What A Sucky Way To End The Year. Bruins Lose To Stars, The Dallas Friggin Stars.

It wasnt the bloodbath that everyone expected but it was physical and it was chippy. In the end, the Bruins 7 game winning streak came to an end. The Bruins played a sloppy game and the Dallas Stars didnt. And the Bruins just couldnt match the Dallas Stars intensity...until the third period when it was too late.

OMFG Jack Edwards Is On Twitter

Jack Edwards is finally on twitter, @RealJackEdwards. This should get interesting. Edwards has given us some of the most memorable and entertaining calls in the history of televised Bruins games. If he is half as neurotic on twitter as he is on Bruins telecasts, then we are in for some good free entertainment.

(VIDEO) Dick Clark Screws Up New Years Eve Countdown 2009

Dick Clark should have stopped doing his New Years Eve special years ago. The guy is half dead yet they still roll him out there year after year. Poor guy. That being said, Ill probably still watch tonight for the "train wreck" factor.

(VIDEO) Remember, The Last Time The Bruins Faced The Stars It Was A Bloodbath

The Bruins are facing the Dallas Stars on New Years eve and NESN has been promoting the shit out of this game...and I dont blame them. The last time the Bruins played the Stars, there were 3 fights in the first 4 seconds of the game (see video above). And Milan Lucic scored 35 seconds in.

If there really are hockey gods, we will see Adam Mcquaid square off against Steve Ott and end up with a bloody face for what he did to Gregory Campbell last year. Stay tuned.

Is This Masshole Tattoo Wicked Awesome Or Wicked Retarded?

Dont get me wrong, a girl with a Masshole tattoo is friggin hot. But on her middle finger? I dunno, seems kinda white trash...but I kinda like it. If I was at Dockside and saw a girl with a Masshole tattoo on her middle finger, Id probably buy her a drink. I buy her the cheapest drink in the house, but Id buy her a drink.

(VIDEO) Raffi Torres Takes A Cheap Shot At Jan Hejda One Day After Taking Cheap Shot At Andrew Ference. What A Douchebag.

24 hours after taking a cheap shot at Andrew Ference with a shoulder to the face, Raffi Torres went head hunting again. On Thursday, the douchebag threw a nasty shoulder into the head of Jan Hejda of the Colorado Avalanche which will most likely get him suspended.

Why will he be suspended for this but not the hit on Ference, you ask? Because Adam McQuaid beat the shit out of Torres after he took a cheap at Andrew Ference and Brendan Shanahan probably felt that was punishment enough.

Rememebr this:

(click here to see the video of the McQuaid Torres fight)

Kudos to Puck Daddy for first reporting the story

In Honor Of Boston Being Named America’s Drunkest City In 2011, Heres A Video Of Sam Adams Founder Jim Koch Drunk

As you've probably heard, some website named The Daily Beast named Boston "America’s Drunkest City of 2011." Sounds like pure bull shit to me. They say that 7.4% of the population are “heavy drinkers” and 20.1% are “binge drinkers” but they don’t explain how they came up with those numbers.

Anyway, in honor of Boston being named America’s Drunkest City of 2011 by some bullshit website, here is a video of Sam Adams founder Jim Koch drunk and trying really hard to hide it.

(notice how at the beginning his hands are still but by the end of the video he's flapping his hands around as if hes fighting off ninjas)

Paul Pierce Tweeted...And I Responded

Wait A Second, The Celtics Played Last Night? Oh That’s Right, They Didn’t.

We've all had those days at work. You know, where you show up and basically wait for the day to end. Yea, it was one of those nights last night for the Celtics in New Orleans.

The Celtics physically showed up. They bounce the ball and toss it towards the net. But thats about it. 78 points? 78 friggin points? I feel bad for any Celtic fan who paid money for a ticket to that game.

This Bruins Team Is So Friggin Good Right Now Its Scary

The Bruins shouldnt have won that game. The Phoenix Coyotes were playing lockdown defense and the Bruins looked sloppy...yet they won. This was one of those "trap" games where the Bruins could have very easily mailed it in (against a mediocre opponent) and just let it slip away. But they didnt.

The Bruins are beating the elite teams in the NHL and they are beating the shitty teams in the NHL. They havent taken their foot off the gas since November 1. They have been going balls to the wall for just about two months and simply dont take games off. And when a team does that, they are scary good.

Well, This Is Interesting

(VIDEO) Adam McQuaid Beats The Shit Out Of Raffi Torres After Torres Cheap Shots Andrew Ference

In the first period of the Bruins Coyotes game last night, Raffi Torres elbowed Andrew Ference in the face and within a second, Adam McQuaid jumped in to fight Torres. Because as Jack Edwards says, thats what teammates do.

Well, I shouldn’t call it a fight. McQuaid beat the shit out of Raffi Torres...and that’s not an understatement. Torres came away with a bloody face. Thats what happens when you take a cheap shot at a Bruin.

Raffi Torres' Bloody Face

He elbowed Andrew Ference in the head...the asshole deserves a bloody face.

Josh Reddick Traded..Damn It All.

Josh Reddick is going to be a star in Major League Baseball...just not with the Red Sox. He was traded to the A's on Wednesday along with minor league third baseman Miles Head and minor league pitcher Raul Alcantara for reliever Andrew Bailey and outfielder Ryan Sweeney.

Well, it was nice knowing you kid.

FINAL: Celtics 107 Heat 115

The Celtics didnt look terrible against the heat. Ray Allen had a great game, Rajon Rondo is actually scoring and the bench wasnt terrible. If Paul Pierce were in that game last night, things may have been different.

