We're More Than One Third Into The NBA Season. If The Celtics Dont Get Their Shit Together Soon, They're Screwed.

Lets be serious, the Celtics have had a severe case of limp dick this season.  They have the talent but for some reason they dont seem to try most nights.  I can understand not being motivated for an NBA game in November, December and January...but Im an observer.  The guys playing the games arent supposed to be bored like me.

I dont think you can simply shrug your shoulders and say "well, its early."  We're taking about 31 games into the season.

Im sure some people thought Avery Bradley coming back would change things, but his first game back was the other night against Memphis and their limp dick didnt go anywhere.  There comes a point when you have to make a deal just for the sake of shaking things up.  We know Danny Ainge has the balls.  I guess the question is...what the frig is he waiting for?