VIDEO: Tom Brady Shouts "Fuck You Bitches" To Bills Fans After Replay Proves He Did Score Touchdown

Tom Brady, talking like a Masshole.  I friggin love it.  On a side note, isnt it nice having the real refs back?  I guarantee the replacement refs would have called that back.  Stupid shits.

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Bill Belichick Is All Shits And Giggles Today, Huh?

What A Complete And Utter Sportsgasm

Im going to be totally honest, at half time I was ready to jump off the friggin Tobin Bridge. The Patriots looks liked absolute shit.  Then came the second half.

I dont know if it was what Bill Belichick said in that locker room or the fact that Vince Wilfork absolutely crushed Fred Jackson just before the half but all of a sudden Wes Welker remembered how to catch the ball, Rob Gronkowski remembered how to catch the ball and I had a massive pants tent.

The 45 points the Patriots scored after halftime is the most any team has scored in a second half in 40 years.  Damn. 

And if you were to tell me before the game that Stevan Ridley and Brandon Bolden would each have over 100 yards while CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson would combine for 62 yards, I would have thought you were full of shit.

As youve probably heard a million times by now, it was the first time since 1980 that two Patriots running backs each ran for over 100 yards in a game.  And when all was said and done, the Patriots had 580 yards of total offense, won by 24 points and we got to see the bitch slapping Ive been talking about all week. Wicked pissa.

NEWSFLASH: That Brandon Bolden Guy Is Pretty Good.

Dont Worry, I Didnt Forget About Stevan Ridley.

Nice To See Brandon Lloyd Joining The Party

Its official. Brandon Lloyd has had a better career as a Patriot than Ochocinco.  Through four games of his Patriots career, Lloyd has 287 yards and 1 touchdown. Ochocinco had 276 yards and 1 touchdown in the entire 2011 season.

This Is Bills Head Coach Chan Gailey, The Man Whose Team Went To Shit In The Second Half.

They allowed 45 points in the second half.  I think I can define that as an "ass pounding."

Video: Vince Wilfork Destroys Donald Jones

Vince Wilfork was in beast mode all day. Watch him crush Donald Jones. Its worth nothing that, in this day and age of head hunting bastids, this was a good clean hit.

Gronkowski Is Listed As "Questionable" And Edelman Is Officially Out With Hand Injury. Welker Must Have A Shit Eating Grin On His Face Right Now.

Lets see. So Aaron Hernandez is out, Julian Edelman is out, and Rob Gronkowski is listed as questionable.   Im not in the business of making predictions (although I am sometimes called Masshole-stradamus), but lets just say all you people who've been begging for Welker to get the ball more will have a pants tent by half time on Sunday.

With Hernandez, Edelman and possibly Gronkowski out, Welker is going to be fed the ball like a son of a bitch.  What friggin hilarious about this is that when all is said and done, he is going to have his typical monster year and the front office is going to be left with a tough decision--either open their wallet and franchise him again or let him walk and take a nasty PR hit.

So much for Belichicks plan to phase him out.  The Patriots front office must be friggin cringing right now.

Kevin Garnett Says He Doesnt Have Ray Allens Phone Number Anymore, Doesnt Even Want To Talk To Him.

On Celtics media day, Kevin Garnett was asked about Ray Allen and decided to give him a little bitch slap.  Garnett said, "I don't have Ray's number anymore. I'm not trying to communicate. I'm just being honest."  Ouch.

Celtics Have Had One Practice And Already Have Swagger

I Am So Friggin Jealous


I grew up playing street hockey in my driveway.  So, this is how the other half lives.

And Now Videos Of Bills Fans Being Assholes

Just an FYI to any Patriots fans going to Buffalo this weekend, Bills fans are incredibility sensitive and have no problem going toe-to-toe.  The Bills have played three games and in each game, a fight video has surfaced and proceeded to go viral.

Not that I condone fighting inside stadiums (or anywhere, except on the ice), but if you do get into a fight with a Bills fans this weekend, just try and make us proud.  Because there's a good chance it will be recorded and will be on youtube by Monday morning.

Week 1: Bills vs Jets

Week 2: Bills vs Chiefs

Week 3: Bills vs Browns

I Dont Mean To Piss On Your Friday, But It Was One Year Ago Today

Before the fried chicken and beer story broke, before the Terry Franconca bullshit was revealed, before the "rat in the clubhouse" spilled his guts...there was this.

If they had won that game, everything would be different today.  EVERYTHING.  They would have tied the Tampon Bay Rays for the Wild Card.  Who knows if they would have won the one game playoff or not.  Who knows if they would have been bounced in the first round of the playoffs.

