In Honor Of The Red Sox Playing The Yankees, Here Are Videos Of Yankees Fans Getting Hit In The Face With Foul Balls.

Here is something to get you warmed up for the Red Sox - Yankees season opener.  Enjoy this collection of Yankees fans getting hit in the face with foul balls.

Watch this douchebag talking on his cell phone when the ball bounces and hits him directly in the face.  Sucks to be him.

This dude reaches for the ball and just flat out misses.  Friggin loser.

In this classic, the lady holding the camera gets hit in the head. Unfortunately, you cant see it...but you can hear it.

This dude had his glove on and appears to be ready for the ball yet decides to try and catch it with his face.  Bonus points on this one for the blood at the end.

If she wasnt a Yankees fan, Id say "poor lady."  But she I wont.

In this one, the ball gets deflected and the poor bastid never had a chance.

Video Of Hideki Matsui Breaking His Wrist Is Included In’s “Classic Red Sox Video” Search. That Is Wicked Pissa.

This is a real screenshot from (not photoshopped). If you do a video search for "classic red sox" on, a video of Hideki Matsui breaking his wrist shows up on the second page.  That is friggin awesome.  I dont know who runs that site these days, but I want to meet him and shake his hand.

FINAL: Bruins 2 Sabres 0

The Bruins gave another half assed-effort Sunday night, but thankfully they were playing the sad sack Sabres.  For the first 53 minutes of the game, they once again played like they just didnt give a shit.

Then with about 7 minutes left, David Krejci scored.  Nathan Horton scored less than 3 minutes later and that was it.  Thankfully Anton Khudobin had a ballsy game, making 26 saves, and kept the catatonic Bruins in this game.

The Sabres are now in 13th place in the Eastern Conference.  Im not going to wash the Bruins' balls over this win...but I will give them a nice golf clap.

The Hockey Gods Have Spoken: Sidney Crosby “Out Indefinitely” With Broken Jaw Two Days After Stealing Jarome Iginla From Bruins

From USA Today:
Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby is out indefinitely after having surgery Saturday night to repair a broken jaw and teeth suffered when he was struck in the face by teammate Brooks Orpik's slap shot.

Based on what usually happens with broken jaws, Crosby is in danger of missing the rest of regular season. The Penguins stated on their website on Sunday that they will provide a time frame later in the week.

A few days ago, I called the Penguins the biggest collection of assholes in the NHL because of their collective arrogance and sense of entitlement.

What put me over the top was the fact that Sidney Crosby convinced Jarome Iginla, who is known as one of the classiest guys in the NHL, to act like a total dick and accept a trade to the Penguins after the deal with the Bruins was already agreed upon.

Well, I guess the Hockey Gods were just as pissed as I was. Two days after the Penguins unethically acquired Jarome Iginla, Sidney Crosby got hit in he face with a puck and will reportedly be out indefinitely with a broken jaw.

Dont get me wrong, I dont like seeing anyone get injured, but you must admit that the fact he got injured on his first shift as Jarome Iginla's teammate isnt just a coincidence.  Its called karma.

I mean, Im not big on divine intervention and I dont believe that God determines the outcome of sporting events, but I do believe that if you piss off the masses, sometimes it comes back to bite you in the ass.  The Universe just has a funny way of keeping things balanced.

If I may put it in hockey terms:  when you piss off the Hockey Gods, sometimes they piss on you.  And if you are a Penguins fan, your world just crashed.  Boy, does it suck to be a Penguins fan right now.

Happy Easter

VIDEO: Hitler Reacts To Jarome Iginla Choosing Penguins Over Bruins

This just about sums up how we all felt Thursday morning.

FINAL: Bruins 1 Flyers 3 (Yes, You Read That Correctly)

Going into this game, the Flyers had only won 3 games in March. They were the second worst team in the Eastern Conference (with the win, they are now third from the bottom). I dont know if this was a case of the Bruins taking them for granted or what, but they looked like absolute shit.

