Final: Red Sox 7 Blue Jays 9

The Red Sox had the chance to win more games than any other Red Sox team had ever won in the month of April...and they shat the bed.

Dont get me wrong, Im not bitching.  They still have the best record in MLB and they did tie the franchise record for most wins in April, so Im not heading to the Tobin.  It just kinda sucks that they lost to the last place Blue Jays.

Jon Lester gave up a season high 6 runs on 6 hits in 6.0 innings pitched and is now 4-1.

David Ortiz continues to tear the shit out of the ball.  He had a home run, double and 4 RBI.  Stephen Drew went 1 for 4 and raised his batting average to .154.

Clay Buchholz, and his 5-0 record, pitches tomorrow night.  It should be a good one.  Too bad the Bruins are also playing the Maple Leafs tomorrow night and no one will be watching.

John Farrell Officially Names Andrew Bailey Closer And Joel Hanrahan Didnt Start A Shit Storm. I Am Stunned Right Now.


Joel Hanrahan, who began the season as the Sox closer, came off the 15-day disabled list and was told by manager John Farrell on Tuesday afternoon that he will be setting up for Andrew Bailey.

"It's definitely not a surprise," Hanrahan said. "There's not a whole lot of guys who get hurt, miss a couple of weeks and get thrown back in that role. Whatever happens is going to happen."
"I just want to be one of the 25 guys helping us to win," Hanrahan said. "The way we're playing right now, I'm not trying to stir any controversy."

Arent Major League Baseball players supposed to bitch and moan when they lose their jobs?  Arent they supposed to tear apart the clubhouse and turn things toxic?  These 2013 Red Sox just continue to surprise the hell out me.

I mean, a part of me thinks Hanrahan just doesnt want the job. But a part of me thinks John Farrell has that clubhouse by the balls, is being up front with the guys and and wont put up with any bullshit.

Im telling you, Farrell deserves to win manager of the year based on how he handled the closer situation alone.  If Bobby Valentine were managing this team, we'd be in the middle of a massive shit storm right now.

This Video Of Jenny Dell Bitching Out Some Dude For Getting In Her Camera Shot Is Friggin Awesome.

Watch as Jenny Dell first shoves this dude for getting in her camera shot (0:45 mark) then after the interview says, "really" and proceeds to bitch him out.  Unfortunately, the mic had already been cut by the time the bitching begins.

Anyway, I would declare her an Honorary Masshole, but she is the real thing.  She graduated from UMass Amherst and has the balls to bitch out a dude who screws up her camera shot.  I am so proud of her.

She later tweeted about it:

Are You Ready To Laugh Your Ass Off? EA Sports Simulation Has NY Rangers Winning The Stanley Cup, Bruins Maple Leafs Series Going 7 Games.

Today, EA SPORTS named the New York Rangers as their official prediction for the 2013 Stanley Cup Champion using EA SPORTS NHL®’s simulation engine. 

The New York Rangers win their fifth Stanley Cup in franchise history and their first since the 1993-94 season, defeating the Chicago Blackhawks in six games. 

New York Forward Brad Richards was dominant throughout the Playoffs, tallying 24 points to lead all players in scoring. Lundqvist had a 16-8 record with a 1.89 GAA and a .917 Sv%, including 2 shutouts

The Rangers winning the Stanley Cup isnt even the funniest part.  The simulation has the Bruins - Maple Leafs series going 7 games.

If this series goes 7 games, Ill be watching Game 7 on my laptop at the edge of the Tobin.  And I dont want to hear the bullshit that "anything can happen" or "ya, but the Bruins have been playing like shit lately."

Thats a moot point.  Both teams have been mediocre for a while--Bruins were 6-6-2 in the last month of the season, Leafs were 6-5-1.

That being said, this might be the most lopsided matchup in the history of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Ive said it before and Ill say it again: the Bruins friggin own the Maple Leafs.

The Bruins have lost to the Maple Leafs only once in the past two seasons.  Phil Kessel, who had 20 goals and 32 assists this season, only has 3 goals in 22 career games against the Bruins and is a -22.  This season, he has zero points in the 4 games they played.