Either way, Im sure the shit show that ensued wouldnt have happened if they had beat the Orioles on that fateful day.  But if my aunt had a dick, she'd by my uncle.  So whatever.

VIDEO: September 28, 2011. During Rain Delay, Dan Shaughnessy Says Rays Will Lose And Red Sox Will "Live Another Day." Doesnt He Look Like A Dick.

Oh yea, the worst case scenario is that they have to go to Tampa tomorrow.  Right, thats the absolute worst case scenario.  Ok, dude.

This Sounds About Right

Finally, all is well in the Universe.  This is the perfect slump busting game.  Go into Buffalo, kick them in the balls then come home and beat the shit out of Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

Thats all I have to say.  Seriously, thats my pre game analysis.

Red Sox Hire Jason Varitek As "Special Assistant To The General Manager." What The Frig Does That Even Mean?

How dysfunctional are the Red Sox right now? Their manager is basically a dead man walking, the friggin world wants to see Jason Varitek take over as the next manager and they decide to hire him as "special assistant to the general manager" with six games to go in the season.

Do they not know how much of a distraction this will be?

When Bobby Valentine gets fired, which will be about 1 hour after the end of the regular season, fans and media will be calling for Varitek to take over. During the bogus interviewing process that they will go through, people will be calling for Varitek to be the manager.  When the Red Sox start the 2013 season in the shitter, people will be calling for Varitek to be the manager.

I dont mean to be a Debbie Downer here. I mean the guy is a natural born leader and everyone seems to respect the dude, but a team should have three voices: the owner, the GM and the manager. There is no need to toss in another voice.  Especially someone with the name recognition that Jason Varitek has.  Its just going to add to the noise.

I dont know. Maybe Im just pissy because the Patriots loss last week. Maybe Im pissy because the Red Sox season is coming to an end and it absolutely sucked. Whatever the case, this just reeks of dysfunction.

Just make him the goddamn manager and get it over with.

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over. Every Replacement Ref Has Been Fired. Real Refs Will Work Starting Tonight.

The NFL and the referees' union reached a tentative contract agreement tonight, ending an impasse that began in June when the league locked out the officials and used replacements instead. "Our officials will be back on the field starting (Thursday) night" for the Cleveland-Baltimore game, Commissioner Roger Goodell said. 
Praise the friggin lawd.  Now if only the Patriots could get back the two losses they have as a result of the replacement refs.  Remember, it was a phantom holding call on Rob Gronkowski that cost them the Cardinals game and a phantom field goal that lost them the Ravens game.

I give Roger Goodell credit for getting something done, but Im still filled with a little piss and vinegar over what happened.  The Patriots should be 3-0 right now.  Seriously, does it sound right to you that the New England Friggin Patriots are 1-2.  Doesnt that just sound wrong?  Well, it is.

If Roger Goodell had any balls, he'd review every "game changing" blown call and award the proper team their proper win and put things back into place where they should be.

Bobby Valentine Must Be A Horny Bastid. He Cant Take His Eyes Off This Ladies Tits. Damn, Bobby V.

So, Bobby Valentine was at Gate C last night giving out 2013 Red Sox schedules and posed for a picture with this nice lady. Little did she know, he was staring at her tits the entire time. Damn, Bobby V. Dont you know you are supposed to look at the camera? Dumb shit.

Awe, Gordon Edes Is So Cute. He Had No Friggin Clue Who I Was.

So I got to the bottom of the ESPN Boston bitch slap. To Gordon Edes' credit, he wasnt being a dick by not giving me credit. He just didnt know what the frig Masshole Sports is.  He thought I was just some idiot sports fan with a clever twitter name.

The dude seems like a stand up guy.  Not only did he respond on twitter, he explained himself in the form of a lengthy comment on my previous article (see below).

I may be a Masshole, but Im not an asshole. Its all water under the bridge now.  I have forgiven him for his sins.

But let this be a lesson to all the big shots in the national media who have fancy press passes and their mugs on tv...if you use my shit and dont cite Masshole Sports, there is an Army of Massholes that will call you out on your bullshit.

Kudos, Massholes.  Great job tweeting this dude.  And if you're wonder, I am indeed keeping score. Its Massholes 1, National Media 0.

Hey, Roger Clemens: GO AWAY!

This asshole needs to disappear into oblivion like Barry Bonds. The fact that he continues to show his face in public pisses me off. I dont care that it was a celebration of the All Fenway Team. And anyone stupid enough to think he didnt do steriods (or doesnt care that he did steriods) needs to take a long look in the mirror...then bash their own face into said mirror.

ESPN Boston Used Masshole Sports As A Source But Didnt Have The Balls To Mention Us By Name In The Article. That Is Bullshit.

