(VIDEO) Dwyane Wade Karate Chops Rajon Rondo In The Face And Gets Away With It Thanks To Visually Impaired Refs

I know I said I wasnt going to bitch and moan about the officiating, but am I really bitching and moaning or am I just calling out the officials for being crooked bastids they are?

How can you watch this play and NOT think NBA games are rigged?  Its a friggin tie game and a non foul call in this situation turned into a Heat win.  This is definitive proof that the NBA is no different than the WWE--predetermined outcomes and scripted series.

(VIDEO) Dwyane Wade Karate Kicks Garnett In The Knee And Gets Away With It Thanks To Visually Impaired Refs

So, at first glance it looks like incidental contact and KG looks like a prick for overreacting. But watch at the 0:47 mark. Wade does his best Jean-Claude Van Damme impersonation and got away with it...thanks to the visually impaired officials.

Celtics On The Short End Of A Classic

Lebron James choked at the end of regulation, Ray Allen was clutch and Rajon Rondo was otherworldly. Yet in the end, the Celtics couldnt close the deal. This is one of those games that makes you want to punch a friggin wall, even if it means having to wear a cast for a few weeks and having to tell everyone "I have a cast on because I punched a wall after Game 2."

Sure, the legend of Rajon Rondo grew a bit more.  The dude scored 44 points, had 10 assists and 8 rebounds. And watching Rondo made me remember what it felt like watching Larry Bird play. But in the end, the Celtics got a swift "Patrick Swayze from Roadhouse" kick to the dick.

The officiating was atrocious again.  And Im sure Johnny Most is rolling over in his grave (and probably trying to claw his way out so he can get a piece of those bastids) but Im not going to bitch and moan about the officiating.  The sucky officiating is not why the Celtics lost Game 2.  Thats lazy journalism and I have to get over it.  Or so I keep telling myself.

I Have To Get This Off My Chest

FYI, While You Were Watching The Celtics, The Red Sox Beat The Tigers For Their 3rd Straight Win

Wow, the AL East is turning into a bit of a cluster fuck huh? All of a sudden, the Red Sox are only 2.5 games out of first place.  The Baltimore Orioles have turned back into the Baltimore Orioles and have lost five games in a row, meanwhile the Red Sox have won three straight.

On top of that, Alfredo Aceves came in and pitched a clean 9th last night. Is this the twilight zone?

This Dude Is Going To Try Out For Fenway Park PA Job Tonight. Yes, This Dude.

Larry Lucchino was on Dennis & Callahan this morning and announced that Jon Meterparel of WEEI will try out for the public address announcer job at Fenway Park tonight. The tryouts are on an invitation-only basis.

That's right.  So the next PA announcer at Fenway Park may be a dude who is a afraid to touch girls.  Here is Jon Meterparel doing the infamous "hover hand."

Here are other tools doing the Hover Hand:

Some Chick Sent Terry Francona A Picture Of Her Right Tit. He Responded With Full Frontal. You Go Tito!

photo via DeadSpin

According to DeadSpin.com, a 27 year old girl emailed Terry Francona a picture of her right tit (with bra on, see picture below).  Francona responded by sending her this picture of himself at some beach hotel in nothing more than a towel.

It turns out the girl has a boyfriend.  The dude is pissed off and sent DeadSpin both pictures.

Anyway, is Terry Francona living the friggin life or what?  The dude is working a cushy job at ESPN, doesnt have to deal with the Boston media and all their bullshit and the dude's flirting with girls decades younger than himself.  I guess its good karma for all the shit he went through on his way out the door.  Keep livin the dream, Tito.

photo via DeadSpin

The Red Sox Beat The Mighty Justin Verlander. Golf Clap, Please.

The Red Sox finally beat a top dog. They faced the mighty Justin Verlander and made him their bitch.  The dude allowed 5 runs in 6 innings and looked like a mere mortal.  This is the same dude who won the American League MVP and Cy Young last year.  Oh yea, and he has two no-hitters under his belt.

But on Tuesday night, he looked like a little bitch on the mound thanks to David Ortiz and Daniel Nava.  The Red Sox are finally over .500 on the season. I must say, it feels good to know they got over the hump against a guy like Justin Verlander.  Forget the golf clap, how about a nice round of applause.

Jenny Dell Fan Sign Of The Night


Jose Canseco Went To Foxwoods Last Week And Didnt Invite Me...My Life Sucks.

