That Game Sucked

Im not writing a recap.

Here's Something To Get You Fired Up For Tonights Bruins Sabres Game: Milan Lucic Beats The Shit Out Of Patrick Kaleta, Lands 8 Punches In 5 Seconds.

This is friggin hilarious. Watch Milan Lucic beat the shit of Sabre Patrick Kaleta. I counted 8 punches in 5 second.

Here's Something Else To Get You Fired Up For Tonights Bruins Sabres Game

Here's that classic moment when Ryan Miller came out and challenged one of the toughest bastids in the NHL and then is shocked when he gets flattened like a little bitch.

Listen to the Sabres announcer say, "they out to clean his clock." Then awkwardly, not one pussy challenges Lucic to fight.

Happy Birthday Tyler Seguin!

Tyler Seguin turns 21 today and the Bruins happen to be playing at home.  This is going to be friggin awesome.  I know people are going to bring signs and my plan is to photoshop the shit out of them.

Here are a couple of signs from last year:

If you're going to the game tonight, bring a (clean) sign that says Happy Birthday, take a picture of it and I will gladly photoshop it and post it here tomorrow.  Send the pictures to or tweet them to me @MassoleSports.

Your Ray Lewis Photo Of The Day

And Ravens fans love this dude.  Jesus H Christ, where are we as a society?

Spirit Airlines Gives A-Rod A Nice Bitch Slap, Mocks Him For His PED Use In Their Latest Ads. I Shit You Not.

This is a real ad on the Spirit Airlines website:

And so is this (notice the number on the knob of the bat):

I just want to say that I fully endorse Spirit Airlines and want everyone to use that airline. Needs To Get Their Head Out Of Their Ass And Stop Glorifying That Hot Dog Tossing Prick

This is the cover photo of's Facebook page.  Yes, that is Tyler Seguin during Tuesday nights shootout and yes, that is a hot dog on the ice.  Why the frig are they glorifing that twat who threw it.

This is like those assholes who run on the field.  The shouldnt be celebrated.  If anything, they should be shunned and called names on petty blogs like this one.

First Known Photo Of Hot Dog Thrower Revealed. If You Know This Dude, Do Me A Favor And Punch Him In The Face For Me.

BuzzFeedSports tweeted this picture today.  It is thought to be the dude who threw a hot dog on the ice during Tyler Seguin's shootout attempt last night.  Im not surprised he is sitting all by himself.  It takes a real asshole to do what he did.  Im going to guess he hasnt won too many friends in his day.

Anyway, I cant tell if he is a Bruins fan or a Devils fan. Either way, if you know this dude, punch him in the face for me.  Thanks.

via BuzzFeedSports

So, Ray Lewis Is Denying That He Used PED's. Having We Heard This Bullshit Before?

If Ray Lewis really is a righteous man, he would admit he did it and repent.  But nope.  Instead he's reading the script directly from the "what do you do when you get caught using PED's" handbook.

I really dont understand how anyone, even Ravens fans, can root for this guy.  He's a murderer, a cheater, and he pimps out the Bible in a gross perversion of its intent.

Funny, I was afraid that people were going to spend the week praising him.  Kudos to Sports Illustrated for having the balls to run a story, the week leading up to the Super Bowl, exposing Ray Lewis for the disgrace he is.

What a great storyline leading up to the Super Bowl...and what a way to end a fraudulent career.

The Bruins Just Keep On Friggin Winning

The Bruins were playing the second night of a back to back. The Devils were probably sitting on their asses in their hotel room last night. And in the end, the Bruins got the win. That’s pissa.  Sure, the Bruins power play still sucks (they went 0-3) but it just doesnt matter.  They won the Stanley Cup on 2011 with a sucky power play and they just keep on winning this season despite it. 

They are 4-0-0 at home this season and are scary good right now.  Their 5-0-1 overall record is the best start by a Bruins team since the 1970-1971 season for Christ's sake.  I dont think Im overstating things when I say they are scary good. 

Sure the Devils are undefeated in regulation just like the Bruins, but they and their 3-0-2 record just don’t scare me. I don’t see a team in the Eastern Conference that scares me right now.

After six games, the Bruins, as I predicted before the season began, are the best team in the Eastern Conference and may just be the best team in the NHL.

The Sabres come to town on Thursday night--a team that has lost four games in a row.  Then the Bruins go to Toronto to play the pathetic Maple Leafs and their two regulation wins on Saturday.  I dont see this team slowing down anytime soon.

This Is What A "Big Bad Bruin" Looks Like

VIDEO: Some Asshole Threw A Hot Dog On The Ice During Tyler Seguin Shootout. Seguin Had To Shoot Again...And Still Made Hedberg His Bitch.

Watch as some asshole throws a hot dog onto the ice during Tyler Seguin's shootout attempt. Seguin had to shoot again, but it didnt matter. He still made Johan Hedberg his bitch.

VIDEO: When Barry Melrose Is Washing Your Balls, You Know You're Pretty Damn Good

Barry Melrose says the Bruins, "look like they're in midseason form already" and "look like the Boston Bruins that won the Stanley Cup a couple years ago." The wise one has spoken.