From ESPN Boston:
The day may come when Varitek will want to try his hand at managing, the source said, but for now he is committed to spending more time with his family. Varitek's wife, Catherine, tweeted this reply to a fan asking if Varitek might manage the Red Sox: "I think he'd be great. BUT... Sorry, going to Greece next summer. He's a bit tied up."

A fan?  She was replying to a fan? Really?

Where is the friggin respect?  I deserve credit for breaking that news. I am not "a fan."  Well, I am but you know what I mean.  The only thing that makes me any different than those corporate pricks over at ESPN Boston is that I dont have press credentials.  But that doesnt mean I'm discredited from the Boston sports scene.  This is an absolute travesty.

Saying that she was responding to "a fan" is ESPNBoston's way of holding us back and its irresponsible journalism.  Masshole Sports should be cited in his piece.  Im sure this dude has a degree in journalism so he knows it.

I mean, he isnt just insulting me.  He's insulting anyone who visits this website.  She was responding to Masshole Sports.  I want to hear him say it.  I want to hear this dude say my name.  Im not a friggin nobody.  People who read this site arent nobodies.

Im not going to sit here and let these corporate sites shit all over me and pretend I dont exist.  This bullshit has got to change.

If you're on twitter, send this dude Gordon Edes a tweet and let him know that proper credit has to be given.  His twitter name is @GordonEdes.  Or leave a comment on the article.  Unfortunately, it appears as though ESPN doesnt give their writers email addresses anymore so this is the only way we can let him know that what he did was wrong, it was bush league and that Masshole Sports deserves where credit is due.

Friggin Pathetic

A view from the press box last night via @bradfo

First of all, who the frig celebrates 8 year anniversaries? Second of all, who has ceremonies on Tuesday nights against the sucky Tampon Bay Rays?

This thing reeked of desperation from the beginning. Seriously, the only reason I can think of as to why the Red Sox decided to celebrate the 2004 World Series Championship team was to put asses in the seats. And it didnt even work.

I can understand wanting to end the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park with a bang, but the fact that they did in at the second to last home game of the season makes them seem even more desperate.

Nice try, guys. Just another failure in this horrific season.

Barack Obama Tweeted About The Replacement Refs Again. Shit Just Got Real.

Pete Carroll Adds Salt To The Wound. Thanks Fans For Their Support At The Infamous "Fail Mary" Game. What A Dickhead.

There is no way Pete Carroll does not understand that the game is tainted. He knows. He's got to know. He probably just doesnt give a flying fuck. Friggin dickhead.

These Are The Brooklyn Nets' Dancers Uniforms. I Shit You Not.

The dude who designed these had the balls to call the uniforms, "feminine and strong." I dunno...they look kinda slutty to me. If the designer has any daughters, and one of them left the house wearing one of these uniforms, do you really think he would look her in the eye and say, "you are dressed so feminine and strong today?"  Cmon.  Spare me the bullshit.

This Is The Cover Of Patriots Football Weekly. Mind You, Its An Official Publication Of The Patriots. Yup, This League Has Gone To Shit.

Its gotten to the point where we cant even talk about the games anymore. The officiating has been so horrendous that it absolutely absorbs all the post game analysis and pregame chatter.

This is an official publication put out by the Patriots.  And this tells me one thing:  Roger Goodell is a disgrace.  He did this to us.

The NFL used to be a great league. It was a league where people talked about nuetral games (games not involving the hometown team) with passion. Fans really gave a shit about the game itself, not just the hometown team. The product was THAT good.

Now its become a laughing stock, cerka the NBA. 99.9% of the post game talk revolves around the shitting officiating. The game itself has become a backdrop to the circus that is the officiating.

During the height of the NFL's popularity, I often wondered what it would take for this juggernaut of a league to fall apart. Would it be the lockout (which was avoided), would it be the concussion epidemic, would it be a lawsuit by former players whose lives have been destroyed by concussions?

Well, we have our answer. Its the officiating debacle.  It is tearing down this league and turning it into a friggin joke. This once mighty enterprise is crumbling right before our eyes.  And to add fuel to the fire, the league announced today that it agrees with the ruling on the field during the Packers Seahawks game.  They are saying that it was an interception.  The last nail has been firmly planted into the coffin.

Roger Goodell blew it. He had the sports world by the balls and he blew it.

Man, do I miss the NFL.

Talk About A Tale Of Two Cities. You Cant Make This Shit Up.

If you didnt think Pete Carroll was a tool before, now you know.  The guy is a friggin tool.

What a game?  Battling all the way to the end?  That game was a joke of epic proportions.  His team won a fraudulent game.  The dude should have kept his mouth shut and took the cheap win.  What a slap in the face to the Seahawks and to NFL fans everywhere.  Pete Carroll is a friggin joke.