So This Happened...

By my estimations, his wikipedia page will have to be updated at the conclusion of the Patriots' 7th game next season.

"Bikini Hockey League" Releases Promo Video

I cant tell if this is going to be a real league or is just some kind of spoof.  Either way, watching girls play hockey in bikinis is friggin awesome.

Here's their promo:

And here's a video of the girls shooting around in slow motion:

Look At This Fat Bastid!!!

This is the back page of todays New York Post...and yes, that is Derek Jeter.

He's gone from "pretty boy" to "fat bastid" within the matter of months.  What a friggin slob.

I just want to take a moment to thank the New York Post for doing our dirty work.  Most of the New York media has a boner for Derek Jeter and its nice to see one of them bashing Mr Perfect for a change.

Im not sure which pun I like better, the one on the back page of the newspaper or this one from their website.


Red Sox Paid Peoples Fares At Allston-Brighton Tolls Yesterday. This Is A Good First Step Towards Paying Us Back For A Wasted Season.

Red Sox players, staff and Wally paid drivers tolls yesterday at the Allston-Brighton toll booths from 3pm-4pm. Seriously, this is the least they could do considering all the pain and suffering they put us through last season. Hell, Ben Cherinton and Larry Lucchino deserve to do at least 100 hours of community service for the Bobby Valentine hiring alone.

I dont know why Ryan Lavarnway had to work the toll booth.  In a perfect world, Jon Lester would  be in there...and every one of those cars would be driving through with their windshield wipers on just to piss him off.


Rob Gronkowski Is Selling "Gronk Cracker" Sweatshirts. I Shit You Not.

Rob Gronkowski really is selling these sweatshirts at his website, (this is a real screenshot, not photoshopped):

I WANT ONE OF THESE SO FRIGGIN BAD!  Im just too much of a cheap bastid to fork over the $33.99 plus shipping.

The Man With The Irish Afro (Dan Shaughnessy) Just Died A Little Bit Inside

Well, Dan Shaughnessy's ego just took another nasty blow.  If you dont know, Dan Shaughnessy made up the illusion that the Red Sox were "cursed."  Yea, even though the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth after the 1918 season and sucked thereafter, the idea of them being "cursed" didnt exist until Dan Shaughnessy made it up in 1990.

From Wikipedia:
Although it had long been noted that the selling of Ruth had been the beginning of a down period in the Red Sox' fortunes, the curse was publicized by Dan Shaughnessy of The Boston Globe in his 1990 book, The Curse of the Bambino The term "curse of the Bambino" was not in common use by the press during the 1920s, nor can it be found through the 1970s, as a search of historical newspapers will illustrate. In fact, the New York Times did not use the term until 1990, and the Boston newspapers do not seem to have begun using it until Shaughnessy's book and a Boston Globe article about it were published.
Now we learn that Red Sox players never bought into the myth he created.  That sucks.

VIDEO: This Russian Youth Hockey Game Might Be Most Physical Hockey Game Ive Ever Seen In My Friggin Life.

Sure, some of the Canadiens Bruins games over the years have been pretty passionate, but typically theyre one sided with the Bruins just steamrolling over those pussies.  In this game, each team is equally physical.  Their passion (and hatred for one another) is off the friggin charts.

The game eventually had to be called because the teams ran out of players.

Report: Jeremy Jacobs Tells Representative Of Winnipeg Jets To STFU For Speaking Up Against Lockout At Last Meeting (not in those words). What A Dick.

From Joe Haggerty CSNNE:
Winnipeg Jets representation at a recent NHL Board of Governors meeting piped up to say it was opposed to engaging in a long, bloody lockout sure to stymie their franchise’s momentum and hurt the game of hockey.

Bruins Principal Owner and Chairman of the Board of Governors Jeremy Jacobs answered by reprimanding the Winnipeg representative as one of the “new kids on the block” and informed him that he would know when he was allowed to speak in the NHL board room. 

