Bruins Bitch Slap The Maple Leafs Out Of First Place In The Northeast Division

I hope the Maple Leafs enjoyed being in first place for a whole two months. Based on what we saw tonight, they probably wont see it again for a while.

This Bruins Team Is SCARY GOOD Right Now

When this team clicks on all cylinders, which they have been this month, they are scary good. Can we stop talking about trading David Krejci now? Can we, please?

How About That Tim Thomas Guy

Tim Thomas is 12-4-0 on the season with a 1.96 GAA. The dude hasnt allowed more than three goals in a game this season. I dont think its ball washing to say that Thomas is an early candidate for another Vezina.

Marc Savard Predicted Bruins Win And Big Night From Krejci Line. Im Convinced He Has Super Powers.

The Bruins won tonight 6-3 over the Maple Leafs and the Krejci line had a monster night with 7 points.

Marc Savard tweeted this BEFORE the Bruins Leafs game:

This is like something out of a Stephen King book. A few weeks go, Marc Savard starting giving pre game predictions on twitter. So far, every time he has predicted a Bruins win, they have won.

I am convinced that Marc Savard is either psychic or has some sort of special powers that make the Bruins win whenever he predicts a win.

Im telling you, Im starting to think that the reason the Bruins went the entire month of November without a regulation loss is because of Marc Savards special powers. He isn’t predicting Bruins wins...he is MAKING them win.

Bobby Valentine Presser Will Be At 5:30 On Thursday And Heidi Watney Will Be There! No Joke.

Seems as though Heidi Watney isnt leaving NESN yet. She will be covering the Bobby Valentine press conference tomorrow.

Soak it all in boys. This most likely will be the last time you see Heidi Watney on NESN.

Lets Take A Look Back At Heidi Watney (PHOTO GALLERY)

Heidi Watney will be on NESN today covering the Bobby Valentine hiring. It will most likely be her last appearance on NESN.

Lets take a moment to look back at Heidi Watney and all the people who have admired her over the past few years:

Erin Andrews staring at Heidi Watney's ass:

Creepy cameraman at Rogers Centre:

Horny teenager:

Former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein staring at Heidi Watney's chest:

Woman staring at Heidi Watney's ass:

Fenway Park security guard staring at Heidi Watney's ass:

(VIDEO) Kid Goes On An Epic Rant About How Much He Hates Tom Brady, Says “I Hate Him, Hes An Idiot”

We’ve all seen videos of little kids crying when their favorite team loses, but this a whole nother level. This kid cries and goes on an epic rant about how much he “hates” Tom Brady because the Patriots are blowing out the Eagles.

What kind of adult lets a kid go on an epic, hate filled rant like this? Im not saying that as a Patriots fan, Im saying that as a person. And you wonder why Eagles fans are so hateful? They’re bred that way!

To make matters even more disgusting, the adult says “want me to go give him a punch?” Who says that to a little kid? What a friggin scumbag.

(VIDEO) Bobby Valentine Praises "Jose" Ortiz During 2010 Home Run Derby

The new manager of your Boston Red Sox doesnt even know David Ortiz' first name. I hope he enjoys his one season behind the bench. So when will either Kevin Millar or Jason Varitek be ready to manage?

(Video) Bobby Valentine Says “Fag” On Live TV

Ladies and Gentlemen, the new manager of your Boston Red Sox:

Congratulatory Tweet Of The Day

REPORT: Celtics Are Open To Trading Rondo But Not Pierce, Garnett Or Allen. Is Danny Ainge Friggin Crazy?

Chris Broussard of ESPN is reporting:

“while Boston is not shopping Rajon Rondo, it would be open to trading him in the right deal, sources say. The Celtics feel they need more scoring to take the load off Paul Pierce.”

Who had Rajon Rondo as the first one of the Big Four to be traded? No one. Because it makes absolutely no sense. The Celtics have three older, more expendable players they should dump before Rondo.

I really hope Chris Broussard is just talking out of his ass. Because if he isn’t, that means Danny Ainge has completely lost his mind and is about to start rebuilding this franchise...without Rajon Rondo.

