I Cannot Friggin Wait For January 13th

I don’t want to hear the bullshit about how the Patriots destroyed the Jets 45-3 in the regular season back in 2010 and then lost to them in the playoffs.  That has nothing to do with the Patriots and Texans this year and anyone who uses that as an argument as to why the Texans have a chance is stupid and lazy.

If we learned anything from the 42-14 ass pounding the Texans took back in December, its that they are intimidated by the Patriots. They didn’t just get blown out, they absolutely shat the bed. They choked.

It was a Monday Night Football game and Andre Johnson called the game, “the biggest game in Texans history"...and they pissed themselves.  Remember, at the time they were 11-1.  They were being called the best team in the AFC.  Yet they didn't even show up.  Christ, they were down 21-0 by halftime.

I mean, I give the Patriots credit.  But the reality is that the Texans were playing a huge game on a big stage and choked.  What gives anyone any indication that they can flip a switch and play like world beaters on an even bigger stage that Monday Night Football?  It's all psychological now.  The Patriots mind fucked them and you dont just forget a game like that.

Anyway, so this isn’t like the Jets back in 2010.  And on top of everything I just said, Gronkowski will be back for this game.  I already have a friggin pants tent.

If Vegas has any balls, the Patriots will be at least 14 favorites.