If Im the owner of the Winnipeg Jets, I would be ripshit today.  I mean, who the frig does Jeremy Jacobs think he is?  Sure, structure and organization is needed in order for any operation to run smoothly but telling another owner to sit down and shut up?  Thats crossing the line.

One man should not have the power to tell another owner to shut up.  Especially when that person doesnt give a shit about the sport of hockey and basically amounts to Mr. Burns from the Simpsons--a greedy, billionaire businessman who is willing to hurt lives in order to get even richer.  Fuck him.

The Jets organization of course denied the story.  They're not stupid.  They knew that if they didnt publicly deny it, they would face the wrath of Gary Bettman who has put a gag order on owners.  Yes, the dude basically has the NHL owners by the balls.  No public dissent allowed, no leaking of stories, just total silence.

Anyway, hopefully this is the tipping point.  Hopefully this is the beginning of the mutiny.  Mark Spector of Sportsnet put together a list of the Hawks and Doves among NHL owners.  Looks like there are about five owners who think the lockout is bullshit and should end and about eight assholes who are willing to bust balls for as long as it takes.

The NHL Board of Governors will reportedly meet again December 5th.  Thats when the shit may hit the fan.  Its expected that Gary Bettman will "bring the owners up to date" on the negotiations at said meeting.  Lets hope more owners get on the side of the Doves and work up the nerve to stand up to the billionaire bully and his gang of assholes.  I would love to be a fly on the wall at that meeting.

And Here Is The Money Shot From Last Night's Brawl

He thought his teammate got fouled hard and he stood up to a dude alot bigger than him.  Thats not being a "punk."  But today alot of people are going to say Rondo is nothing more than an immature punk with an uncontrollable temper.  That is bullshit.  When Shawn Thornton does it, we praise him.  When Milan Lucic does it, the entire population of New England gets a pants tent.

Rajon Rondo proved that he has his teammates backs and has big brass balls.  Thats what it comes down to.  Yet this incident will give the Rondo haters a chance to pounce on him.  Ignore the noise.  Please, ignore the noise.

Rondo's Streak Of Consecutive Games With 10 Or More Assists Ends With Him Getting Ejected For Fighting. Big Shit...That Brawl Was Awesome.

Let me preface this by saying that I dont particularly like regular season basketball.  A lot of teams basically pick and choose when to try and when to just mail it in and it pisses me off.  The Celtics basically mailed it in last night.  They were down by as much as 21 points at one point.

Thats why Im fine with Rajon Rondo throwing down with Kris Humphries .  Sure people are going to call Rondo immature and a punk because he got ejected and his streak of consecutive games with 10 or more assists is over.  But big shit.  Thats an arbitrary record anyway.  Seriously, before Rondo's streak began, did you even know they kept records of "most consecutive games with 10 or more assists."  Its friggin stupid.

Rondo obviously doesnt care about the streak.  He thought it was more important to have Kevin Garnett's back and take out Kris Humphries than get the record for most consecutive games with 10 or more assists.

The Celtics were down by 16 points when Rondo basically said, fuck it Im going to beat the shit out of this douchebag.  And good for him.  Most of America is smiling right now because they probably want to punch Humphries in the face too for giving us that stupid Kardashian wedding special.

Anyway, so the Celtics lost 95-83 and Rondo's stupid streak is over.

VIDEO: Rajon Rondo Goes After Mr. Kim Kardashian...I Mean Kris Humphries After Hard Foul On Kevin Garnett And Tommy Heinsohn Gets A Chubby

See, Im not the only one who thinks Rondo did the right thing by attacking Mr Kardashian.  Tommy Heinsohn was impressed too.

PHOTO: Kris Humphries Tweeted A Picture Of His Scratches After Brawl With Celtics Like A Whiny Little Bitch. Awe, Someone Call A Waaaambulance.

Kris Humphries tweeted this after the game (real, not photoshopped):

What a whiny little bitch.  This douchebag needs to learn how to take his lumps like a man.  You dont tweet your injury after you just got jumped.  You take your medicine (and ridicule) and move on.  Now I know why Kim Kardashian got sick of this friggin twat.

I tweeted him back. I hope I didnt hurt his feelings:

Bobby Valentine Made GQ Magazine's List Of "Least Influential People Of 2012." I Shit You Not.

Thats right.  GQ Magazine came out with a list of the Least Influential People of 2012 and Bobby Valentine made the list. 

From GQ:
The Boston Red Sox jettisoned manager Terry Francona—who only won two World Series for his famously cursed franchise—in favor of Valentine, a man whose greatest accomplishment in baseball remains wearing a fake-mustache disguise to sneak back into the dugout after getting ejected from a game. Bobby V immediately obliterated the Sox, somehow dividing the clubhouse even further less than a year after the Sox had bickered their way to one of sports history's all-time great collapses. 

Valentine is ranked number 15.  The only people in the sports world to rank higher than him were Lance Armstrong, the douchebag Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, the defensive coordinator of the Saints during Bounty Gate Gregg Williams and Dwight Howard.

I kinda like GQ's justification for putting him on the list.  It's a nice kick in the balls...and its 100% true.

(Heres the complete list)

Someone Actually Owns The Domain Name Dude Must Feel Like A Dick Right Now. The Patriots Offense Leads The NFL In Everything. is a real website.

The website was launched when McDaniels was the head coach of the Broncos and it hasnt been updated for a while, but it still exists.

I just want to mention one thing to the idiot who owns that domain.  The Patriots offense is currently leading the league in points per game (37) with Josh McDaniels as their offensive coordinator.  The Houston Texans are second, averaging 29.7 points per game on offense.  Yea, its not even close.

The 37 points per game is the highest by a Patriots offense since 2007.  In that year they averaged 36.8 points per game with (drumroll please) Josh McDaniels as the offensive coordinator.  The Patriots this season are also leading the league in offensive touchdowns per game (3.8) and total yards of offense per game (435.8).

But yea, the Broncos sucked back in 2009 and 2010 because of Josh McDaniels.  Whoever runs that website is a friggin idiot....and a wicked dickhead for not shutting it down.

EHC Biel Fans Have To Step Up Their Game When It Comes To Fan Made Graphics. This Picture Is So Friggin Sad.

This graphic was on the EHC Biel Facebook page with the caption, "Awesome fan made City of Biel-Bienne / Tyler Seguin picture."

Really?  This is awesome?  Seguin looks friggin miserable in that picture. EHC Biel fans need to step up their game.

Now THIS is how you photoshop a picture of Tyler Seguin and make it awesome:

Damn You Gary Bettman. See What You Are Making People Do.

This Is A Screenshot From I Repeat, So Friggin Sad.

(Real, not photoshopped)

It seems kinda arrogant to pimp out the minor league teams.  I mean, all of a sudden they care about the AHL?  Of course they dont.  Theyre just using them because theyre so friggin desperate for content.  Arrogant bastids. 

Why not post videos of Gary Bettmans ugly mug or Jeremy Jacobs walking out of meetings. Hell, why not just post videos of bulls taking nasty shits on people wearing hockey jerseys.  Thats the only real content the NHL is producing right now anyway--arrogance and bullshit.

This Weeks Cover Of Patriots Football Weekly Is Of Brandon Moore's Ass In Mark Sanchez' Face. Thats Kinda Ballsy Of Them.

Mind you, this is an official publication of the Patriots. They have balls...and I love it.  I like their caption too.  They're giving Masshole Sports a run for our money as "biggest smartass in town."

VIDEO: There Were 15 Fights At The Worcester Sharks Game The Other Night. Here Is Every Single One.

Because we havent seen a good hockey fight in a while. Enjoy.

If You Didnt Know...

With the secondary sucking as badly as they did early in the season and with the Hernandez injury, the Gronkowski injury and the 1-2 start, who wouldve thought that the Patriots would clinch the AFC East in their 12th game.

Well, they havent played the game yet.  Im going to stop there and Im not saying another friggin word about this Sundays game because I dont want to be called a jinx.  The end.

Red Sox Havent Even Traded For Wil Myers Yet And NESN Has No Shame Showing Their Hard On For Him. Sorry Jon Lester.

