Friday, March 27, 2015

FINAL: Ducks 3 Bruins 2 (OT)

I hate writing headlines like this but...this friggin team, man.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Boston Charms Cereal Isn't Real But If It Was, I Would Have A Moral Obligation As A Masshole To Endorse It.

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Adam Schefter Says Bill Belichick Used Profanity At The Owners Meetings And Got Laughed At. What A Friggin Tattletale.

Bill Belichick wants at least four cameras in the end zones. The NFL says that would be too expensive.  Well, at the owners meetings yesterday, Belichick reportedly ripped the head of officials, Dean Blandino, used "profane language" and got laughed at.

And here's world class tattletale Adam Schefter telling the story to Keith Olbermann like a middle school kid who just heard some gossip on the playground.  Note how the king of douchebags, Olbermann, mocks Belichick and chuckles while Schefter tells the story.  Real professional.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

VIDEO: The Entourage Movie Trailer Includes Gronk Dancing With Hot Chicks Because Of Course It Does

When I first heard that Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady and Julian Edelman were going to be in the Entourage movie, my first thought was, "hmm...Gronk's scene will probably be of him dancing with hot chicks at a party or something." And sure enough...

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

REPORT: The Jets Filed Tampering Charges Against Patriots Because Robert Kraft Talked About Darrelle Revis Yesterday. I Shit You Not.

From ProFootballTalk:
On Monday, Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke about the departure of Revis for the Jets. “I speak as a fan of the New England Patriots,” Kraft said Monday via Tom Curran of CSN New England. “We wanted to keep him, we wanted him in our system."
The next day, the Jets filed tampering charges against the Patriots.  Per a league source, the Jets have submitted to the league office a letter tracking the language cited by the Patriots when making their tampering charge in January.
What this fucking moron doesn’t realize is that making a comment about negotiations after a dude leaves isn’t tampering.  Saying, "I'd love Darrelle to come back," which is exactly what Woody Johnson said while Revis was still under contract with the Patriots, is.

What a dumb fuck.  Let's be honest, this prick is only doing this because the Patriots filed legitimate tampering charges against him and he wants to bust balls. What a friggin disgrace to the NFL.  That entire organization is a disgrace.

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BOMBSHELL: Bill Belichick Doesn't Know What The Video Game Madden Is.



The greatest coach in the history of the NFL has never heard of arguable the most popular video game in the history of video games.  Mind=blown.

VIDEO: Bill Belichick On Losing Darrelle Revis: "People Leave Teams In Free Agency Every Year. It's Not A Big Story." There's No Friggin Way He Really Believes That.

Bill Belichick made his first public comments about Darrelle Revis leaving the Patriots and said the following:

Wow, that took balls. I mean, real balls. On a side note, Belichick has an unbelievable poker face. He should play professionally.

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This Just Pisses Me Off.

The Senators won last night and the Bruins have lost five straight. Well, fuck me.

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Max Pacioretty And McDonalds Made A Bunch Of Bruins Fans Look Like Assholes. It Might Be Time For A Boycott.

Well, hardy fucking har har.

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New Balance Made A Limited Edition Boston Shoe With "Fastah" On The Sole. That's Very Massholey Of Them

From Boston Magazine:
Every year, New Balance showcases its love for its hometown in the form of a sneaker that launches right around the Boston Marathon. This year’s sneaker, the Fresh Foam Zante Boston, is more “Boston” than them all.

The sneakers are a “cool blue” hue and feature the Boston skyline on the shoe’s insole. The word “Fastah” is emblazoned on the sole.

No word on if they plan on making a "pissah" sneaker...but stay tuned.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

FINAL: Lightning 5 Bruins 3

I hate writing headlines like this but what the Christ am I supposed to say right now?  The Bruins are shitting this season away.  Plain and simple.

I don't know how to describe what we are witnessing other than to call it a complete and utter shit show.  How the hell does a team fighting for their playoff life go winless in five games?  What the fuck, man!

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VIDEO: Brad Marchand "Fought" Steven Stamkos. Yes, I Used Quotation Marks.

I watched this and all I could do was lol.

Brad Marchand vs Steven Stamkos Mar 22, 2015

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Bruins Lost To The Panthers Last Night But At Least We Got To See Probably The Fan Sign Of The Year

Hmm...that looks familiar (cerka Masshole Sports 2012)