Friday, October 23, 2009

THEO EPSTEIN BLINDED BY SABERMETRICS, CALLS JD DREW "One of Baseball's Most Valuable Outfielders"

Just as a the nerd in high school will tell you that fanning yourself on a hot day will actually make you hotter and not cooler because your body uses more energy to create the fanning than it recuperates by the fanning itself (or some nerdy explanation like that), Theo Epstein says JD Drew is one of the most valuable outfielders in baseball.

Theo says:

“There’s been a lot of strides in the game in terms of how people properly value players based on more meaningful statistics. Drew is sort of a touchstone so to speak for that because you actually look at the underlying performance and things that really matter as far as winning games and not winning games, he’s been over the length of the contract one of the 10 most valuable outfielders in baseball.”

Theo Epstein sounds more like a slimy businessman trying to rationalize a business acquisition or merger that has failed. J.D. Drew batted 8th in the Red Sox lineup this season! Where else in MLB is the number 8 hitter making $14 million a year?!?!

Allow me to give you some perspective

J.D. Drews stats for 2009 are: 24 hr 68 rbi .279 batting average.

Kevin Youkilis' stats for 2009 are: 27 hr 94 rbi .304 batting average.

Oh yea and Youklis made $2.5 million in 2009 (he will make $10 million annually for 4 years after 2009) and has won a gold glove AND he can play two positions (first and third) AND he batted clean up for the Red Sox in 2009.

Theo went on to say:

“What he’s done qualitatively and when you even factor in the amount he’s played over these three years, yeah, he’s come out to a tick more than $14 million per year.”

Im ready to pull my hair out.