Do The Bruins Remind You Of Anyone Right Now? Like Maybe A Team From Last September?

Do the Bruins remind you of another Boston team?  A team who enjoyed their fried chicken and beer just a little too much?  Yea.  The Bruins better get their shit together soon or this isnt going to end well. 

A part of me thinks the Bruins are just bored. They probably think they have the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference locked up and can just put it into cruise control for the rest of the season. Bullshit.  They do have a two point lead over the Senators with two games in hand, but they havent clinched shit yet.

And things are getting any better. Adam McQuaid left the game with an "undisclosed injured" after checking James Neal, Patrice Bergeron left the game after getting hurt blocking a shot and Johnny Boychuck got his bell rung.  I dont like where this is going.  I really dont.