Their compete level was at 1. There was no effort, no hustle, no energy and even when they were down 2-0, no sense of urgency. I dont know how Claude Julien didnt rip them new assholes in between periods.

The Bruins have now lost 5 of their last 7 games.  They havent scored a first period goal in 6 friggin games.  And in their last four, they have been down at least 2-0 at some point.

I dont mean to beat a dead horse here, but what the Bruins need is some veteran leadership. They need an aging veteran who has never won a Stanley Cup to come in here and motivate them and get them playing as if they give a shit.

Im telling you, if Jarome Iginla was on this roster, they wouldnt have played with their thumbs up their asses today. And if my aunt had a dick, she'd be my uncle. 

What really sucks is that the weather was pretty nice on Saturday and I was thinking about going out rollerblading but stayed in to watch the game. What a friggin waste of a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

The only positive I can take from today is that the Bruins are still only 1 point behind the Canadiens for first place in the Northeast Division and the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference....for now.

Just When You Thought The Heat Couldnt Get Any Douchier, Team President Pat Riley Tells Danny Ainge To "Shut The Fuck Up."

After the Heat's winning streak ended and LeBron James blamed the officiating, Danny Ainge said it was "almost embarrassing that LeBron would complain about officiating."

Sure, it was criticism, but it was harmless criticism.  And not many people disagreed.  I didnt hear one analyst complain about the officiating after the game.  So when the supposed greatest player in the game blames the officials for ending a winning streak, it makes him sound like a whiny little bitch and a sore loser.

Danny Ainge didnt cross any line with what he said.  Which is why Pat Riley's response seems so incredibly douchey.  Riley said, "He needs to shut the fuck up and manage his own team. He was the biggest whiner going when he was playing. I know that because I coached against him."

Im not surprised by the response, really.  Would you expect anything less from the president of the douchiest team in the NBA?  It actually seems fitting.

A-Rod Will Make More This Year Than The Entire Houston Astros Team. That Is So Friggin Wrong.

Alex Rodriguez's entire career is a farce. The guy is a known cheater and a fraud. Yet, he is a multi-millionaire. That is just so friggin wrong.

The blame is two fold though.  A-Rod is a mancunt for stealing money from every team he ever played for and Brian Cashman is an idiot for throwing that kind of money at the known steroid user.

May they both rot in hell.

Have You Ever Wanted To Hear A Crooner With A Lisp Sing A Song About Fenway Park? Wish Granted.

I have never heard of Brian Evans, but according to his Wikipedia page, he is a crooner from Haverhill who had a #1 hit CD in Canada, appeared in the pilot episode of Full House and was once arrested for calling a travel agency and impersonating Casey Kasem.

Now he has a song out about Fenway Park.  I honestly cant tell if this song is some sort of spoof or if he expects us to take him seriously.

Seriously, How Can Anyone Outside Of Pittsburgh Root For This Friggin Team Right Now.

The more I think about it, the more I think that the Penguins are probably the biggest collection of assholes in he NHL.

The fact that Sidney Crosby convinced Jarome Iginla to nix the trade to the Bruins, and basically take a steaming shit on Bruins fans, is just unacceptable (I dont care if they talked or it was just the allure, it still wasnt right).

How could Jarome Iginla, a supposed man of class, put the Bruins on his short list then back out in the 12th hour?  I can tell you how.  That arrogant, entitled prick Sidney Crosby most likely tampered and convinced him that the Penguins had a better shot at winning a Stanley Cup.  And the poor bastid believed him.

In the matter of two days, they have become the most unlikeable team in the NHL.  Sure, Sidney Crosby is a great player--Im not denying that.  But, if you live outside of Pittsburgh you have absolutely no reason to root for this team. 

When was the last time a team held a press conference to explain how a trade fell apart?  Watching Peter Chiarelli explain that he had a deal only to have it fall apart at the hands of Sidney Crosby was enraging.  It showed just how powerful Sidney Crosby is and why we have every right to despise this dude.

I cant wait for their goalie to shit the bed in the playoffs.  I really cant.

