What The Frig Was That?

Finally, Jon Lester puts together a pretty decent game and the Red Sox offense gets a severe case of limp dick.  You cant make this shit up.

That was one of the most pathetic offensive displays Ive ever seen in my life.  The Red Sox only had two hits in the game and Adrian Gonzalez got both of them.  Un friggin real.

They looked like a bunch of disinterested, unmotivated slobs who just dont give a shit about making the post season...and its only August 2nd.  Going into the game, they were only 3.5 games out of a the Wild Card.  They played like a team with no hope and no shot.

"Keep The Faith" is a cute slogan, but anyone who thinks this team has a shot at the post season is friggin delusional and needs to be medicated. 

I feel bad for the poor bastids who paid money to go to that game.