The Lockout Is Over....And I Have No Friggin Idea How To Feel Right Now.

From TSN:
The NHL lockout is over. "We have reached an agreement on the framework of a new collective bargaining agreement," commissioner Gary Bettman, at around 5:45 ET on Sunday morning, told reporters in New York, including Sporting News' Jesse Spector.

So when should I start my therapy?  I mean, Im pissed at so many people right now....but at the same time Im ecstatic that there will be hockey.  I am just so friggin confused.

I hate Gary Bettman.  I hate Jeremy Jacobs.  I hate Donald Fehr.  I hate the fact that we were treated like sheep and are expected to just welcome the NHL back with open arms.

I need time to digest this.  Im going to need a lot of time...and maybe some therapy.  Im a friggin mess right now.