My mancrush on Jose Canseco may be coming to an end. He doest tweet me anymore. He doesnt pay attention to my tweets to him. And I found out that he went to Foxwoods last week and didnt even think to invite me.  Jose, if your reading this right now, call me.

photo via BustedCoverage

(PHOTO) Holy Shit, Tyler Seguin's New Tattoo Is Huge

Tyler Seguin posted some pictures of his new tattoo on twitter last night. This is proof that idle hands are the devils playground--if the Bruins were still in the playoffs, Seguin probably wouldnt have got a new tattoo. But if my aunt had a dick, she'd be my uncle. So, whatever.

via twitter: @TylerSeguin92

(VIDEO) Here's Another Thing Tom Brady Can Do Better Than Peyton Manning...Act.

Need something to ease the pain of the Celtics loss to the Heat last night? Watch Tom Brady's wicked pissa acting skills in this Under Armour commercial.

Even ESPN Is Saying NBA Commissioner Rigged Game 1 So Heat Would Win

Kudos to Stephen A. Smith for having the balls to say that the NBA is telling its officials to call technical fouls, thus changing the way a team plays, thus determining the outcomes of games. Pay attention after the 0:55 mark.

Celtics Lose To Refs In Game 1, But National Headlines Will Read "Lebron Dominates." Thats Bullshit.

When Doc Rivers was called for a technical foul in the first half for shouting "cmon Eddie" to official Ed Malloy, I knew the game was in the shitter. I knew the Celtics didnt have a chance in hell of winning this game. And it seemed as though the players knew it too.

And to all the stupid bastids who are going to say that Lebron dominated Game 1, look at the numbers.  He had  32 points, 13 rebounds and 3 assists.  Over the course of the playoffs, he's been averaging 29 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists per game.  So the dude didnt do anything special.

Yet the lazy media will give him credit for winning this game for the Heat, when the truth is the officials won the game for them.  The NBA is now the WWE with predetermined outcomes depending on what David Sterns want.  Its barely even a friggin sport anymore.

ps. and someone has to tell those shithead Heat fans that an alley oop only counts for 2 points. Those stupid bastids go ape shit whenever they see one and its starting to piss me off.

Am I Whining About The "Afficiating" Too Much?

This is an email I received late last night

I have to assume English isnt this dudes first language.  If English is his first language, then every one of his teachers from kindergarten to 8th grade (which is probably his highest level of education) ought to be ashamed of themselves. 

The dude can barely put together a coherent thought...and probably has to look up the word "coherent" to understand what I just said.

The Mediocre Red Sox Beat The Mediocre Tigers Behind Ace Felix Doubront

The Red Sox are back to .500 thanks to their ace, Felix Doubront.

To put it bluntly, Doubront if friggin embarrassing the rest of the Red Sox starters. The dude is now 5-2 and has a 3.86 ERA. He leads all Red Sox starters in wins, ERA, and strikeouts. Whats sad is that the rest of the starters probably dont even give a shit that Doubront is making them look like a bunch of assholes.

Beckett, Lester, etc just show up and cash a paycheck while this dude is busting his ass and seems to be getting better with every start.

Just When You Think The Red Sox Have Turned A Corner

Still in last place. Still dont have a closer.  Mother of Christ, this team is frustrating.

David Price Of The Tampon Bay Rays Has The Balls To Block Me On Twitter...As If I Give A Shit

I was having a shitty Sunday night, so I decided to tweet Tampon Bay Rays pitcher David Price and bust his balls.

The dude had the balls to tweet be back...and blocked me. As if I really give a shit.

And On To The Next One

People are going to call them old. People are going to criticize them for going 7 games against the 76ers. And Kevin Garnett will take it all in. And use it as fuel. And fuck up the Miami Heat. Mark my words. 

KG is playing like a playoff MVP right now.  And the Heat are a team with one of the greatest chokers in the history of the NBA.  This is going to get real interesting.

The Legend Of Rajon Rondo Grows

Rajon Rondo.  That is all I have to say.

Salty With The Walk Off In Bottom Of The 9th, Me With An Instant Pants Tent

Well, there wasnt any drama.  I kinda expected that, considering the Tampon Bay Rays' David Price admitted via twitter that he was a "lover not a fighter."  I knew he didnt have the stones to drill anyone.

So we didnt get to see any Rays get punched in the face, but it was nice to see a walk off.  Ill take it.

Tonights Starting Pitcher For The Tampon Bay Rays Admits He's A Pussy

You remember David Price right? Hes the Tampon Bay Rays pitcher who, earlier this season, retweeted that Adrian Gonzalez should get drilled for predicted that he'd hit a home run (Gonzo did end up getting drilled but not by Price).

Well, it turns out the dude is just an internet tough guy.  When push came to shove last night, he acted like a Sedin Sister.  And Price is the starting pitcher for the Tampon Bay Rays tonight.  The good money says he doesnt do shit. Stay tuned.

Here's One Way To Ruin Wes Welkers Long Weekend

Memo to Wes Welker: the next time you see Benjamin Brady, step on one of his toys.