Daniel Bard Cant Make The Big Club, Sent To Double A. You Read That Correctly, Double A. What A Kick In The Balls.

From NESN:
“It’s not a demotion. It’s just, we want him to understand that there’s a process,” [Red Sox pitching coach Juan] Nieves said. “It’s not that he goes to Triple-A and has two good outings and, ‘I’m ready.’ He knows it’s going to take time. He got to where he was in a while too. The way back is not just one or two outings.”
Its not a demotion?  What the frig is it then?  The guy has been sent, not to triple A, but to double A.  If that isnt a kick in the balls then I dont know what is.

Somewhere along the line, Daniel Bard turned into a head case.  It all began when the Red Sox tried to turn him into a starter.  That was the biggest mistake they ever made with this guy.  For some reason, the dude mentally couldnt handle it.  Then his mechanics went and he basically turned to shit.

Now, he cant even make the Opening Day roster out of Spring Training.  Its time to call this dude a bust.  He's done.  But like most hopeless romantics, people will still think of him as "a guy with potential."

Anyone who still thinks this guy "has potential" and is going to Double A to work his way back to the big leagues is delusional.  If anything, its going to just make him more of a head case.

Its time to put the Daniel Bard t-shirts away, people.  You wont be needing them no more.

Peter Chiarelli: “We Believed We Had A Deal” For Jarome Iginla.

At his press conference today, Peter Chiarelli basically explained how the Bruins got screwed out of a Jarome Iginla trade. He told reporters, "we made a firm offer two days ago and were told at noon yesterday that we'd won the Jarome Iginla sweepstakes so to speak. We believed that we had a deal."

I cant wrap my mind around the fact that Jarome Iginla chose the Penguins over the Bruins, I really cant.  This guy has a reputation for being a classy guy, but that was a dick move.  I guess his hard on for Sidney Crosby is stiffer than we thought.

I mean, Penguins are hot right now, but they arent going to win the Stanley Cup this year.  They're not.  Anyone who doesnt have a massive hard on for Sidney Crosby knows that offense doesnt win Stanley Cups.

And I thought Iginla was smarter than that.  I didnt think he had a hard on for Sidney Crosby just like everyone else, but I guess he does.  And in this case, it caused him to make an irrational, illogical, bad decision.  But we've all been there, right?  We've all acted on impulse over logic.

I feel sorry for the dude, I really do.  When the Penguins get bounced early in the playoffs because of their sucky goaltending, he will look back and realize how stupid he was.  In a perfect world, he wont sign an extension with them.  Then in the offseason, when his hard on for Crosby subsides, he will have a clear head and make the rational, logical decision to sign with the Bruins (who are a perfect fit for him and his style of play).

I might be a sucker, but Id still welcome him...despite the fact that he just took a steaming hot shit on us.

Fuck You ESPN And Fuck You TSN. We Trusted You...And You Fucked Us.

Before I went to bed last night, I saw this:

And this:

I wrote a 500 word piece about how friggin psyched I was and how Jarome Iginla is the epitome of what it means to be a Bruins and how he was exactly what the Bruins needed to make a deep playoff run.

Then I woke up to this:

And this:

Fuck you TSN and fuck you ESPN.  That is lazy, irresponsible journalism.

I dont have a press pass or sources like the big guys do so I have to trust these assholes.  And last night they fucked me.  They absolutely fucked me.

Im headed to the friggin Tobin.  What a shitty morning.

Jarome Iginla Is A Bruin And I Have A Pants Tent Of Epic Proportions

[EDIT: this was written when I was under the false assumption, thanks to ESPN and TSN, that Jarome Iginla had been traded to the Bruins (see link here). Im leaving it up because I want you all to feel my pain.]

From TSN:
According to TSN's Aaron Ward, the Boston Bruins have acquired Jarome Iginla from the Calgary Flames.  Iginla was not in the Flames lineup for their game against the Colorado Avalanche tonight.

TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie believes that defenceman Matt Bartkowski, prospect Alexander Khokhlachev, and a conditional first-round draft pick are headed to Calgary in return, with the first rounder conditional on Iginla re-signing with the Bruins.

First of all, Peter Chiarelli deserves to win executive of the year. The Bruins got him for Matt Bartkowski, Alex Khokhlachev and a conditional 1st round draft pick?  That is friggin unreal.  And the pick is contingent upon Iginla signing a contract extension with the Bruins. Peter Chiarelli just friggin hosed that organization.  I actually feel a little guilty right now.

If you're wondering why I have such a hard on for Jarome Iginla it's because the dude is the epitome of a what it means to be a Bruin.  He is tough, he plays physical, he is wicked ballsy, he is a leader and on top of all that he is proven.

The guy is a six-time all star, a two-time 50 goal scorer, and he's scored 30 goals in each of the last 11 season including 43 goals two years ago.  Oh yea, and he is the captain of his team. Oh yea, and dude has never won a Stanley Cup.

Im telling you, the Bruins locker room is finally going to wake the hell up and rally around this dude.  Remember, a lot of the guys on the Bruins current roster have a Stanley Cup ring.  They arent nearly as hungry as this dude is going to be.

Iginla hasnt been this close to winning a Stanley Cup since 2004.  He must be foaming at the friggin mouth right now.  Having a veteran guy like this in the locker room is exactly what the Bruins need.  Exactly.

Im not saying this as a homer or wacko:  the Boston Bruins are now the favorite to win the Stanley Cup.  I watch this team every friggin night.  Jarome Iginla, and what he brings, is the missing piece.

The rest of the NHL is screwed.

FINAL: Canadiens 6 Bruins 5

[EDIT: this was written when I was under the false assumption, thanks to ESPN and TSN, that Jarome Iginla had been traded to the Bruins (see link here). He has since been traded to the Penguins.] 

Its like this game never even happened.

Bruins (Non Photoshopped) Fan Sign Of The Night

(via @Kristen_Morse)

Okay, this is possibly the best non photoshopped fan sign Ive ever seen and that is not an exaggeration.

As you know, 99% of the fan signs I post are photoshopped.  Typically I find signs that are Rated G and turn them into something mildly funny.  These girls had the balls to actually bring this sign to the game and that is friggin awesome.  Damn, I love Bruins chicks.

Rememeber When That Dude Tried A Trick Shot During A Shootout And Tuukka Rask Made Him Look Like An Asshole? Yea, He's A Bruin Now.

The Bruins have claimed Kaspars Daugavins off waivers from the Senators. Yea, this dude:

Anyway, I think its safe to say he wont be trying that shot as a Bruin. The guy has 1 goal in 19 games this year. The only way he gets a sniff at a shootout attempt is if it goes to the 25th round.

Plus, I dont think his teammates would be too happy.

Maybe ESPN Gets It After All

I Dont Mean To Piss On Your Day, But It Looks Like Jarome Iginla Is Not Coming To Boston.

Well, that changes everything.

Every report out there is saying that the Flames will settle for nothing less than a package that includes Malcolm Subban in a potential Jarome Iginla trade.  Im going to go out on a limb here and say that this was Peter Chiarelli's way of saying the Iginla trade isnt going to happen.

And it was just yesterday that the Calgary Sun reported the Bruins were willing to give up Malcom Subban along with Rich Peverly, Nathan Horton and draft picks for Jarome Iginla.  Gee, I wonder who planted that story.

Trade rumors drive me friggin nuts.  They really do.   Anyway, it was fun to fantasize about Jarome Iginla wearing the spoked B.

Manny Ramirez Made His Home Debut For The EDA Rhinos And A Fan Brought A Sign With Johnny Cueto On It. He Must Feel So Special.

Manny Ramirez made his home debut for the EDA Rhinos and fans seemed really excited (see the video below). Too bad they have no idea what he looks like. Yea, thats Johnny Cueto of the Cincinnati Reds.

via BustedCoverage

Anyway, he got his first hit last night...and for some reason the announcers proceeded to go apeshit.

