Texans Wide Reciever Andre Johnson Calls Monday Nights Game "Biggest Game In The History Of This Franchise." Its Going To Suck When They Lose.

From CSN Houston:
“It’s big," Andre Johnson said after practice on Thursday. "You know how big it is, biggest game in the history of this franchise. It’ll be a big test for us and we’ll be ready to go.”
Arent the Texans 11-1?  Arent they the number one seed in the AFC?  Geez, those dont sound like the words of a confident team.  I mean, calling it a test is something Tom Brady would say, but biggest game in the history of the franchise?

I dont think the dude is just being humble.  I think he's scared.  And I dont blame him.  I mean, we all watched the Texans Lions game on Thanksgiving.  They looked like shit.  If they lose to the Patriots in front of a national audience they officially become a joke.

Sure, last week they beat the Titans 24-10 but the two weeks prior to that they beat the Lions 34-31 (in overtime) and beat the Jaguars 43-37 (in overtime).  So theyve given up 31 points to the Lions and 37 to the friggin Jaguars.

I dont think Im a cocky bastid to think Tom Brady is going to absolutely unload on this team.  This might not mean much, but the Patriots are 10-1 in their last 11 Monday Night Football games and in their last nationally televised game, they destroyed the Jet, pushed Fireman Ed into retirement and turned Mark Sanchez into a laughing stock.

Meanwhile, in their last nationally televised game, the Texans nearly shit the bed against the Detroit Lions.

Hell, this game Monday night with be the Texans third straight road game.  I have the balls to say it:  Aqib Talib will own Andre Johnson, Tom Brady (who plays great against the blitz) will own JJ Watt, and I have all the confidence in the world that the Patriots will win this game.

I am stunned that the Patriots are only 3 point favorites in this game. Stunned.  But I guess 11-1 will do that...despite how shitty of an 11-1 it is.