Am I The Only One Who Thinks Josh Beckett's "Back Injury" Is Bullshit?

Call me a prick if you want, but I watched the replay of Josh Beckett "injuring" his back over two dozen times and I dont see anything. No mincing, no growling, not even a flinch.

Now, I dont think Josh Beckett is enough of a douchebag to fake an injury, but leaving a game due to "back spasms" kinda makes you wonder...did he simply feel a little something tighten up and puss out of the game?

The hockey fan in me sees something like this and it makes me want to punch the dude in the face as hard as I can, repeatedly, until he bleeds. But the baseball fan in me kinda liked seeing the pussy come out of the game.

Honestly, the Red Sox are a better team without Josh Beckett on the mound. I honestly think the Red Sox have a better chance at winning a game with the ballboy on the mound than Josh Beckett.  And isnt is just a little suspicious that he was smirking as he walked off the field?  Im not a conspiracy theorist but cmon.  Lets call a spade a spade here.

I really hope he goes on the DL and disappears into the abyss with John Lackey where he belongs.