VIDEO: Tyler Seguin Admits To Throwing Smelling Salt Into Some Poor Bastids Beer The Other Night.

Yesterday, this video of Bruins assistant coach Geoff Ward throwing his ear piece into some dudes beer went viral.

Well, it turns out it was an optical illusion. Tyler Seguin admits that he actually threw smelling salt over his shoulder and ruined the poor bastids $8.00 beer:

The LA Kings Visited The White House Tuesday And Dustin Penner Took A Shot At Tim Thomas. What A Ball Buster.

via @Dustinpenner25

Honestly though, I cant blame Dustin Penner for taking a shot at the mental case formerly known as Tim Thomas.  Not going to the White House was probably the most idiotic thing Tim Thomas ever did in his life.

He will always be known as one of the the greatest goalies in the Bruins history.  That isnt going anywhere.  But he will also always be known as a dude who went batshit insane along the lines of Syd Barrett.  Who the frig would want that attached to their legacy?

The White House snub and the media's blood lust over his ensuing political Facebook posts are what eventually lead to him packing up and moving to a secret bunker in Colorado.  And that is a damn shame.

If he could get into a hot tub time machine and do it all over again, I wonder if he would.  We may never know....well, unless he writes a book about his life someday.  Lets cross out fingers and hope he does.

STOP THE PRESSES! The Red Sox Are Reducing The Price Of Beer At Fenway Park! I Shit You Not!


They are offering free food and reduced-price beer. Yes, at Red Sox games, though only in April.
Kids under 14 will eat free — well, before the third inning, provided they go to specially designated concession stands to pick up their Fenway Frank, Goldfish, and carton of juice.
Around the park, buy one hot dog, get a second for free. Hot chocolate will be sold for half-price. And beer, which flows from the Fenway taps like liquid gold and costs almost as much, will be sold for $5 per 12-ounce cup, down from between $7.50-$8.50.

"We’re looking for ways to thank our fans for their incredible support and commitment,” Red Sox chief operating officer Sam Kennedy said.

First of all, that last line is bullshit.  This isnt a way to thank fans, this is a way to get asses in the seats.  And it reeks of desperation.  I honestly never thought this day would come.  I never thought the Red Sox would resort to gimmicks to get the masses to Fenway Park.  But they have.

A part of me is disappointed and a part of me is friggin psyched.  This basically means that the Pink Hats are finally gone. I mean, lets be serious, "cheap" beer isnt going to lure the Pink Hats back.  Those people are a thing of the past.

All this gimmick is going to do is help the real fans get drunk I guess its not a bad thing.

If you need further proof that the Pink hat Era is over, Sam Kennedy admitted that the sellout streak "is likely going to be coming to an end in early April."  Now if we can get them to stop playing Sweet Caroline.

FINAL: Bruins 3 Maple Leafs 2

Sure, it wasnt the 8-0 blowout I was predicting but shit I'll take it. It was a come from behind win and it was a shootout win. That's not exactly something to bitch about.

I'm not going to call Claude Julien a genius for shuffling the lines, but it did seem to work. Milan Lucic played with a fire under his ass for the first time in a while. I think its safe to say he got the message.

It was nice to see Julien go back to the original lines in the third period.  His message was sent and things can be restored in the Universe.  Dont expect to see the "new" lines against the Canadiens on Wednesday.

Speaking of the Canadiens, the Bruins now have more wins than the Canadiens and exactly the same number of points (with no games in hand) but the Canadiens are first in the Northeast Division due to the bullshit tie breaker rules--the team with the most regulation wins is the higher seed.

So, the Bruins have more total wins (31) but the Canadiens (with 30 wins) are in first place.  That is such bullshit.  A win is a win. If the regular season ends with the Canadiens having less wins than the Bruins and a higher seed, I am going to be ripshit, as everyone should be.

The Canadiens come to town Wednesday night. I cannot friggin wait.  You know the Bruins are going to have a stick up their ass about being screwed on this technicality.