Patriots Made The "Best Team In The AFC" Look Like Absolute Shit...And Gave Me A Massive Pants Tent.

The Texans were 11-1. They were the best team in the AFC. Andre Johnson called this game the biggest game in franchise history. Hell, they had a 6 game winning streak. Then they came to Foxboro in December. Poor bastids.

In the end, Matt Schaub looked like shit, the Texans defense looked like shit, their head coach looked like shit, their offensive coordinator looked like this, everything looked like shit on their end courtesy of the best team in the NFL, your New England Patriots. 

This was a statement game and the Patriots made a statement:  they are on a different level than the Houston Texans.  Hell, they are on a different level than any other team in the NFL.  The 49ers come to town next week and theyre probably at home shitting their pants right now.  What the frig are they walking into?  Gillette Stadium in December is a lions den.  Teams come here and get destroyed.  Thats just the way it is.

Anyway, so about this game.  I predicted a final score of 52-17. That was part hyperbole but there was some truth in it. I mean, this had all the makings of a nightmare match up for the Texans--Tom Brady is great against the blitz and the Texans blitz a lot, it was in Gillette in December and it was Monday night football.  Plus, lets be honest, the Texans 11-1 record was kinda a shitty 11-1.

Sure, they’re a talented team but they hadn’t really faced an offense like the Patriots. This Patriots offense is basically leading the league in everything and Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the league right now.  And the mighty Houston Texans, the "best team in the AFC" walked in here and couldnt even friggin compete.

Anyway, this game was basically over by half time but per NFL rules, you have to play the entire game…so they did…and it was friggin awesome.  I had a pants tent after the first quarter and it probably isnt going away for at least a few days.

This Patriots team is scary good right now.