Ray Lewis Forgives Wes Welkers Wife For Telling The Truth About Him Murdering People And Being Terrible Role Model. Gee, What A Swell Fella.

I am so friggin confused right now. The internet is buzzing today about that fact that Ray Lewis has “forgiven” Wes Welkers wife. Um, what is there to forgive? She stated facts about him murdering two people and urged people to go to his Wikipedia page to learn more….and now he is saying that he "forgives" her for doing that?  My head is spinning right now.

Here is what Anna Burns Welker said:
Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis' Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay. What a hall of fame player! A true role model!
And Ray Lewis responded by saying that he forgives her and that she is a "fool" who says "silly stuff."  Here is Ray Lewis' response to Anna Burns Welker’s statement CSNNE:
I've always been a firm believer of the Good Book, and the Good Book always confirms, even a fool is counted wise until he opens he or she mouth. And sometimes people just say silly stuff. So for her to come out and say what she said, listen, I truly forgive her, and I have no hard feelings against her at all, but I believe people just make mistakes and say foolish things sometimes.

Whats enraging is that the national media is going to run with this and make Ray Lewis look like a good guy for forgiving her.  Give me a friggin break.  They need to open their eyes.   Anna Burns Welker is not the bad guy here.  She simply said what people in the media are afraid to talk about.  She is a hero.  She has balls of steel and deserves praise for what she did. 

Ray Lewis is an asshole for making Anna Burns Welker look like she did something wrong here and the national media are a bunch of collective assholes for making Ray Lewis look like the better person for "forgiving" her, while also ignoring what she brought to light--the fact that the dude is a bad role model.

He screwed up royally, the criminal justice system let him walk and now he is perverting the bible by clinging to it (presumably with the hope of avoiding eternal hell for what he did).  No one should aspire to live a life like that.  No one.

And the fact that the national media is holding this scumbag so close and letting him suck on their teat makes me sick to my stomach.  I just hope Mrs. Welker fires back. I was going to say that she should take a stab at the media over their handling of this...but its probably not an appropriate pun right now.

Media Is Calling For Maple Leafs To Trade Phil Kessel. I Wonder If They’ll Ask For Hamilton And Seguin Back.


From Toronto Star:

I think everyone agrees that the Maple Leafs got screwed in the Phil Kessel deal.  Whats going to be interesting is what they get in return if they deal him right now. 

I wonder if they have the balls to call Peter Chiarelli and let him know they are shopping Kessel.  And I wonder what the Bruins would offer for him today.  Maybe a second rounder and a sack of hockey pucks?

But seriously, there is no place on the Bruins for Phil Kessel.  The dude doesnt play defense and is know to be a bit of a prick in the clubhouse.  The only team what would want him is a team looking to make a splash and put asses in the seats.

But it would be friggin hilarious to see him back in a Bruins uniform.  The "Thank You Kessel" chants every time he touched the puck would be epic.

The Bruins Are Beating The Shit Out Of The NHL Right Now

The Bruins are a damn good team. They have 9 points in their first 5 games and still dont have a regulation loss. Thats a hell of a way to start a shortened season.

Honestly, going into this game I was a bit nervous. Last season, the Bruins didnt beat the Hurricanes once. Claude Julien decided to give Tuukka Rask the night off and I thought the Bruins might mail this one in. Well, they didnt.  They came out of the gates flying and absolutely controlled the game early.

The first goal of the game was a Brad Marchand short handed goal a little over 3 minutes in and I had my first sportsgasm of the night.  The Bruins killed off all six Hurricanes penalties on the night and still havent allowed a power play goal this season. That is un friggin real.  I havent seen a Bruins penalty kill unit this good since the days of Dave Poulin (google him).

In the second period, Nathan Horton beat three Hurricanes to score a wicked pissa goal and I had my second sportsgasm of the night. Then when Dougie Hamilton set up David Krejci for the tiebreaking goal late in the third period , I had my third sportsgasm of the night.  What a friggin night.

Zdeno Chara had a goal and two assists and Nathan Horton and Tyler Seguin each had a goal and an assist.  If you didn’t know, Dougie Hamilton and Tyler Seguin now have a combined 6 points on the season, Phil Kessel has 2 points.

The only flaw on this team is their power play and even that isnt really a flaw. Hell, they're 4-0-1 despite it.

The Devils, and 40 year old Martin Brodeur, come to the Garden Tuesday night.  It should be interesting.

VIDEO: Nathan Horton Makes Three Carolina Hurricanes His Bitch

If there were one Bruin who I thought was going to be fat and lazy coming out of the lockout I thought it would be Nathan Horton. But even he looks to be in mid season form right now. He now has two goals on the season, including this gem:

Donald Trump Bitch Slapped A-Rod On Twitter Again. He's Real Close To Being Named An Honorary Masshole. Keep It Up, Donald.

Donald Trump tweeted this today:

He seems to hate that mancunt A-Rod as much as we do.  I swear Donald Trump is a closet Masshole.  Remember, this isnt the first time Donald Trump has bitch slapped A-Rod on twitter.

