Monday, May 17, 2010

What The Frig Was That?

Bruins fans seem to be struggling to figure out exactly how they blew this series.

Listening to talk radio over the past couple of days Ive heard everything from “Claude Julien has to go” to “Zdeno Chara is a waste of space and has got to go” and even one dumb bastard saying that the Bruins “will never win a Stanley Cup as long as Jeremy Jacobs owns this team.”

All of those statements are stupid and idiotic. Why is it that the dumbest fans among us seem to be the only ones calling into talk radio?

Anyway, trying to figure out how the Bruins lost this series is like trying to figure out how the 2004 Yankees lost to the Red Sox after going up 3 – 0 in the ALCS.

When Dave Roberts stole that base in game 4 with the Red Sox down 3 – 0 in the series, most of Red Sox Nation believed the Red Sox had a chance.

When Simon Gagne scored the overtime game-winning goal in Game 4 with the Flyers down 3 – 0 in the series (in his first game back from his broken foot) Im sure Flyers fans had a similar feeling.

I know the Flyers players had that feeling. After the Game 4 win, Flyers goalie Brian Boucher said "We're back in this thing. We feel good about ourselves and now the pressure is on them.”

The bottom line is that the Bruins got beat by a team who believed it was THEIR TIME, even if they were down in the series 3 – 0, even if they were down 3 – 0 in game 7.

So don’t count me as one of those Bruins fans struggling to find a reason as to why the Bruins blew this series. The reality is that the Bruins didn’t lose the series...the Flyers won the series.