Okay, This NHL Lockout Is Officially A Friggin Mess

This just doesnt make any sense.  Seriously, this is like one of those annoying riddles the Riddler used to rattle off in Batman (Im talking about 1960's Batman).  Its so friggin confusing that it just makes you want to give up.

And it doesnt make us stupid for not understanding what the hell is going on.  It makes the owners, Gary Bettman and the NHLPA a bunch of pricks for putting us through this.

Just play the friggin game.  Enough with the legal bullshit.  Enough with the constant ball busting.  Just go in a room, settle this like grown men and lets all get on with our lives.  Jesus H Christ, this is embarrassing.

I mean, Im embarrassed for them.  Imagine being married to one of these dickheads?  Or having one of them for a boss.  They suck.  They suck at business and they suck at life.  Do they not have the common sense to realize that they are hurting people?  Or do they just not give a fuck?

They cant be that cold hearted and ruthless...can they?  They are ruining lives by playing these childish back and forth games with each other and they just dont give a flying fuck.  There is absolutely no reason why we dont have a deal right now.  None.  Fuck.