Bruins Are Beating The Shit Out Of The NHL And Are Now Ranked #1 In ESPN’s NHL Power Rankings

ESPN has come out with their latest NHL Power Rankings and your Boston Bruins are #1 (they were #2 last week). ESPN explains:

The Bruins were edged in a shootout by Detroit to end their 10-game winning streak Friday but were back at it Saturday with a win over Winnipeg. The B's have not lost in regulation in a month and lead the league with a plus-28 goal differential. Hangover? What hangover?

Whats blows my mind is that after a shitty October, the Bruins have a chance to go the entire month of November without a regulation loss (their last game of the month is on Wednesday against the Maple Leafs). They are beating the shit out of the NHL right now and are showing no signs of slowing down.

FYI, their isn’t a Northeast Division team in the top ten of ESPN's Power Rankings. The Sabres are #15 and the Maple Leafs are #13. If the Bruins can keep up this pace, they will be a lock for at least the #3 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Which Fan Video Sucks More: "Moves Like Welker" or "Gronk Nation"

Some dude made a Wes Welker fan video that is a spoof of the song Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5. It is so bad that I actually feel uncomfortable for the guy.

Ill give him credit though, it doesnt suck as bad as the Gronkowski brothers fan video, Gronk Nation. Here's a sample of the lyrics from Gronk Nation (which probably wont win a grammy but would definitely win a 5th grade poetry class contest):

“high five to Tom Brady,
i advise you watch out for number 7 plus 80”

For the love of Christ, when are we going to get a fan video that doesnt suck?

Ryan Miller Admits He Didn’t Really Have A Concussion. Who's The "Piece Of Shit?"

You had to figure the truth would come out eventually and on Monday it did. After Sabres practice Monday, Ryan Miller was asked about any lingering post concussion symptoms and he admitted that he never really had a concussion.

Miller said, “It was more neck and something where I aggravated a disc in my neck pretty good and we had an MRI and CT scan showing that which kind of backed that up and was the source of a lot of the tension and a lot of the discomfort."

How pathetic. How friggin PATHETIC. Most people in Boston believed Ryan Miller faked a concussion so that NHL dean of discipline Brendan Shanahan would come down hard on Milan Lucic and suspend him for hitting Miller. While Sabres fans fell for it, Bruins fans didn’t. And neither did Brendan Shanahan or Milan Lucic.

On the day he issued the ruling not to suspend Milan Lucic, Shanahan actually hinted that Miller was faking a concussion. Shanahan said, “it's shoulder-to-shoulder contact. I don't think it's any reasonable expectation on that collision that there's necessarily going to be an injury of that degree.”

A few days after the hit, Lucic went on record saying, “if you look at it, and I've looked at the hit 100 times because they said he got a concussion, I looked at it and his shoulder hit my chest, so there was no hit to his head."

And today, Miller finally admitted what Bruins fans, Milan Lucic and Brendan Shanahan knew all along--that Ryan Miller never had a concussion. Now please allow me to borrow a quote from Ryan Miller himself when I say that it takes a "piece of shit" to fake a concussion...a "gutless piece of shit."

Im Just Saying...

But unfortunately, Larry Lucchino makes the baseball decisions so Bobby Valentine will most likely be the next manager of the Red Sox.

(PHOTO) Skip Bayless Of ESPN Got A New Tattoo...TEBOW!

If you watch ESPN First Take, you know that Skip Bayless has a massive hard on for Tim Tebow. The dude talks about Tebow literally five days a week. I cannot confirm nor deny that this TEBOW Tattoo is on Skip Bayless' back. But I wouldnt be surprised if it were.

Patriots Lay An Ass Whipping On The "Dream Team" Eagles

After the Patriots scored their fifth touchdown of the game, Eagles fans actually starting chanting Fire Andy, Fire Andy. Eagles fans are friggin stupid. Andy Reid didnt lose that game.

The Patriots are simply the better team. Tom Brady is other worldly, while Vince Young is merely mortal. The Patriots "no named defense" is better than anything the "dream team" can put on the field.

And the Patriots now 8-3 and the over-hyped, under-performing "dream team" is 4-7.

Chris Kelly Makes Winnipeg Jets His Bitch

It wasnt just Chris Kelly tonight. It was a full 60 minutes from the Bruins and it was partly Tim Thomas too (with 40 saves). But you cant ignore the fact that Chris Kelly scored 2 goals. The dude produced.

