Marchand Gets 5 Game Suspension For Flipping Sami Salo Like He Was In A Friggin Video Game. "They" Call Him Dirty...I Call Him A Folk Hero.

Its a perfectly legal hit in the Sega video game NHL94, but this is real life. So Brad Marchand got a five game suspension for his low hit on Sami Salo. Was it a malicious hit? No. Was it a dirty hit? No. Was it illegal? Technically yes.

But when you play with emotion and intensity the way Marchand does, there are times when your emotions are going to get the best of you and you’re going to hit dudes in a way that the league deems “illegal.”

Marchand is the prototypical Big Bad Bruin. I think the following phrase is overused, but he plays "old time hockey." And in the new NHL if that means a 5 game suspension every now and then, then so be it. As a Bruins fan, Ill take that trade off. Otherwise we'll all end up watching figure skating with sticks.

Heres the video of Brendan Shanahan explaining the suspension: