Tyler Seguin Admits He Watches 90210. I Kinda Wish He Had Kept That A Secret.

Tyler Seguin did a live Facebook fan chat and admitted that one of his favorite tv shows in 90210. Im not going to take away his man card for it.  I get that he is 20 years old and has every right to watch the CW if he wants without being labeled a creep.  But admitting it was just so unnecessary.

I mean,sure every one of his 18-21 year old fans just melted a little bit but as a dude, I dont want to know that a Bruin watches a teen soap opera. Ive tried watching it with my girlfriend and just cant do it.  The show friggin sucks. It is literally painful to watch.  Id rather sit on an Orange Line platform for an hour staring at nothing than watch that show.