The Bruins are 11-0-1 in their last 12 games and are phucking shit up in the NHL. They are first in the Northeast Division and SECOND in the Eastern Conference, 3 points behind the Penguins with 2 games in hand.

I dont care that the Bruins lost to the Red Wings in a skills competition (shootout). They are the best team in the NHL right now, hands down.

Max Pacioretty Is A Friggin Scumbag

Max Pacioretty took a run at Kris Letang of the Penguins tonight and clearly aimed high, causing Letang to bleed from the face. How ironic. When Zdeno Chara checked Max Pacioretty with a CLEAN HIT at an awkward location along the boards, the Montreal police investigated.

If the people of Pittsburgh has any balls, they would call 911 and report this scumbag.

NBA Lockout Is Basically Over...Does Anyone Really Give A Shit?

David Stern doesnt even seem too excited that the NBA lockout is over. Does anyone really give a shit? I mean, around here the Bruins are tearing shit up in the NHL and there is a chance that the Patriots will finish with the best record in the AFC.

The Celtics? Umm...they are so 2008. Sorry NBA, but you blew it. You're kinda late to the party. The Boston sports fan is already too deeply invested in the Bruins and Patriots to care about a 66 game NBA schedule.

Besides the product is going to suck. I mean, how many of these players are going to show up out of shape, especially considering there wont be a pre season.

This season is going to s-u-c-k. They were better off just cancelling it. But oh well.

Another Night, Another Hero For The Bruins As Their Win Streak Reaches TEN

Another night, another hero. Monday night against Montreal, Tim Thomas stood on his head and stole the Bruins a win. Last night it was Benoit Pouliot, of all people, in a shootout.

The Bruins have proven hat they can win blowouts, they can win close games, they can win shootouts, they can come from behind and they can protect the lead. And that is scary.

Memo To Ryan Miller: Milan Lucic Is Not A "Gutless Piece Of Shit"

I think its safe to say Ryan Miller was talking out of his ass when he called Milan Lucic a "gutless piece of shit." Lucic answered the bell against the Sabres and beat the shit out of Sabres "enforcer" Paul Gaustad...and smiled when he was done.

Gutless pieces of shit dont fight and smile after. Gutless pieces of shit get tapped in the head, fall like ton of bricks, then bitch about it to the media.

Does Sabres Coach Lindy Ruff Have The Balls To Put A Bounty On Milan Lucic Tonight?

Does Sabres Head Coach Lindy Ruff have the balls to put a bounty on Milan Lucic?

Believe me, I would love to see UFC On Ice tonight but I really doubt its going to happen. The Sabres are just too soft a team. This game is most likely going to be reminiscent of the first Bruins Penguins game after the Marc Savard hit. Remember that game?

Back then, the Bruins were soft. No one retaliated when Savard originally got hit, then when the Bruins played the Penguins a few weeks later, the Bruins had a ton of energy early. Shawn Thornton fought Matt Cooke on his first shift then the Bruins fell flat and ended up losing the game.

The Sabres are THAT soft team now. They watched their goalie drop like a ton of bricks and did nothing. I hope Im wrong. I enjoy a good fight as much as the next masshole, but Im just not feeling it.

Lucic Hit On Miller: Bruins Play-By-Play vs. Sabres Play-By-Play

Its amazing to hear how vastly different each play by play man calls the Lucic hit on Miller.

Sabres play-by-play announcer Rick Jeanneret's call:

Bruins play-by-play announcer Jack Edwards' call:

I guess Jack Edwards is used to seeing physical play (hence the silence after the hit). The Sabres play-by-play announcer acted as if Ryan Millers head literally got knocked off. IT WAS A FRIGGIN LOVE TAP!

All Is Right In The Universe, Bruins Are In First Place In Northeast Division

With their 1-0 win over the Canadiens, the Bruins are now in first place in the Northeast Division and third in the Conference. All is right in the Universe. If the season were to end today, the Bruins would face the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round and have home ice advantage. Ill take that.

Vintage Thomas

Tim Thomas made 33 saves in the Bruins 1-0 win over the Canadiens. He has back to back shutouts and 133:04 consecutive minutes without giving up a goal. Thomas is in the midst of a 6 game winning streak and has a 9-4 record this season. And I have every right to wash his balls right now. He is the reason the Bruins won that game last night and he is the reason why the Bruins winning streak continues.