Mark my words, he is going to disappear in this series and the people in Toronto are going to go apeshit.  Hell, the media shitstorm that this series is going to produce up in Toronto is going to be enough to turn this entire team into a bunch of fainting goats (if you dont get the reference, watch this video).

Ill be stunned if the Maple Leafs win one game.

Further Proof The Red Sox Have The Rest Of Major League Baseball By The Balls

These are the current Power Rankings on

So It Will Be Bruins vs Maple Leafs In The First Round. Here Are The Keys To The Series.

Last season, the Bruins didnt lose a game to the Maple Leafs. This season they won 3 out of 4.  In their last ten meetings, the Bruins are 9-1.

The last time the Bruins played the Maple Leafs in the playoffs was 1974...and the Bruins swept them.  I think its safe to say that not only are the Bruins a better team, they are in the Leafs heads.

And I dont give a shit that the Bruins have lost 7 of their last 9 games. The Leafs have lost 4 of their last 6. They have been just as sucky as of late. The bottom line is, a sucky Bruins team is better than a sucky Leafs team.

On top of all that, the media is going to be a shit storm up there in Toronto.  That team hasnt been to the Stanley Cup Playoffs since 2004.  Their goalie, James Reimer, has never even played in the post season before.  This dude is going to be more of a headcase than Roberto Luongo.

This team is going to fold like a friggin house of cards in the middle of a hurricane.

Bruins in 4.

Really, Maple Leafs? Really?

The Maple Leafs announced the schedule on their Facebook page and this is the picture they used:

I mean, really? They chose a picture of Tyler Seguin looking like he is about to piss his pants?  I see what theyre doing. Theyre trying to make the Bruins look like pussies and make themselves look like tough guys.

The propaganda isnt going to work.  This is a great matchup for the Bruins.  Period.

Final: Red Sox 6 Astros 1. The Red Sox Have Now Tied Franchise Record With 18 Wins In The Month Of April. This Team Is Friggin Awesome.

It was nice to see John Lackey basically continue his AAA rehab assignment on Sunday. He pitched 6 innings against "the team with a lower payroll than Arod's yearly salary" and allowed only 1 run, striking out 4 and walking 2.

The Red Sox have now won 5 straight games and have tied the franchise record for most wins in the month of April with 18.  This is un friggin real.  I cant get over the fact that they were an absolute shit show last season at this time and now have the best record in Major League Baseball.

And all the Debbie Downers can stop saying, "its early."  Its not friggin early anymore.   We're 25 games into the season.  This team is good.  Its okay to accept it now.  You're not going to look like an asshole.

Anyway, the Red Sox are headed to Toronto to play 3 against the Blue Jays starting Tuesday.  If you havent noticed, the team that most people predicted would win the AL East are currently in (drumroll please) last place.  Sucks to be them.

VIDEO: Fitzy Goes To The 2013 NFL Draft Wearing A Butt Fumble T Shirt And Basically Fucks With Everyone There

Watch Fitzy bust everyone's balls at the 2013 NFL Draft like a true Masshole. This guy is pissa.

FINAL: Red Sox 8 Astros 4. The Red Sox Have Major League Baseball By The Balls Right Now.

Felix Doubront looked shaky in the first inning, allowing 2 runs, but the Red Sox overcame that and beat the team with a lower payroll than Alex Rodriquez by a final of 8-4.

David Ortiz went 2 for 3 with 3 RBI and continues to tear the shit out the ball.  He is now batting .519 on the season.  Holy shit, no one saw this coming.

Despite the fact that the Red Sox are currently playing without a short stop in the lineup, they currently have the best record in all of MLB.  And if the Red Sox win on Sunday, they will tie a team record for the most wins in the month of April.  Jesus H Christ, what a difference a year makes. 

On a side note, how the frig is Daniel Bard not stocking shelves at a super market somewhere right now?  He came on in the eight inning and walked two batters on nine pitches.  Thankfully, they won despite him.  But I just dont understand why this organization thinks he has anything left.

Well, maybe they keep him around so people like me have something to bitch about.

The Patriots May Have Just Drafted Randy Moss Version 2.0. Watch This Friggin Catch By Aaron Dobson.

The best offense in the NFL just got better. This is the newest wide receiver for your New England Patriots:

Does that one handed catch remind you of anyone?

VIDEO: TCU Wide Receiver Josh Boyce Makes A Wicked Awesome Catch vs Iowa State

This guy is now a member of your New England Patriots:

This Is All I Have To Say About The Celtics

If Rajon Rondo was healthy, this would have been a totally different series.  I guarantee the Celtics wouldnt be down 3-0 to the friggin New York Knicks.  And if my aunt had a dick, she'd be my uncle.

Hey, at least we have next season's "Kevin Garnett Farewell Tour" to look forward to.

VIDEO: Jets Fan Starts "We Suck" Chants At 2013 NFL Draft

Jets fans are doing our dirty work for us. This is too friggin funny.

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig Says David Ortiz Dropping An F Bomb Was "Outstanding." I Shit You Not.

Bud Selig may have a thorn up his ass when it comes to expanded use of instant replay and computers calling balls and strikes, but he isnt as much as an old fart as you might think.

From ESPNBoston:
Add baseball commissioner Bud Selig to the list of people giving David Ortiz a thumbs up for his expletive-punctuated message Saturday at Fenway Park.
"I agree with the FCC. I thought David Ortiz's choice of words was outstanding, given what he was trying to say. I mean that sincerely."

Ortiz threw his head back and laughed when told of Selig's response after Boston's 7-2 win over Houston Thursday night at Fenway Park. "That's my man," he said. "That's my main man right there. That guy loves me. He's a good dude, man."

I really didnt expect this.  If anything, I figured Selig would fine Ortiz.  I can't believe Im going to say this, but Selig is pissa.

FINAL: Red Sox 7 Astros 2

Well, that seemed rather easy. The Red Sox man handled the Astros last night 7-2. David Ortiz is on friggin fire right now. The dude went 3 for 4 last night with a home run and 2 RBI.  He is now batting .550 for the season.  And he claims he isnt even 100% yet. Damn.

Clay Buchholz is the first pitcher in MLB to win five games this season.  He only allowed 2 runs over 7.2 innings...and his ERA went up (from 0.90 to 1.19). 

Stephen Drew went 0 for 3 on the night. I had to throw that in there because it just blows my mind that this team just keeps on winning without a short stop.  I mean, imagine how much better the Red Sox would be if they actually played with 9 guys on the team?

FINAL: Bruins 2 Lightning 0

Lets face it, the Tampa Bay Lightning suck. They are the third worst team in the league to be exact. Im not saying that this was a bullshit win or anything--I mean, a win is a win. Im just saying.

And it was great to see the Bruins play as if they gave a shit. They have sleep walked through way too many friggin games this year. I get the feeling they are gearing up for the playoffs after mentally checking out for the past month or so. I really do.

I know people shit on Tuukka Rask around here because he doesn’t stand on his head and steal games the way Tim Thomas used to, but you have to give the dude credit. He made 30 saves and got his fifth shutout of the season.

Listening to talk radio, you would think this guy was a deadbeat, but in reality he will be in the discussion for the Vezina Trophy. The guy has the numbers.

Anyway, so with the win the Bruins have clinched home ice for at least the first round of the playoffs. Ill be honest, the Rangers (#7 seed) and Islanders (#8 seed) scare the shit out of me right now. I think Id rather see the Bruins tank the next two games and take their chances against the Maple Leafs (#5 seed) or Senators (#6 seed) in the first round.

Lets hope Claude thinks the way I do. Stay tuned.

It Was Nice To Finally See Milan Lucic Beat The Shit Out Of Someone. Its Been Way Too Friggin Long.

Milan Lucic vs Keith Aulie

This was Milan Lucic's first fight since March 3rd. What the Christ?  I didnt realize it had been that long.  I know this is stating the obvious, but this dude needs to fight more.  I mean, he isnt exactly a scoring threat anymore, so I have no problem with him spending some time in the penatly box if is means setting the tone for the rest of this team.

