Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Red Sox Players Wives: The Hot And The Mediocre

The definitive photo album of the Red Sox players wives (and girlfriends)...from the hot to the mediocre.

John Lackey and wife Krista Lackey:

Josh Beckett and wife Holly Fisher:

Jon Lester and wife Farah Johnson Lester:

Clay Buchholz and wife Lindsay Clubine (aka former Briefcase Model #27 on Deal Or No Deal)

Jacoby Ellsbury and girlfriend Kelsey Hawkins:

David Ortiz and wife Tiffany Ortiz:

Dustin Pedroia and wife Kelli Pedroia:

Kevin Youkilis and wife Enza Sambataro Youkilis (update:  ex wife)

Jonathan Papelbon and wife Ashley Papelbon:

Tim Wakefield and wife Stacy Stover:

Jason Varitek and ex wife Karen Varitek:

Jason Varitek and wife Catherine Panagiotopoulos

Theo Epstein and wife Marie Epstein