If you live under a rock and dont know, the Red Sox are in discussion with the Kansas City Royals about a potential Jon Lester for Wil Myers trade...and NESN has no problem showing their hard on for this dude...not that I blame them.


And for those people saying that trading Jon Lester will leave the Red Sox short on starting pitching....what the frig makes you think Jon Lester is a capable starting pitcher anymore?  The dude sucks.  If Im Ben Cheringon, I make this deal in a second.

VIDEO: Jets Fans Rip Their Own Players Like A Bunch Of Savage Animals On Thanksgiving Night. Would You Expect Anything Less Though?

Watch as, during halftime of the Thanksgiving Night bitch slapping, Jets fans rip each and every player a new asshole.

This video has it all.   We have: “you’re pathetic,” “you guys are a disgrace,” “you guys suck,” “Sanchez sucks,” and “Tebow save us” all in the same video. Oh yea, and one dude pointing at basically every player and shouting “garbage.”

I mean, I enjoy ripping the Jets just as much as the next guy, but these are their own fans.  Jesus Christ, these people are pathetic.

Yup, I Can Tell The Patriots Are Playing The Dolphins This Week

Donta Hightower just tweeted this:

Oh thats right.  It was last week, in preparation for the Jets, that Tom Brady said, "hopefully everyone is spending their time wisely, not playing video games and stuff like that."

Its the friggin Dolphins.  What is there to prepare for anyway right?  Screw it.  Go play some video games.  Watch some bad television.  Then when the Patriots lose we'll just call it a "trap game."

At Halfway Point Of The Season, Tyler Seguin Voted Most Impressive NHL Player In Switzerland, Patrice Bergeron Third

The NLA (National League A) is at their halfway point and conducted a fan poll and asked who the most impressive NHL player in the league is.  Ready for the kick in the balls?  Tyler Seguin finished first and Patrice Bergeron third.

Seguin has 20 goals and 12 assists in 20 games for EHC Biel, Bergeron has 9 goals and 10 assists in 12 games for Lugano.

I swear to God, if Tyler Seguin wins the MVP in that league Im taking a cab to the friggin Tobin.  The dude should be over here making NHL goalies his bitch and putting up MVP type numbers...but I digress.


So The Jets Get Crushed By The Patriots On Thursday, Then On Monday Fireman Ed "Quits" As A Jets Fan And Blames Society. What???

From MetroNewYork:
I decided to leave Thursday because the confrontations with other Jets fans have become more common, even though most Jets fans are fantastic. This is an indication of how society has lost and is continuing to lose respect for one another. I will always love the Jets because they are in my heart, and I will attend games as usual, just not as Fireman Ed. 
I guarantee if the Jets were 8-3 he would not be quitting. I guarantee if the Jets were up 35-3 at half time on Thanksgiving night, he wouldn’t be quitting.

You don’t have to be a member of MENSA to figure out that he is quitting because the Jets suck this year. What makes him more of a fraud than anything else is that he wont admit it.

Blaming society? Cmon. The dude’s been around long enough to know that football fans can be venomous. Like I said before, we show out true colors during our darkest hour. The Jets hit rock bottom on Thanksgiving night and Fireman Ed tucked his tail between his legs and went home…and isn’t coming back.

What a friggin coward.  And do you really think he will still attend games just not as Fireman Ed?  I have a feeling this is the last we will see of this dude...until the Jets make wholesale changes and start winning.  Then he'll come back to his little perch and do his cute little chant because thats what frauds do.

The guy always came across as more of a gimmick than anything else.  Now we know that's all he was.

Remember That Mancunt Who Tweeted A Picture Of Himself Talking Shit To Tom Brady? Yea, He's Facing A 4 Game Suspension For Using A PED.

Adam Schefter is reporting that Richard Sherman (seen above) and Brandon Browner of the Seahawks are each facing a four game suspension for violating the NFLs policy on performance enhancing drugs.  They reportedly got caught using Adderall.

I only have one question for Richard Sherman.