Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Johnny Damon Will Wear Red Sox AND Yankees World Series Rings

Johnny Damon has a 2004 Red Sox World Series Ring and he soon will be getting a 2009 Yankees World Series Ring.

When asked which ring he will wear, Johnny Damon told the New York Post, ” "I am going to wear them both.”


Damon is basically that annoying kid in high school who is friends with EVERYONE.

Dude, pick a side. You cant be a Red Sox fan AND a Yankees fan….and you cant wear a Red Sox ring AND a Yankees ring. Even if you did play for both.

He is one of only six players to have both a Red Sox and Yankees World Series Championship ring--the others being Ramiro Mendoza, Eric Hinske, Tony Cloninger, Dale Sveum and Gary Tuck.

None of the above have commented.

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