Pete Sheppard Is Back On The Radio With New Show Called “The Meat Locker”

Pete Sheppard is back on the radio…internet radio. His show, The Meat Locker, debuted today at noon on It will air Monday thru Friday from noon-2pm.

I don’t know who Pete Sheppard pissed off at WEEI (or Entercom) but he has basically been blackballed from Boston sports radio since his departure from WEEI. He hasn’t even been on tv at all. But I digress.

Sheppard says that he will read and respond to comments left on his facebook page and will take phone calls.

Should be interesting.

Red Sox Asking For Feedback Via Twitter About Moving Saturday Night Game to 1pm

You gotta give the Red Sox credit…they are in touch with their fans. They are asking fans to give feedback about moving Saturdays game from 7:10pm to 1:10pm so that people can watch both the Sox and Bruins play.

Let your voice be heard!

Official Red Sox tweet here

Results thus far here

Jon Lester Shits The Bed, Sox Now Tied With Yankees For First Place

"Tonight I just didn't have a feel for anything. I stunk. There's no other way to put it." --Jon Lester on last nights performance

I couldnt have said it any better myself. Lester allowed 7 earned run in 5.2 innings. Well, the Yankees and Red Sox are now in a virtual tie for first place. I hope you enjoyed first place it while it lasted.

Claude Julien Says Vancouver Green Men Are Good For Hockey...But Would Rather See Woman Who Flashed

You’ve probably heard of the Vancouver “Green Men” by now. They are those two freaky bastards who sit beside the penalty box during Canucks home games dressed in tight spandex outfits. Anytime a visiting player is in the penalty box, the green men try like hell to annoy said player.

Anyway, Claude Julien was asked about them today and said they are good for hockey. Julien also said he would rather see the women who flashed her tits that one time.

Anyway, without further adieu, the best of the Vancouver Green Men:

Who Woulda Thunk The Red Sox Would Be In First Place By Memorial Day?

The Red Sox are currently in first place in the AL East by one game over the Yankees (with two games in hand).

Seriously, after their 0-6 start did anyone think the Red Sox would be in first place by Memorial Day? Sure, most people thought they would eventually get hot and compete in the AL East, but first place by Memorial Day?

As Rob Bradford of WEEI points out: no other team has more wins this month than the Red Sox (19). And no team has a better batting average (.288), OPS (.824) or slugging percentage (.472) in May than this team.

In other words, this Red Sox team isnt just good...they are scary good.

Red Sox 7:05 Game Tonight Wont Be On TV Due To Sunday Night Baseball's Horseshit "Exclusivity" Contract With MLB

Tonights 7:05 Red Sox game wont be televised due to Sunday Night Baseball's exclusivity contract with Major League Baseball.  The 1:05 game will be on NESN as scheduled.

FYI, the starting pitchers for tonights game are Josh Beckett and Justin Verlander. OUCH!

So there will be no "Sox In 2" rebroadcast tonight and no highlights on the news tonight.

Lets just hope Beckett doesnt throw a no hitter.  If he does, there will be no archived television footage. Just pictures.

It will be broadcast on 850 WEEI though. So have fun sitting by your radios tonight like they used to in the "olden days." It should be a good one.

[edit: ESPN has caved in to the pressure. Game will be broadcast in local markets, meaning NESN in Boston and FSN in Detroit]

PHOTO GALLERY: Fuck The Tampa Bay Lightning

You gotta admit, the Tampa Bay Lightning put up a good fight. But in the end, the Bruins won. Which gives us Bruins fans the right to say the following: Fuck the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Enjoy the photo gallery:

Holy Shit They Did It. The Boston Bruins Are Going To The Stanley Cup Finals.

The Bruins played a perfect game, plain and simple.

They knew that they had to stay out of the penalty box...and they did...they actually didnt commit one penalty. Not one.  Tim Thomas knew that he had to be flawless in order to give his team a chance...and he was...literally.

I honestly never thought I would utter these words: the Boston Bruins are going to the Stanley Cup Finals!

Hey Steven Stamkos, Welcome To The World Of Owen Wilson

No official word on whether Steven Stamkos broke his nose last night when taking a puck to the face, but one thing is clear. He has joined a very exclusive club. The "I have a fucked up nose" club, lead by Owen Wilson.

Welcome to the club Steven Stamkos!

(PHOTO) Bruins Fan Of The Night

I guess game 7 brings out all different types.

Mayor Menino Asks Bruins Fans To "Share On The Bruins" And Behave. Im Asking Mayor Menino To Take Speech Lessons.

I understand the irony of a masshole like myself (with my thick Boston accent) asking Mayor Menino to take speech lessons, but cmon. He is the mayor. He cant say "cheer"? Really?

Im pretty sure he was trying to say "cheer on the Bruins" but what came out was "share on the Bruins."

Anyway, I want to reiterate what Mayor Menino said: if you are at the game or live in the area, dont be an asshole. If you do anything stupid, the rest of the country will see it, talk about it and rip this city.

We are better than Montreal and LA (two cities notorious for tearing their own cities apart after big games). And were not as pathetic as Philadelphia, where they greased the street lights and trees so people couldnt climb them.

Listen to your Mayor:

Red Sox Make Detroit Tigers Their Bitch, Win 14-1

So I guess the Red Sox won again. They blew out the Tigers 14-1 or something. I heard Carl Crawford went 4-4. Sorry for the half-assed blogging again. I spent the entire day trolling the internet for Bruins stuff. Did you hear Nathan Hornton squirted water in a Lightning fans face after the game last night? That was awesome.

