Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Patriots Told Vince Wilfork They Won't Pick Up His Option, Making Him A Free Agent. Damn, That Sucks.

Vince Wilfork announced on Twitter that he is no longer a Patriot.  My first thought was, "that sucks."  My second thought was, "if he signs with the Bills I'm going to be ripshit."

Anyway, there is still a chance that he just re-signs with the Patriots for less money.  But after reading his message on Twitter, I kinda doubt that.

Here is his full statement (this is his graphic, not mine):

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VIDEO: Adam Sandler And Bob Barker Re-Created Their Happy Gilmore Fight Scene...And It's Wicked Pissa.

Seriously, if these two made a full length, two hour movie of them just beating the shit out of each other, I'd watch.

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Someone Created A Peyton Manning / Tom Brady Face Mashup And It's Scary As Fuck.

The internet can be a scary, scary place.

Actually, the Johnny Manziel / Rob Gronkowski is pretty friggin gross too:

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So, This Happened...

Boston Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli announced today, March 4, that forward Brett Connolly will miss six weeks due to a displaced fracture in his right index finger. The injury occurred during the Bruins practice on Wednesday, March 4.

I can't help but just sit back and lol.

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Devin McCourty Tells NY Media That Playing For The Giants Or Jets "Would Be Cool." I Shit You Not.

From The New York Post:
Listen up, Giants and Jets. A hometown kid who could boost the playoff-starved teams’ secondary is heading into free agency with a sentimental eye.

Patriots safety Devin McCourty — who hails from Nyack, NY, and played his college ball at Rutgers — told NJ Advance Media he would be open to signing with a New York team.

“I would be lying if I said that it wouldn’t be cool being back home,” McCourty said.

Seeing Devin McCourty playing for any team other than the Patriots would suck. Seeing him play for the Giants or Jets would fucking suck.

I don’t know why he is sucking up to the New York media. I get that he is from New York, but he could have played it neutral and given them some cliche answer. He didn’t have to go out of his way to kiss their ass and take a big old shit on our hopes.

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HOLY SHIT! STOP THE PRESSES! It's Going To Be In The 40s Today!

This sounds about right...

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Trade Deadline Has Come And Gone And Another Friggin Bust For Peter Chiarelli.

What the hell was the point of putting David Krejci on long term injured reserve (and freeing up $5.25M in cap space) if you aren't going to do shit with it? Jesus H Christ, this is frustrating.

The Bruins have basically been treading water all season. You'd figure Peter Chiarelli would make a splash at the deadline and give them some sort of spark. But nope. The guy did what he always does. Just sat on his ass.

His only trades were for a 22 year old dude who has 12 goals this season and "a lot of upside" and a guy who is a fourth liner at best.  Well, big shit.

Now Cam Neely has all the ammo he needs to fire Chiarelli. The Tyler Seguin trade alone was enough grounds to fire his ass as far as Im concerned. When you add to that the Johnny Boychuk trade and now this dud of a deadline, there is absolutely no need to keep this incompetent piece of shit around.

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As If You Needed Any Further Proof Chiarelli Has Failed Us.

This is how NESN sees the Bruins lines going forward.

Yup. Today, the Bruins got a friggin fourth liner and a guy who won't even play most night.  Peter Chiarelli sucks.

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Marshawn Lynch Said If He Ran That Ball He'd Be "The Face Of The Nation, Super Bowl MVP." Yea, And If My Aunt Had A Dick She'd Be My Uncle.

From (a sports network on Turkey):
"You let me run that ball in, I’m the face of the nation. You know, the MVP of the Super Bowl, that’s pretty much the face of the nation at that point in time.

I don’t know what went into that call. I mean, maybe it was a good thing that I didn’t get the ball. It cost us the Super Bowl. I mean, I have full confidence in my teammates to execute that plan because we’ve done it so many more times. But would I have loved to had the ball? Yes, I would have."

Wow, throwing his head coach under the bus and bragging about how he was almost a Super Bowl hero.  What a role model, huh?  I'm glad Tom Brady, and not this douche, is the "face of the nation."

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VIDEO: Gronk Spiked A Birthday Cake On His Brothers Head At Vegas Club. Is There Anything This Dude Won't Spike?

Believe me, I'm not bashing him.  I mean, it's all harmless fun.  It's not like he killed a dude and dumped his body in an industrial park or something.

As long as the dude stays in shape, performs on the field and doesn't end up in jail I couldn't give two shits what he does on the weekends during the offseason.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Your Tweet Of The Day


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Aaron Hernandez Only Tipped $30 On A $243 Restaurant Tab The Night Odin Lloyd Was Murdered. That’s 12%. What An Asshole.

via @JennyDWilson

This is reportedly a receipt from the restaurant Aaron Hernandez and his friends went to on the night Odin Lloyd was murdered.  The prosecution presented it today at his trial in an attempt to recount the timeline of events that night.

And I did the math.  That is a 12% tip.  I'm not one to judge how much someone tips, but the dude was making over $5,000,000 a year and signed a $12,500,000 signing bonus.  Seems kinda douchey considering.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

VIDEO: David Ortiz Just Heard About The New Rule About Keeping One Foot In Batters Box And Called It "Bullshit." Um...Okay.

Watch as David Ortiz literally just learns about the new rule about keeping one foot in the batters box and responds by calling it "bullshit."

He also said he will run out of money of they fine him every time he does it.  I think it's safe to say MLB is not going to enforce these new rules to speed up the game. 

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Rajon Rondo Ignored His Head Coach, Got Into An Argument With Him Then Got Benched. I Always Knew He Was A Dick.

Watch Rick Carlisle scream at Rajon Rondo to call a timeout. And watch Rondo blatanly ignore him:

And here's Rick Carlisle telling Rondo to sit his ass down. For the record, Rondo got benched for the rest of the game.

I can't believe people around here stuck up for him as long as they did.  The guy isn't talented enough to be a pain in the ass.  I'm just glad the Celtics don't have to worry about this kind of bullshit melodrama.

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