Remember this tweet:

And this one:

And this one:

Donald Trump is pissa.  In the future, if he goes just a little more below the belt with his tweets, I will have no choice but to name him an Honorary Masshole like I did Wes Welker's wife when she bitch slapped Ray Lewis last week.  He still has a chance.  Stay tuned.

The Most Intense Moment Of The 2013 Pro Bowl: Fans Brawling In The Stands

I cant find one highlight from yesterday's Pro Bowl worth showing. But I did find this video of fans brawling in the stands. There is more action and intensity in this two minute fight video than in the entire game.

Watch at the 0:37 second mark when a dude gets thrown onto the field. Then at the 1:10 mark the players on the field are so friggin bored with the game that they actually start watching the fight.

Madden 13 Predicts Ravens Will Win Super Bowl. It Also Shows Colin Kaepernick With No Tattoos, Proving How Stupid Video Game Simulators Are.


The Celtics Have Had Limp Dick All Season. Now Rondo Is Out. Maybe Danny Ainge Will Finally Blow The Whole Damn Thing Up.

Lets be serious, the Celtics have had a severe case of limp dick this season.  They have been relatively healthy all season and on most nights they are enraging to watch because they just dont seem to give a shit.  And this isnt me being a dick.  Doc Rivers has criticized the Celtics effort on more than one occasion this season.

So Rajon Rondo tearing his ACL is a bit of a moot point.  I mean, in case you hadnt noticed the Celtics are a sub .500 team this season despite having Rajon Rondo in the prime of his career and a pretty damn talented supporting cast.  They should be legitimate contenders in the Eastern Conference...which kinda makes me think this Rondo injury may be some sort of karma for pissing away this season.

Remember, before the double overtime win against the Heat, the Celtics had lost six in a row to the Hornets, Bulls, Pistons, Cavaliers, Knicks and Hawks.  Their case of limp dick was so bad in the midst of that losing streak that (after the Pistons game) Doc Rivers threatened to "get some guys out of here," aka trade some of the assholes who are mailing it in and are pissing away the season.

I just hope this injury is the catalyst for Danny Ainge to finally pull the trigger and blow this whole damn thing up.  If Danny Ainge has any balls at all, he will do what Red Auerbach didnt have the balls to do--say screw the sentimental value and trade guys away while they still have value.

That means having the testicular fortitude to trade Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce for draft picks and look at 2016 as the year they compete for a Championship.

This season has sucked.  They are the #8 seed in the East and things just took a turn for the worse.  Only the naive bastids among us think this team is going to magically flip a switch, cure this severe case of limp dick and start playing like a playoff team.

For the sake of us all, blow the whole damn thing up.  Its time.

Ray Allen Says "I'll always be a Celtic in my mind." What A Delusional Bastid.

"I'll always be a Celtic in my mind, regardless of what anyone else says" -- Ray Allen

Yea, and Ill always be a combination of Ron Jeremy and Tom Cruise in my mind, no matter what anyone else says.  Doesnt mean its true.

Anyway, Im not going to rehash all the bullshit from last summer when Ray Allen turned his back on a fanbase that absolutely loved him because he was pissy about Danny Ainge using him as trade bait and because he didnt get along with Rondo but I will say this:  it is really, really hard to respect someone so selfish, so arrogant, and so douchey.

Maybe when he's old, wrinkly and sitting in a nursing home somewhere he can make amends with us, but for now he's just an arrogant prick wearing a Scarlett Letter that says "I shat all over an entire city."

And for the record, he is not a Celtic.

VIDEO: Paul Pierce Learns Rondo Tore His ACL And Makes Face Like Someone Kicked Him In The Balls Wicked Hard

Watch Paul Pierce's face after he is told Rajon Rondo tore his ACL. I feel your pain, dude. Everything is about to change.

And Here's The Video Of Rajon Rondo Tearing His ACL vs The Atlanta Hawks

This may be the play that leads to Danny Ainge blowing up the Celtics and starting over.


via WEEI / Larry Johnson

SHOCKA: An “Advisor” To A-Rod Is Being Investigated By Feds For Possibly Supplying PEDs To Players.

From NYDailyNews:
The Drug Enforcement Administration and Major League Baseball are investigating a Miami-area man named Anthony Bosch — who has worked closely with Alex Rodriguez — for Bosch’s possible links to performance-enhancing drugs

Sources involved in the probe have told The News that MLB and federal investigators are trying to determine if Anthony Bosch and his father are involved in supplying banned substances to ballplayers. 

Is anyone really surprised right now?  I mean, the dude is a known cheater.  Remember, he admitted that he used steroids but gave the bullshit footnote that he only used from 2001 to 2003.  Yea, okay. 

Are people really stupid enough to think he isnt ahead of the curve and using some sort of undetectable PED or some sort of technique that the testers cant test for?  Cmon.  And what's really pathetic is, despite the fact that he may still be cheating, the dude still sucks.  How friggin sad.