VIDEO: Richard Sherman Got Punched In The Face After Seahawks Redskins Game...And It Was Friggin Awesome.

Watch as one of the biggest douchebags in the NFL, Richard Sherman, literally gets bitch slapped by Trent Williams after the Seahawks beat the Redskins today.  Well, it may have been a punch but you get the point.

I could watch this video a thousand times.  Richard Sherman is an absolute mancunt.  He is a poor sport, a loudmouth and the kind of player you dont want your kid to grow up to be.  Id even go so far as to say he is bad for the NFL.

Its one thing to talk shit during the game, but this dude has a reputation for chasing dudes down after games and talking shit (remember the Brady incident).  Thats not sportsmanship.  Thats douchebaggery.

Kudos to Trent Williams and kudos to Fox for not only showing the replay, but showing the replay in super slow motion. Enjoy: