I Got Back From Vacation Yesterday And The Red Sox Lost. What A Shocka.

I disconnected from the grid while down in the Dominican Republic only to come back and learn that Johnny Pesky is dead, Will Middlebrooks broke his wrist, Bob McClure got fired, Kelly Shoppach sent text messages on Adrian Gonzalez' phone like a little bitch and the Red Sox still suck.

On the bright side, Ochocinco finally got the karma he deserved for screwing Patriots fans last season and stealing money from the Patriots while pretending to play football.  Seeing his life go to hell was a pleasant surprise.  Seriously, if anyone deserved to have his life flushed down the toilet in front of a national audience, it was Ochocinco.  Its called karma, bitch.

Anyway, 2012 will be remembered at the worst Red Sox season ever.  Besides all the drama and off field bullshit, what pisses me off is that on a night dedicated to the memory of Johnny Pesky they still looked like an unmotivated, uninspired bunch of assholes.

I should have stayed on vacation until Patriots opening day.