Brady Responds To Sherman's Tweet By Saying,"My dad taught me at a young age to play with class and respect." That Has Got To Be The Classiest Bitch Slap Of All Time.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady took the high road when asked Monday to respond to the taunts directed at him by Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman after Sunday's game in Seattle.

"My dad taught me at a young age to play with class and respect and give my opponents respect, and certainly I have a lot of respect for the Seahawks."   Host Jim Gray then asked Brady if be thought Sherman was being respectful. "My dad also told me to worry about the things that I can control and certainly not worry about the things that I can't."

Richard Sherman must feel like a real asshole today.  If he doesnt then he is a bigger asshole than any of us originally thought.  I wonder if anyone in that Seahawks lockerroom pulled this dude aside and told him how big of a dick he was being yesterday.

Not only did he post that stupid tweet, when talking to reporters after the game he referred to the Patriots as "the Brady Bunch" and called their offense a "gimmick."

He isnt a petty blogger like me.  The dude shouldnt be acting like this.  Doesnt this prick realize that he is playing in the NFL and is a professional?

Tom Brady talks alot of shit on the field, but he doent go on media blitzes bragging about how he beat a team.  And if he had a twitter account, he sure as hell wouldnt post pictures of himself talking shit to an opponent.  That's friggin middle school behavior.

And today, this Sherman dude has gone from being a douchebag to a mancunt.  He explained to the NFL Network exactly why he taunted Brady and spilled his guts about all the shit talking that was said on the field, during the game.  Who the frig does that?

Sherman is embarrassing the Seahawks organization.  The dude is an absolute disgrace.  Its just a shame that Seahawks fans are too blinded by the "12th man," pom pom waving bullshit to call him out on his classless behavior.

(here's Tom Brady's full interview with Jim Gray)