Josh Beckett Is Going To Destroy That Dodgers Clubhouse...And They Have No Friggin Idea.

I find it hilarious that the Dodgers have absolutely no clue how toxic Josh Beckett is.  He is going to destroy that friggin clubhouse.  Mark my words.  The dude had a bottle opener attached to his locker that says "First Class White Trash" for christs sake.

When Terry Francona said that he had "lost influence with some former team leaders" in the Red Sox clubhouse prior to the September collapse of 2011, he was talking about Beckett.

Towards the end of the 2011 season, it was Beckett who turned the Red Sox pitching staff into a bunch of lazy, unmotivated pricks.  They gained weight, they ate fried chicken and beer in the clubhouse and the march into the gutter was led by the former great pitcher known as Josh Beckett.  What makes people think the LA clubhouse is immune to his bullshit.

He is a drinker, an asshole and douchebag of the highest order.  Sure, he may actually be motivated by the change of scenery and may actually prepare for games out there in LA, unlike he had in Boston for the past few months.  He may actually get out of the first inning without giving up four to six runs.

But assholeism is real and is contagious. And when that clubhouse sees this dude drinking beers in the clubhouse on his off days like a fratboy and staying out until closing time at the local dive bar, you know some of the guys in that locker room are going to follow his lead.

We thought Lester and Buchholz were immune to it.  Turns out they werent.  Stay tuned to see if the Dodgers can ignore Becketts douchebaggery and win despite him.