It is officially time to stop looking at Milan Lucic as a "Cam Neely type" and start looking at him as a "Brent Hughes type" with a little more size (Google him, kids).

Ok, That Was Awesome Watching Andrew Ference Absolutely Unload On Benoit Pouliot.

Andrew Ference vs Benoit Pouliot

You can tell the Bruins are a frustrated team.  And it was friggin awesome to see Andrew Ference just unload on a dude that is 4 inches taller than him and outweighs him by about 25 pounds.

The Bruins are getting their balls back.  They really are. Lets hope they can take this momentum through the weekend and into the playoffs.

Red Sox Are Auctioning Off Game Worn, Signed Boston Strong Jerseys. Alfredo Aceves Jersey Is At $1,351 Right Now. This Cant Be Right.


The Red Sox are auctioning off every jersey worn by every player on April 20th and April 21st...and that is friggin awesome (click here to visit the website and bid).

Whats awkward is that Alfredo Aceves was on the team at the time, so his jersey is being auction off too. But thats not whats blowing my mind right now. Whats blowing my mind is that the Alfredo Aceves, game worn autographed B Strong jersey has 10 bids and is currently at $1,351 (as of right now, anyway).

Im stunned that it even has one.  This dude must have a lot of siblings.

This Is The Cover Of Boston Magazine. And Those Are Sneakers Of People Who Ran The Boston Marathon. And That Is Wicked Pissa.

This is the May cover of Boston Magazine.  I have no vested interested in that magazine, but everyone needs to go out and buy this.

I Really Want To Hate The Tampa Bay Lightning, But I Just Cant Right Now. Look What They Did To Their Official Facebook Page.

This is the Tampa Bay Lightning's Facebook page and yes, that says Boston Strong (real, not photoshopped).

I remember during the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup run, Tampa Bay Lightning president (and Bruins legend) Phil Esposito said, "I dont give one damn about Boston" and that sent me off the deep end.  I really despised that organization after that.

I thought it was a dick thing to say considering the people around here always showed Esposito nothing but love.  It just seemed so heartless and unprovoked.

Anyway, fast forward to today.  I saw the Tampa Bay Lightnings Facebook page and I just cant help but back off from my stance.  I mean, they didnt have to put "Boston Strong" on their page, but they did.  And thats just friggin awesome.

Thank you, Tampa Bay.

Carl Crawford Is Still Bitching And Moaning About Boston, Says "I Dont Think I Smiled In 2 Years." Im In No Mood For His Bullshit Right Now.

From USAToday:
"I don't think I smiled in two years," the Dodgers outfielder tells USA TODAY Sports of his time on a troubled team in Boston.

"I was just frowning, I started growing grey hairs on my face from the stress and everything for two years straight," he says, stroking the stubble on his chin and grinning."

We friggin get it.  Carl Crawford didnt like playing in Boston.  There is no need for this mancunt to continue to bitch and moan.  There really isnt.  We've been through a lot of shit. The last thing I want to hear right now is a spoiled bastid bitching about how much this city sucks.

There are a lot of people who love living here and there are plenty of athletes who love playing here.  If he still has a thorn up his ass thats his friggin problem.

When you come here to play, we expect you to play.  When you bitch and moan about hitting seventh in the batting order and when you dont give 110%, we get on you.  Thats just the way it is.  Dustin Pedroia doesnt have a problem with that.  Pedro Martinez never had a problem with that.

Im so sick of his bullshit.  This dude is making $20 million this year.  What he needs to do is go out and buy the best therapy money can buy to help him deal with his hurt feelings and leave us the hell alone.  Then he needs to go fuck himself.

Bashing the people of Boston serves absolutely no purpose and, if anything, makes him look like he's a basket case.  I feel bad for the people of Los Angeles. Its just a matter of time before this sick bastid loses his mind again and starts bashing them.

I Feel Bad For The Guys In That PawSox Clubhouse...Alfredo Aceves Has Been Sent To AAA.

One day after giving up 8 runs in 3.1 innings, then saying calling out his own teammates, saying, "why dont we hit," Alfredo "Fucken" Aceves has been sent to the minors.

