wish that lady hadn't tapped A-Rod on the shoulder.  If she hadn't, A-Rod would have gotten leveled and we'd all be laughing our asses off right now.  And Tony Romo would have become an American hero.

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What A Long Friggin Day.


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FINAL: Bruins 4 Sabres 0

The Sabres had 32 shots and seven power plays and didn't score one goal.  Wow, do they suck.  The Bruins needed a game like this badly.  They just needed to beat the shit out of someone and get some confidence after that loss to the Canadiens.  Thank you, Buffalo. 

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Fight Of The Night: Kevan Miller vs Nicolas Deslauriers

Kevan Millar is now 1-0 on the season.