Steve Burton Reported That The NHL Lockout Will End Tuesday Or Wednesday...Then It Was Reported That Steve Burton Is Full Of Shit

Ok this is friggin hilarious.  Steve Burton of WBZ reported that the NHL was going to announce Tuesday or Wednesday that the NHL Lockout was over.

People on twitter went absolutely apeshit.  Dudes who had been covering the NHL for months basically laughed at him and no one could confirm his report.

Then one thing was confirmed...that Steve Burton was full of shit:

This isnt the first time a credible member of the Boston sports media has broke a big story only to get called out for his bullshit "reporting."  Remember, John Tomase reported one day before Super Bowl XLII that the Patriots had filmed the Rams walkthrough at Super Bowl XXXVI...which turned out to be a lie. To this day, I dont understand why he still has a job with the Boston Herald.

Bill Burt of the Lawrence Eagle Tribune reported on June 9, 2011 that the 2011 NFL Lockout had ended....which turned out to be a lie.  It didnt actually end until July 21, 2011.  Yet he still has a job with that newspaper and gets gigs with various Boston media outlets.

This is yet another reason why you should get your news from Masshole Sports.  We dont report bullshit stories.  But we do report on the bullshit stories.