Jarome Iginla Is A Bruin And I Have A Pants Tent Of Epic Proportions

[EDIT: this was written when I was under the false assumption, thanks to ESPN and TSN, that Jarome Iginla had been traded to the Bruins (see link here). Im leaving it up because I want you all to feel my pain.]

From TSN:
According to TSN's Aaron Ward, the Boston Bruins have acquired Jarome Iginla from the Calgary Flames.  Iginla was not in the Flames lineup for their game against the Colorado Avalanche tonight.

TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie believes that defenceman Matt Bartkowski, prospect Alexander Khokhlachev, and a conditional first-round draft pick are headed to Calgary in return, with the first rounder conditional on Iginla re-signing with the Bruins.

First of all, Peter Chiarelli deserves to win executive of the year. The Bruins got him for Matt Bartkowski, Alex Khokhlachev and a conditional 1st round draft pick?  That is friggin unreal.  And the pick is contingent upon Iginla signing a contract extension with the Bruins. Peter Chiarelli just friggin hosed that organization.  I actually feel a little guilty right now.

If you're wondering why I have such a hard on for Jarome Iginla it's because the dude is the epitome of a what it means to be a Bruin.  He is tough, he plays physical, he is wicked ballsy, he is a leader and on top of all that he is proven.

The guy is a six-time all star, a two-time 50 goal scorer, and he's scored 30 goals in each of the last 11 season including 43 goals two years ago.  Oh yea, and he is the captain of his team. Oh yea, and dude has never won a Stanley Cup.

Im telling you, the Bruins locker room is finally going to wake the hell up and rally around this dude.  Remember, a lot of the guys on the Bruins current roster have a Stanley Cup ring.  They arent nearly as hungry as this dude is going to be.

Iginla hasnt been this close to winning a Stanley Cup since 2004.  He must be foaming at the friggin mouth right now.  Having a veteran guy like this in the locker room is exactly what the Bruins need.  Exactly.

Im not saying this as a homer or wacko:  the Boston Bruins are now the favorite to win the Stanley Cup.  I watch this team every friggin night.  Jarome Iginla, and what he brings, is the missing piece.

The rest of the NHL is screwed.