What a difference a year makes, huh?  The Red Sox are not screwing around this year.

Joel Hanrahan shat the bed and the Red Sox did not dick around at all.  He was replaced with Andrew Bailey immediately.  Now yesterday, Alfredo "Fucken" Aceves stinks up the joint and gets shipped down to the minors.

This really is a different team with a different culture and different approach this year.  It is so friggin refreshing.

FINAL: Red Sox 6 A's 5

First of all, I have to get this off my chest. When Stephen Drew hit that game tying, two run triple in the fourth inning I nearly shit a brick. Im not saying I now like the guy now. I was just friggin stunned. He actually did something. And considering the Red Sox won by one run, that triple was huge.

Im not going to start wash his balls right now and I still don’t think he’s worth $9.5 million, but that hit was big.  I also must note that after the triple, he proceeded to play like shit the piece of shit he is. Drew didnt get another hit and ended the day 1 for 4.  So thats that.

Anyway, enough shitting on Stephen Drew. For the first time all season, Jon Lester wasn’t dominant. He allowed a season high 6 hits and a season high 6 walks. But in the end, it didn’t matter. The Red Sox found a way to win. 

Ortiz and Napoli had back to back doubles and Andrew Bailey made the A’s his bitch in the ninth, striking out the side and getting his fifth save.  Good all around win.

So, in the end, the Red Sox took two of three from the As.  Pissa.  As of right now, the Red Sox have the best record in the American league and the pathetic Houston Astros come to Fenway for a four game series.  They must be licking their friggin chops.

Want A Recap Of The Big Sports Night In Boston Last Night? Here It Is: Last Night Sucked.

Im not even going to waste my breathe talking about these games.

Aceves Shat The Bed Last Night, Now Bard Is Coming Back. This Has All The Makings Of The Shit Show Part 2. Please God, No.

Daniel Bard is 0-1 with a 4.00 ERA in 8 appearances with the Portland Sea Dogs...and he is rejoining the Boston Red Sox because they need bullpen help.

Why do I have the feeling that this season is about to fall off a cliff?  I mean, I dont want to be a Debbie Downer but I just get the feeling that the shit is going to hit the fan real soon with this team.  I hate feeling like this.  I friggin hate it.

The Red Sox Are On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated. Get Ready For The Shit To Hit The Fan.

I dont believe in the SI Jinx. Well, I dont want to believe in it. But a day after Sports Illustrated reveals the cover with the Red Sox on it, they shat the bed and lost to the A's 13-0.  Stay tuned.

This Past Weekend New Yorkers Proved They Are Still Dickheads. Im All Friggin Done Being Nice To These People.

This is from the Rangers Devils game on Sunday:

And this is from the Celtics Knicks game on Saturday (yes, that is Paul Pierce getting booed):

I can't do it.  I just cant pretend to not hate New York fans anymore. Sure, the cheers were louder than the boos and not every Rangers fan was slapping his ass at the American flag, but the fact that anyone booed and the fact that even one dude slapped his ass at the American flag pisses me off.

These people are assholes.  Thats all there is to it.  For a few days, they showed a hint of class but I am getting the impression that they were just faking it.  I think deep down inside, they are all assholes.  Every one of them.

I think the organizations get it.  I mean, it was great to see Sweet Caroline being played at Yankee stadium and it was awesome that the Knicks had a ceremony at all.  But the fans?  I get the impression that they were just grinning and bearing it.

I mean, how can they go from being so sympathetic and caring on Tuesday to such douchebags in less than a week?  I can tell you how--they were faking it all along.  Thats what assholes do.  And Im all set being nice to those pricks.  They lost me this weekend.  They really did.

By the way, after the Celtics Knicks game, Carmelo Anthony said that booing Paul Pierce 'wasnt the right thing to do.' He gets it.  The guy might be an overrated ego magiac with a psycho wife, but he gets it.

