Tom Brady Admits Josh McDaniels “has some inside information” On Broncos. Tough Shit, Denver.

Tom Brady was on WEEI and admitted that Josh McDaniels will give the Patriots an upper hand in their game against the Broncos on Saturday night.

Brady told WEEI, “he obviously has some inside information on that team and those players because he coached them.”

Wow. That suuuuucks if you're the Broncos. Thats like your ex girlfriend dating your roommate and then telling him how small your dick is. It hurts, but there's nothing illegal about it...and nothing you can do about it.

The Patriots were perfectly within their rights to hire McDaniels for their playoff run. So any Broncos fan (or newspaper) complaining about the McDaniels hiring is coming across as a whiner and a complainer. They have to get over themselves.

Its not Bill Belichicks fault that you fired Josh McDaniels. Belichick is just the beneficiary of your stupidity. And that must hurt real bad.