(PHOTO) Rex Ryan Halloween Costume Complete With FUPA


(PHOTO) Rob Gronkowski’s Brother, Glenn, Posts Picture On Twitter Mocking Bibi Jones Controversy

What a friggin douchebag Glenn Gronkowski is. The dude posted a shirtless picture of himself with some blonde chic mocking his brother Rob Gronkowski’s controversial twitter picture with Bibi Jones.

Remember, when Rob Gronkowski’s picture with Bibi Jones first surfaced, Gronk took a lot of heat. It was so bad that Patriots owner Robert Kraft had a talk with him and let the public know that he had a talk with him. That doesnt happen with the Patriots very often. They tend to keep this kind of stuff internal.

My guess is that Glenn Gronkowski isnt a very good football player (he plays for Kansas State University) and just wants to see his name in the news.  Or maybe he's just a real douchebag who thinks it funny to mock his famous brothers boss.

This Scumbag Was Better Than Tom Brady? Really?

Im sicks of listening to the national "experts" (who pretend to watch the games but typically just read the stats and watch the highlights) talking about the fact that Ben Roethlisberger threw for 365 yards and somehow outplayed Tom Brady.

Granted, Brady did only have 198 yards but these people should watch the games before giving Roethlisberger verbal hand jobs.

Please allow this Masshole to break it down: the Patriots pass defense sucks this season (it ranks last in the league) and the Steelers are the first team to really exploit that this season. Thats coaching. Thats not being beat by Ben friggin Roethlisberger.

Roethlisberger threw the ball 50 times yesterday. 50 friggin times. If Brady were the quarterback of the Steelers yesterday, he would have thrown for over 600 yards. Roethlisberger wasnt the difference. It was coaching. Plain and simple.

But I guess talking about the coaching and bad defense isnt good for tv ratings or sell newspapers.

Patriots 17 Steelers 25 WTF

Notable quotes after a sucky, sucky game:

Bill Belichick:  “Not questioning the effort"
Tom Brady:  “Not our best day out there”
Rob Gronkowski:  “We have to be more prepared"
Ben Roethlisberger:  “Watching the film this year and last year, we could take advantage"

      The Bruins Game Sucked But This Fight Was Friggin Awesome

      P.K. Subban vs Brad Marchand

      PK Subban is a typical Montreal Canadien--he is a pussy and a diver. It felt good to see him take a few licks from Brad Marchand.

      The dude obviously doesnt know how to fight. I haven’t that many swings and misses since Jack Clark cerka 1992.

      On a side note, I hope Shawn Thornton had a talk with Marchand after the game and explained to him that you dont have to take your elbow pads off before you fight.

      THIS Is What A Big Bad Bruin Looks Like

      The Bruins might be 3-6 right now, but you gotta love this Bruins team. They have heart, guts and they will fight when you have to. Whether its Brad Marchand, Shawn Thornton or even Chris Kelly--this team has balls. They are this generations Big Bad Bruins.

      If You're Wonder How The Hell The Cardinals Won That Game Last Night....Heres The Reason

      (PHOTOS) The Rob Gronkowski And Bibi Jones Picture Isnt The Only Controversial Picture Of Gronkowski On The Internet...

      Patriots owner Robert Kraft seems to be pissed about the fact that porn star Bibi Jones (the bleach blonde in the picture) posted a shirtless picture of Rob Gronkowski on twitter earlier this week.

      Well, that wasnt the first shirtless picture of Rob Gronkowski on the webosphere. A few months ago, Rob Gronkowski tweeted the following to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Kate Upton:

      You'd think she'd blow him off and consider him a stalker, but no. She actually responded.

      Then Gronkowski responded by sending this picture (I shit you not):

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      Twitter Really Is Changing The World

      (PHOTO) Have You Ever Wanted To See Zdeno Chara Dressed In A Pink Bunny Suit?

      Have you ever wanted to see Zdeno Chara dressed up in a pink bunny suit? Well today is your lucky day. The Bruins visited Children's hospital in Halloween costumes today.

      Form left to right:  Brad Marchand a little tin soldier, Zdeno Chara as a pink bunny, Jordan Caron as a crayon and Adam McQuaid as Fred Flintstone.

      Whats More Shocking: John Lackey Missing Entire 2012 Season Or This Shirtless Picture Of Chaz Bono?

      The two most shocking stories floating around the internet today are 1) John Lackey will have Tommy John surgery and miss the entire 2012 season and 2.) Chaz Bono was seen without a shirt on.

      Peter Gammons reported back in June that John Lackey might need Tommy John surgery so the educated baseball fans among us kinda saw this coming.

      Chaz Bono topless is something that I never thought I would see. Ever.

      Theo Epstein On Last 2 Weeks With Red Sox: "I felt like that guy in the movie Office Space with the red stapler"

      "I felt like that guy in the movie Office Space with the red stapler. When I was at Fenway Park, you know you just keep showing up to work and it was as if someone forgot to tell me I didn't work there anymore. I did end up in the basement with just a cubicle and a stapler and then I knew it was time to go to Chicago." --Theo Epstein talking about his last two weeks with the Red Sox

      It Happened 25 Years Ago Today: Little roller up along first, behind the bag! It gets through Buckner!

      It happened 25 years ago today. The Red Sox have since town two World Series so it doesn’t hurt anymore. It just doesn’t hurt anymore. But its still a huge part of Red Sox history so I am obligated to bring it up.

      Due to Major League Baseball copyright restrictions, there is no video of the actual incident on youtube but there is a Nintendo RBI Baseball version complete with the actual audio:

      REPORT: Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Teaming Up To Make Whitey Bulger Movie

      Yup. They're making a movie based on Whitey Bulger's life. Ben Affleck will direct the movie Terence Winter, the dude who produced The Sopranos, will produce it and none other than Matt Damon will play Whitey Bulger.

      Um, didn’t they already make this movie? Wasn’t The Departed loosely based on Whitey Bulger? Anyway, Ill probably go see it just to hear the "Hollywood Boston accent."

      No word yet on whether they will will be filming in Somerville or not.

      (VIDEO) Douchebag In Yankees Hat Interrupts CNN Reporter...And Reminds Me How Much I Friggin Hate Yankees Fans

      Don’t you just hate it when you’re hanging out on the street and out of nowhere a Yankees fan pops up and starts ranting about random shit you don’t care about? Yankees fans are so friggin annoying.

      If You Didn’t Know, Milan Lucic And Tyler Seguin Are Tearing Up Fantasy Hockey Leagues Right Now

      Bruins fans seem to think the sky is falling. They think everything has gone to hell because the Bruins have a 3-5 record. Well, take comfort in the fact that the Bruins have two fantasy hockey league studs on their hands.

      Milan Lucic and Tyler Seguin are tearing up fantasy hockey leagues right now.

      Puck Daddy recently did a piece on the studs and duds of fantasy hockey and mentioned Tyler Seguin and Milan Lucic as fantasy studs. From Puck Daddy:

      So take a deep breath. Lucic and Seguin have the numbers (and they seem to be clicking in real life) and its just a matter of time before the Bruins get their shit together and start winning games.

      Who Is The Bigger "Bad Boy" Terry Francona Or Rob Gronkowski?

      Shirtless pictures of Rob Gronkowski have been making their rounds on the internet this weekend. I guess he has been partying with porn star Bibi Jones lately (the bleach blonde in the picture) and she decided to brag about it by posting pictures on the internet.

      That got me thinking...is he the biggest bad boy in Boston?

      Gronkowski is the tearing up the NFL right now, he's banging a porn star and has the balls to brag about it online. Thats pretty bad ass. But is he a bigger "bad boy" than Terry Francona?

      I mean, Francona has a shirtless picture of himself floating around the webosphere. He let his players drink in the clubhouse AND in the dugout. He was popping pills and he had been living in a hotel because he couldnt get along with his wife.

      The Red Sox clubhouse was being run like a frat house under Francona and when it collapsed, he left town faster than a bat out of hell...and thats pretty bad ass.

      Im voting for Francona.

