Friday, November 13, 2009

The Red Sox Are Cheap Bastards. Acquire Jeremy Hermida Now Pursuing Hideki Matsui

This is disgusting. The Red Sox are a big market team who make money similar to the Yankees yet they continue to do business like the Kansas City Royals.

Don’t kid yourself. Jeremy Hermida (who will make MUCH less than Jason Bay in 2010) will replace Jason Bay in left field next season.

The Sox scratched Tim Wakefields 4 million-dollar player option and signed him to a two-year deal worth 2.5 million per year because, as Theo Epstein said, "it gives us a little more payroll flexibility than picking up the option."

Now we learn that the Red Sox are considering signing 35-year old Hideki Matsui, who is looking for about 8 million a year and is essentially a DH at this point in his career because his knees are so bad.

Red Sox fans should be asking what the hell is going on? Lord knows Im baffled.

Why are the Red Sox shopping in the discount bin at Building 19? The Sox can afford to pay Jason Bay but they are choosing not to. They have the prospects to make a GOOD offer for Adrian Gonzalez but they have yet to (presumably because prospects are the cheaper option).

The Red Sox should not even be in the Hideki Matsui discussion. And the fact that they are is sickening considering the money they make.