Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Was It Wrong For Marc Savard To Bite Daniel Carcillo? Hell No.

In the second period of last nights game, there was a bit of a scrum behind the Flyers net and Daniel Carcillo claims that Marc Savard bit him in that scrum.

Marc Savard isn’t exactly denying it. Savard said, “under the pile there, he tried to pull out my front teeth. If that’s a bite, I don’t know.”

Carcillo of course had something to say. He said, "the last time I was bit was in grade school. It's not a good feeling and it's pretty cowardly."

HAHA HAHA. My only beef here is that Savard didn’t pull a “Mike Tyson” and bit Carcillos friggin ear off.

Carcillo shouldn’t be taking jabs at a guy who is coming off of a concussion. Sure hockey is a tough sport, but there is sportsmanship in hockey.

Was it right for the Sensei of Cobra Kai to tell Johnny to sweep the leg when he knew that Danielson had a bum knee?  Sure, it was within the rules but there has to be an element of sportsmanship in even the most violent sports.

Daniel Carcillo shouldn’t have had his hand in the face of a guy who is coming off of a concussion period.

And obviously Marc Savard agrees with me.