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      Masshole Sports Tweet Of The Day (On This Patriots Bye Week)

      What A Difference A Year Makes Huh?

      (VIDEO) Remember This? Joe Thornton Gets Ejected After Hitting Hal "The Giant Vagina" Gill

      Remember this one? On Joe Thorntons first game back to the Garden after being traded to the Sharks, he taps Hal "the giant vagina" Gill and gets ejected from the game.

      Im convinced that if the Bruins hadnt traded Thornton, they would have won a Cup alot sooner. Thornton was a beast and he is the kind of guy you build a team around...not the kind of guy you trade for Marco Sturm, Wayne Primeau and Brad Stuart.

      Just imagine a Lucic-Thornton-Horton line or even a Lucic-Thornton-Kessel line. No disrespect to Krejci, but cmon.

      Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke Says “theres no argument,” Bruin Won The Phil Kessel Trade. Wow, Talk About Bitch Slapping Your Star Player, Eh?

      “Peter Chiarelli has a ring. There’s no argument. Whenever people question whether the trade worked or not, he holds up his right hand and you can’t say anything.” --Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke to the National Post

      Did Brian Burke just bitch slap Phil Kessel?

      Lets be serious, what the Bruins got in return for Phil Kessel didnt win them the Stanley Cup. Dougie Hamilton and Jared Knight were just a twinkle in the Bruins eye last year and Tyler Seguin had one good game in that Stanley Cup run (christ, he was scratched for the Canadiens AND Flyers series).

      The Bruins won the Cup because of:
      a.) Tim Thomas
      b.) hard work, defensive play, grit, heart and locker room chemistry

      So is Burke saying that Phil Kessel doesn’t play defense? Is he saying that Phil Kessel doesn’t play with grit? Is he saying that Phil Kessel is a locker room killer? Is he saying that Phil Kessel cant take the Leafs to a Stanley Cup championship?

      Yup. And Kudos to Peter Chiarelli for having the foresight to see that.

      I Think Its Safe To Say The "Seguin Era" Has Begun

      Tyler Seguin is proving that he is a game changer. Not only is Seguin leading the Bruins in scoring, he has awoken Milan Lucic. You remember that guy right? He used to be a power forward for this team. Well playing on a line with Seguin has turned him into a hockey player again.

      Lucic had a goal and two assists against the Maple Leafs and the Lucic-Kelly-Seguin line combined for 8 points, making Claude Julien looks like a friggin genius.

      When I first heard that Claude Julien was going to juggle lines and put Seguin on a line with Lucic and Kelly, I rolled by eyes. I thought Lucic (and his cement feet) would slow down Seguin and Kelly and they just wouldnt click. But you know what? Tyler Seguin really is THAT talented and it actually worked...and I look like a dick.

      Bruins Fight Of The Night: Shawn Thornton vs Colton Orr

      No disrespect to Chara or Thomas, but Shawn Thornton is the heart and soul of this Bruins team. This fight set the tone for the night. The fact that Thornton is willing to get punched in the face for his team means something...and his teammates recognize that.

      (PHOTO) Are The Libyan Rebels Bruins Fans?

      Moammar Gaddafi is dead and Libyan rebels are celebrating...by wearing Bruins shirts. Um, okay.

      This is almost as strange as seeing those South American kids wearing 19-0 Patriots shirts back in 2008.

      (PHOTO) Some Dude Makes NHL Logos Out Of Food And Calls It Art. Um, Okay.

      So some dude has made it his hobby to create NHL logos out of food. He calls this form of art Foogos.

      He made two Bruins Foogos. One out of a pizza and the other out of mushroom soup with cheddar and black beans. My personal favorite is the New Jersey Devils Foogos made out of spaghetti, tomato sauce and oregano. The dude has talent, but I think its a bit of a stretch calling this art...unless you're working with middle school kids and want to boost their self esteem.

      Bruins logo made out of pizza with tomato sauce, crushed red pepper, garlic powder, and of course, mozzarella cheese:

      Bruins logo made out of mushroom soup, cheddar and black beans:

      New Jersey Devils logo made out Of spaghetti and oregano: