Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Matt Ryan Couldn’t Get Tom Brady To “open up and pass along trade secrets.” Maybe He Should Go Into His Dreams And Steal Them

According to the Boston Herald, Matt Ryan couldn’t get Tom Brady to open up and pass along any trade secrets during the Patriots and Falcons joint practice.

Um...Matt Ryan is as smooth as sand paper. Doesn’t  he know that if he wants Tom Bradys secrets he has to hire Leonardo DiCaprio to enter Tom Bradys dreams and steal them out of a huge safe?

(if you havent seen Inception then that just went way over your head).

Why on Gods green Earth would a 5 time Pro Bowler, 2 time Super Bowl MVP reveal secrets to an “up-and-comer" like Matt Ryan.

Seriously, I don’t know which takes more balls--asking an established quarterback to reveal his tricks of the trade or giving the proverbial middle finger to someone who asks you to reveal your tricks of the trade.

Kudos to Tom Brady  for giving Matt Ryan the proverbial middle finger and saying, "I don’t give away my ideas too easily.  I’ve worked a long time for my ideas. I’ve been through a lot of games. You’ve got to really let the other competitors figure it out for themselves.” (source Boston Herald)

I mean, what did Matt Ryan expect? The “ol’ college try” might work for a country boy like Peyton Manning but Tom Brady is a little smarter than that. And a little harder to penetrate.

Im sure its common place for a young quarterback to pick the brain of a hall of famer but not a hall of famer who is still playing.

Maybe Matt Ryan gave himself too much credit.  Maybe he thought that he deserves to know the secrets of Tom Brady without learning them himself.  Just like that kid in high school who would cheat off me during tests.