Monday, April 11, 2011

(PHOTOS) Jason Varitek Engaged To Catherine Panagiotopoulos, Former Head Of Modeling Agency...And Former Girlfriend Of Yankee Nick Swisher

So Jason Varitek got engaged to Catherine Panagiotopoulos Saturday, huh? Pissa.

If the name Catherine Panagiotopoulos sounds familiar its because she used to date fratboy and general douchbag Nick Swisher, of the New York Yankees.

Wicked pissa. The captain of the Red Sox is engaged to a friggin Yankees chick.

Anyway, not sure how they met, but Catherine used to run a modeling agency in Massachusetts called CMG Modeling Group.

We hear, Varitek popped the question while the two were out to dinner for his 39th birthday on Saturday at Strega Waterfront. No word on whether Panagiotopoulos has signed a prenup. If shes smart, she wont. Varitek cheated on his last wife (of 13 years) and is now paying her $9,000 a month. You paying attention Catherine?