Joe Buck Is Following Masshole Sports On Twitter And Kim Kardashian Isnt

Joe Buck used to annoy me. He always came across as being kinda lethargic and uninterested in the sports he was calling, but the dude is hilarious on twitter…and he is following me. So I have a new found respect for him.

I used to think Kim Kardashian was kinda a bitch…and I still do. The bitch ignores my tweets and wont follow me back. I cant wait for her ass to start sagging and her crowsfeet to get too big for botox.

I Have The Balls To Say It: This Bruins Team Is The BEST TEAM EVER!

The scribes over at the Boston Herald are probably a little trigger shy because of all the shit they took back in March--remember the Herald declared the 2011 Red Sox the "Best Team Ever" before they even played a game.

Well I have no problem saying it: the 2011-2012 Bruins are the best Bruins team ever...and I dont think many people would disagree with me.

The Bruins 23-9-1 right now and 7 of those losses came in the month of October. If they didnt have such an atrocious October, they'd be running away with the Eastern Conference right now and people would be talking about them as one of the best teams ever...not just one of the best Bruins teams ever.

Right now, the Bruins are 1st in the NHL in goals, 1st in the NHL in goals against, their penalty kill is 2nd in the NHL and their power play is ranked 10th in the NHL. We have seen them win close games, we have seen them win blow outs. They've won shootouts and they've won the proverbial "trap games" against the teams it is easy to fall asleep against.

Tim Thomas is having another Vezina worthy year and Zdeno Chara has got to be the front runner for the Norris Trophy. As the great Michael Felger would say, these are facts not opinions.

Anyone in this town who has anything negative to say about the Bruins ought to have their heads examined because we are witnessing greatness...and its ok to say that.

Ochocinco’s Fiancee Evelyn Lozada Being Sued For $560,000. Its Not Too Late To Back Out, Ocho!

Ochocinco's fiancee, Evelyn Lozada, is being sued for a whopping $560,000. Turns out she took money from her former fiancee, Antoine Walker, just before he filed for bankruptcy. Now the bankruptcy trustee wants the money back!

From TMZ.com:

“It seems Walker gave Lozada $560,000 when he already knew he was going belly up [filed for bankruptcy]. The trustee has sued Lozada, claiming the transfer was fraudulent -- an attempt to hide money from legitimate creditors. The trustee says Lozada used the money to start a Miami shoe store called Dulce, and now the trustee wants the $560k back.”

Yea, they want the friggin money back. Run, Ochocino, run! Dont start paying this crazy bitches bills. You are only her "future ex fiancee" anyway. She's not worth it.

Bill Walker Had No Problem With Kevin Garnett Choking Him On Christmas Day...What A Nice Guy.

I dont know about you, but if I was playing basketball in front of a huge tv audience on Christmas friggin day and someone choked me, Id be a little pissed off. Bill Walker was humiliated in front of millions of people and he has no problem with what Kevin Garnett did? What a pussy.

In case you live under a rock and havent seen it, heres the video of Kevin Garnett choking Bill Walker:

Rajon Rondo Makes Danny Ainge Look Like A Dick, Scores 31 Points

This offseason, when it was made public that Danny Ainge was shopping Rajon Rondo, most people rolled their eyes. It just didnt make sense. Well, on Christmas day, in TNT's most-watched regular season game in history, Rajon Rondo made Danny Ainge look like a dick.

Adrian Peterson Suffered Torn ACL and MCL Saturday...But More Importantly He Got Carted Off The Field By Stevie Wonder

Minnesota Vikings running back, and fantasy football legend, suffered a torn ACL and MCL on Christmas Eve. But more importantly, he was carted off the field by what appears to be Stevie Wonder.

(VIDEO) Guy In Santa Oufit Heckles Lebron James On Christmas Day

There are douchebags, then theres this guy. A dude dressed like Santa Clause (with drink in his hand) heckles Lebron James during the Heat Mavericks game on Christmas Day. So, how many children in the stands will forever remember Santa Clause as a drunk, obnoxious douchebag who hates Lebron James?

To The Most Spoiled Fans In All Of Sports

Have You Ever Wanted To See A Skinny Santa Doing The Shuffle?

13-year-old Writes Letter To Santa, Threatens To Kill Him If She Doesn’t Get A Blackberry and “The Real Justin Bieber." What The Hell Is Wrong With People These Days?

Some little bitch named Mekeeda Austin wrote a letter to Santa and threatened to kill him if she didn’t get a Blackberry and the real Justin Bieber.

Heres the kicker. Her mother said, "when I first found the letter, I thought it was funny. Now I think I'd better get her what she wants.”

Are you friggin serious? The mother should have seen the letter and sent her kid to counseling! This is just further proof that we are all screwed.

Bruins Beat The Shit Out Of The Panthers And Prove They Are The Beasts Of The East

The Bruins made a statement tonight in their 8-0 win over the Panthers. Sure, the Panthers played last night and may have been a little jet lagged, but that excuse is for losers. The Bruins absolutely dominated and never took their foot off the gas. They went balls to the walls for a full 60 minutes and proved that THEY are the elite team in the Eastern Conference, not the Florida friggin Panthers.

Brad Marchand Makes Panthers His Bitch With First Career Hat Trick

(VIDEO) Benoit Pouliot Scores One Of The Prettiest Goals You Will Ever See...And I Got An Instant Pants Tent

Im not going to lie, I got an instant pants tent when Benoit Pouliot scored this goal. I hope Im not overstating it, but that was reminiscent of Bobby Orr--end to end and a beautiful finish.