We Have Every Right To Question Rex Ryan's Sanity. The Dude Has A Tattoo Of His Wife In A Mark Sanchez Jersey.

via NYDailyNews

According to The NY Daily News, this is a picture of Rex Ryan in the Bahamas.  Yes, that is a tattoo of his wife and yes, she is wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey.

This seems like something a pathetic Jets fan would do.  But we're talking about the head coach of the New York Jets.  If Im Mark Sanchez, Im friggin creeped out.  I would never walk around the clubhouse in my bare feet again.

Seriously, I wonder if Rex Ryan makes his wife wear a Sanchez jersey when he bangs her.  I wouldnt be at all surprise if there is a sex tape out there with his wife wearing a Sanchez jersey and doing some sort of kinky butt fumble thing and stuffing her face in his ass.

After that creepy-as-all-hell video of him seducing his wife in the parking lot, nothing would surprise me.