(VIDEO) Nathan Hornton May Get Suspended For Squirting Water At Lightning Fan? Are You Friggin Kidding Me?

If you watched game 6, you probably noticed that some classless Tampa Bay Lightning fans threw noisemakers onto the ice at the conclusion of the game (one hit David Krecji in the head).

Well, as Nathan Hornton headed towards the dressing room, he snapped. Hornton grabbed a water bottle, squirted a fan in the face and then proceeded to throw the bottle at the fan. Heres the video (it happens at the 1:30 mark):

And people are actually calling for Hornton to be suspended for game 7. WTF!!!

First of all, Hornton was provoked. The dude that Hornton squirted was taunting the Bruins as they left the ice.

Second of all, it was friggin water! Hornton didn’t jump into the stands and beat him with a shoe.

People talk all the time about the wussification of the NHL, hell they talk about the wussification of America. If the NHL decides that this kind of behavior is inexcusable and does suspend Hornton, all hell will break loose in Boston...and most likely in the NHL world.

If anything, the fans who threw noisemakers onto the ice should be scolded right now. Shame on them for nearly enticing a riot.

Currently Up For Sale: Tampa Bay Lightning 2011 Stanley Cup Finals Signed Poster. Seriously. This Isnt A Joke.

Um, did I miss something? Did my Jeep Wrangler turn into a Delorean and transport me two days into the future? Isn’t there a game 7 on Friday? is selling a 2011 Stanley Cup Finals poster signed by all members of the Tampa Bay Lighting...despite the fact that the teams havent even played game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals yet.

If Claude Julien wanted to play heads games, he would buy one and hang it in the locker room before game 7 Friday.

How Does Sea Bass Feel About The Bruins Game 6 Performance ?

The Bruins power play was weak, their defense was shaky, Tim Thomas was uncharacteristically bad ...and SEA BASS IS NOT HAPPY.

David Krejci Scores A Hat Trick, Tim Thomas Shits The Bed…That About Sums Up Game 6

Say all you want about the effectiveness of Tampa Bays power play, the lack of a Bruins power play, the officiating, etc.  The bottom line is that Tim Thomas shit the bed last night.

He didnt play a typical "Tim Thomas game."    If he had, then we would be talking about the Vancouver Canucks right now (or as I call them, the Vancouver CANNOTS).

Tim Thomas allowed 5 goals on 26 shots.  Our Timmy Thomas doesnt do that.

He had a .808 save percentage last night.  Our Timmy Thomas doesnt do that. He was mediocre last night, a mere mortal. And the Bruins lost because of it.

I cant foresee Tim Thomas being as bad in game 7 as he was in game 6.  And I cant foresee the Lightning playing as well in game 7 as they did in game 6.

So, trap on your seatbelt Bruins fans and expect a totally different game in game 7 on Friday...and try as hard as you can to forget about this one.

(Video) Steve Downie Tries To Kiss Andrew Ference

With 1:50 left in game 6, watch Tampa Bay Lightning douchebag Steve Downie try to kiss Andrew Ference.

What a way to come out of the closet…in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals! Good for him! You go boy!

Kudos to PuckDaddy for finding this video.

2011 Stanley Cup Finals Dates Announced

Dates for the Stanley Cup Finals have been announced.

IF the Bruins win game 7 Friday night, there will be home games at the TD Garden on June 6th, 8th and 13th. I said IF, so don’t call me the jinx.

Wednesday, June 1: Stanley Cup finals Game 1 Boston or Tampa Bay at Vancouver, 8 p.m. ET (NBC)

Saturday, June 4: Stanley Cup finals Game 2 Boston or Tampa Bay at Vancouver, 8 p.m. ET (NBC)

Monday, June 6: Stanley Cup finals Game 3 Vancouver at Boston or Tampa Bay, 8 p.m. ET (Versus)

Wednesday, June 8: Stanley Cup finals Game 4 Vancouver at Boston or Tampa Bay, 8 p.m. ET (Versus)

Friday, June 10: Stanley Cup finals Game 5 (if necessary) Boston or Tampa Bay at Vancouver, 8 p.m. ET (NBC)

Monday, June 13: Stanley Cup finals Game 6 (if necessary) Vancouver at Boston or Tampa Bay, 8 p.m. ET (NBC)

Wednesday, June 15: Stanley Cup finals Game 7 (if necessary) Boston or Tampa Bay at Vancouver, 8 p.m. ET (NBC)

Tampa Will Dye Ocean Blue In Honor Of Their Senior Citizen Fanbase, I Mean In Honor Of Lightning

Thirty-six gallons of blue dye will be dumped into Garrison Channel (a popular channel for boat traffic) in Tampa today to show support for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Isnt it kinda ironic, considering Tampa spends more money on blue hair dye per capita than any other city in America?  No word on whether the Lightning are doing this as a tribute to their older, blue haired, fans. But it kinda makes you wonder.

(VIDEO) Two Grown Assed Men Reenact Tim Thomas' Game 5 Save...With Street Hockey Gear

Watch Gresh and Zo, of 98.5 The Sports Hub, reenact Tim Thomas’ big save like a couple of middle school kids.

I understand that the Bruins playoff run is bringing us all back to our childhood but watching two dudes in their 40’s doing a reenactment with street hockey gear is a friggin creepy.

So I Guess The Red Sox Won Last Night Or Something?

And Jason Varitek has a good game or something. I hear Josh Beckett pitched well too.

Sorry for the half-assed blogging. Ill start really paying attention after the Bruins playoff run ends.