(PHOTO GALLERY) A Look Back At Heidi Watney And All The People Who Got Caught Looking At Her “Back"

After four years, Heidi Watney is leaving NESN. She is going to California to work as a sideline reporter for the Lakers. Don’t worry, guys. NESN will surely replace her with another pretty face. Remember, before Heidi Watney there was Tina Cervasio and before her there was Hazel Mae. Im confident NESN will chose another hotty.

Lets take a moment to look back at Heidi Watney and all the people who got caught looking at her "back" (and "front").

Erin Andrews staring at Heidi Watney's ass:

Creepy cameraman at Rogers Centre:

Horny teenager:

Former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein staring at Heidi Watney's chest:

Woman staring at Heidi Watney's ass:

Fenway Park security guard staring at Heidi Watney's ass: