Someone Actually Owns The Domain Name Dude Must Feel Like A Dick Right Now. The Patriots Offense Leads The NFL In Everything. is a real website.

The website was launched when McDaniels was the head coach of the Broncos and it hasnt been updated for a while, but it still exists.

I just want to mention one thing to the idiot who owns that domain.  The Patriots offense is currently leading the league in points per game (37) with Josh McDaniels as their offensive coordinator.  The Houston Texans are second, averaging 29.7 points per game on offense.  Yea, its not even close.

The 37 points per game is the highest by a Patriots offense since 2007.  In that year they averaged 36.8 points per game with (drumroll please) Josh McDaniels as the offensive coordinator.  The Patriots this season are also leading the league in offensive touchdowns per game (3.8) and total yards of offense per game (435.8).

But yea, the Broncos sucked back in 2009 and 2010 because of Josh McDaniels.  Whoever runs that website is a friggin idiot....and a wicked dickhead for not shutting it down.