Senior Analyst Gil Brandt Ranks Peyton Manning Above Tom Brady When Considering Factors Like "Past Playoff Experience." When Is This Bullshit Going To End?

Some dude named Gil Brandt wrote a piece on titled Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Joe Flacco among top playoff QBs and you are not going to believe the complete bullshit that ensued.

These rankings were done according to a combination of factors, especially past playoff experience. That's why, as promising as they are, rookies like Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are ranked below veteran peers like Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub; Aaron Rodgers, for example, has a significant playoff résumé, while Russell Wilson has none. And that's why a guy like Joe Flacco, who might not seem like a world-beater in the regular season, is ranked as highly as he is; he's a proven playoff winner.

And here are the top 3:

I cannot believe would publish this kind of lazy, irresponsible journalism.  I just cant believe it.  How does this guy conveniently ignore what Tom Brady has accomplished?  How?  This national hard on for Peyton Manning is un-friggin-real and it has gotten to the point that it is blinding people.

What he said is irrational, illogical and to put it bluntly, bullshit.

Sure, people are going to say that Im an insecure Tom Brady ball washer who goes over the edge anytime someone with a national column ignores Tom Bradys's greatness. But the reality is, I am a "call it as you see it" kinda guy.

When the Red Sox absolutely sucked last season, I called them the Shit Show and had no problem calling it like it was. The Celtics are mediocre this season and I have no problem saying such.

There is no logical argument for ranking Peyton Manning above Tom Brady in anything...except maybe forehead size.  And if you're talking about "past playoff performance," there is absolutely no excuse for ignoring what Tom Brady has done.  None.  It is embarrassing to and it makes Gil Brandt look stupid.

This bullshit has to end and it starts with Gil Brandt being relieved of his duties. has to fire him now and issue a formal apology to Tom Brady, Mr. Kraft and Patriots fans.  The people spewing this bullshit need to be held accountable and I am making it my personal mission to put an end to this Peyton Manning propaganda.

By the way, Gil Brandt is on twitter (@Gil_Brandt). Im sure he'd love to hear from an Army of Massholes.