Even The Washington Press Are A Bunch Of Pathetic Losers With A Losers Mentality

Does everyone in that town think like a loser?  As Bruins fans, we're going to the club expecting to get laid.  The Capitals fanbase, columnists, team president and players are going to the club expecting to go home alone and jerk off to the internet.

Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis isnt the only one who is writing articles with a losers mentality these days. Washington Post columnist, Mike Wise, is the most pathetic of them all. This guy is drilling it into the Capitals heads (and their fans heads) that they are pathetic losers and will not win Game 7.  The guy is pissa.

The dude has the power to get the Capitals fan base believing, yet he wrote a piece in which he is brainwashing the fans and players into thinking they are losers, deserve to be losers and will forever be losers.

In his article, he quotes a sports psychiatrist:
the mind-set of the city is very important to players. They read the press. They hear the media. They know their history. It’s all part of a culture.”

Then Mike Wise goes on to point out:
the Caps are just 2-7 in Game 7s in their history and 0-4 in Game 7s when they were up 3-2 in a series. In the Alex Ovechkin era, they are just 1-3 in Game 7s."

But he doesn’t stop there.
Boston experienced seven championship parades in the years between 2001 and 2011 involving every big-revenue major pro sports team. The DMV? No floats with pro athletes since the Redskins in 1992. That’s 20 years and counting, people.”

As Bruins fans, we should be thankful for losers like Mike Wise.  He has the power to get into the Capitals players heads and to get them to believe they have a chance to win the whole damn thing this year.  He could write about how this is "their time," about how Braden Holtby is the savior/missing piece or how the Capitals are destined to dethrone the defending Stanley Cup Champions.

But instead he is going into Game 7 fully expecting to be bent over, palms against the walls.  And as a Bruins fan, Im ok with that.