St Louis Blues Owner Tom Stillman Wrote A Letter Apologizing To Fans For The Lockout. Do You Think Jeremy Jacobs Has The Balls To Write Something Like This?


It is enraging, it really is. To think that the owner of the Boston Bruins was the man behind this lockout. It just makes me sick to my stomach. Especially when you see owners of other teams apologizing and basically saying that it wasnt their fault and that they never wanted this lockout to happen.

Jeremy Jacobs cant write an apology like this.  He just cant.  Jeremy Jacobs wanted this lockout to happen. Hell, he was the driving force behind it. What the frig is he going to say, "sorry I told you to fuck off for the past few months."  Cmon.

If he has any sense whats right and wrong, he will stay far, far away from Boston.  He will just disappear and not be heard from until the Bruins win the Stanley Cup again.  Then he can give his awkward speech at the rally and get booed to high hell for being the asshole he is.

Any apology that he may issues will be empty.  It will be fraudulent and phony.  Im waiting for the day when he buys a full page ad in the Herald or Globe and tries to come across as a real human being who actually gives a shit about the fans.

When he does, Ill be the first to call him out.  And I will have no problem pointing out the fact that he is a manifestation of everything that is wrong with the human spirit.  He is evil, cold hearted, ruthless and most likely does not have a soul.

A man, a real man, would not have done what he did to us fans.  He hurts people and feels no guilt.  He hurts people for financial gain.  He treats some of the most loyal, passionate fans in all of professional sports like shit and exploits their loyalties.

Thanks for treating us like assholes, Mr. Jacobs.  You dont deserve Bruins fans.  May you and your money rot in the darkest depths of hell.