Clear Channel President Confirms That The Vandalized Billboard I Posted Yesterday Was Really Just Photoshopped. Yea, No Shit Sherlock.

On Monday, a photo of a massive billboard welcoming back the Boston Bruins, with the words “F*** You Jacobs” allegedly spray-painted below the message, began circulating around the Internet.  The photo showed up on sports website, and caused alarm for Clear Channel, the owner’s of the billboard. 

“Someone just brought that to me. I was like ‘What’s this?’” he [Stephen Ross, President of Clear Channel Outdoor’s Boston Division] said, adding that cameras near the billboard allow him to look at the sign in real-time. “I’m looking at it live right now, and it’s not on there.”

Ross told BostInno it is a digital billboard, not a traditional sign, and someone merely took a photo of it and added the angry, white lettering to it before distributing it online.

The swears on the sign, which went up yesterday morning following the announcement that the lockout had ended, did give Ross a “bit of a scare,” however. “But I went through our security footage, and nothing had been compromised,” he said. 

When I read this article I laughed my balls off.  I actually had to read it again.  Then I proceeded to laugh my balls off again.  First of all, that was one of my worst photoshop jobs ever.  Second of all, it was on a digital billboard for Christs sake.

But I guess seeing "fuck you Jacobs" on a billboard is actually quite believable.  I mean, Im sure at least a few people considered adding "angry, white lettering" to this billboard in real life.