FINAL: Red Sox 9 A's 6

I honestly though the bullpen was going to piss this one away. I really did. Mike Napoli's grand slam put the Red Sox up 9-3 in the fifth but when the eighth inning rolled around and Clayton Mortensen gave up those 3 runs, I thought it was over. Thankfully, that didnt happen and I Im not sitting here bitching about the bullpen today.

The Red Sox have now won 8 of their last 10 games and have the best record in the American League.  Im not going to bitch about anything right now. 

I think John Farrell is most likely going to win Manager of the Year, Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester are going to be in the Cy Young discussion and the Red Sox are, at the very least, going to win the AL East and at the very worst win the Wild Card.  Book it.

Seriously though, if John Farrell doesn't win Manager of the Year I am going to be pissed.  They could play .500 baseball the rest of the season and he would still deserve to win that award.

Its nice to see Andrew Bailey pitching like an actual closer.  He got his fourth save of the season and basically guaranteed that Joel Hanrahan's new role with this team will be on mop up duty only.

Your Tweet Of The Night

Your "Famous Person" Tweet Of The Night

Meanwhile, Down In Pawtucket...

This is the box score from last nights Pawtucket Red Sox game.  I really wish Stephen Drew was on twitter so I could send this to him and remind him what a piece of shit he really is.

If you didn't know, Drew is batting .121 this year.  The guy is making $9.5 million.  He is stealing money from this team.  I swear to Christ, the Red Sox keep putting him out there night after night just to bust our balls.

I dont know what kind of dirt the Drew family has on the Red Sox front office, but it must be juicy considering they gave JD Drew $70 million to do absolutely nothing (except hit one grand slam in a playoff game) and are now giving his brother $9.5 million to play baseball with a thumb up his ass.

I mean, the fact that the Red Sox are 13-6 with this guy on the roster is nothing short of a miracle.

Bruins Season Ticket Holders Gave Up The Annual "Shirts Off Their Backs" Ceremony For First Responders And Boston Marathon Runners.

From NESN:
Typically, the players would take off their game jerseys and give them to select season ticketholders, but in light of the week’s events, those ticketholders requested that the jerseys be given to first responders and participants from this year’s Boston Marathon.

The fact that it was the season ticket holders idea just makes this even more friggin awesome. I mean, I am just in awe of the way the people of Massachusetts have been acting this past week.  I am so friggin proud to be a Masshole.

Red Sox Lost Both Games Of Doubleheader And Are Still Tied For The Best Record In American League. I Shit You Not.

Seriously, yesterday sucked. I guess the silver lining is that, despite losing both, the Red Sox are still tied with the Oakland A's for the best record in the American League, at 12-6.

If the Red Sox had won just one of those games, they'd have the best record in the American League and be tied with the Rockies and Braves for the best record in all of baseball, at 13-5. And if my aunt had a dick, she'd be my uncle.

Anyway, thats all I have to say about the doubleheader yesterday. Im not going to sit here and analyze two really sucky games and Im certainly not going to shit on this team. Yesterdays shitty day wasn't indicative of anything. They are still a damn good team.

FINAL: Bruins 3 Panthers 0

Sure, the Florida Panthers suck. But I really dont give a shit. That still felt good.

And despite their sucky play as of late (with the exception of the Panther ball kicking), the Bruins are the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference.  How friggin amazing is that?  Listening to sports talk radio, you'd think this team is a shit show on the cusp of being eliminated from playoff contention.

When all is said and done, Tuukka Rask is going to be a finalist for the Vezina Trophy too.  The dude earned his fourth shutout of the season and is currently third in the NHL in save percentage, at .929, and fourth in goals against, at 1.96.

Sure, Milan Lucic hasnt done shit in a while and there are some nights when they just dont show up.  But they arent a bad team.  Anyone who says they are needs to take the stick out of his ass and look at the numbers.  They are the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference for Christ's sake and, with the exception of the Penguins, have friggin owned Eastern Conference teams this year.

Its okay to feel good about this team going into the playoffs.

Tyler Seguin Needs To Change His Twitter Profile Picture To This, Right Now.

This picture is just friggin awesome.  A Bruins jersey and State Police hat just screams, "Im a bad ass mutha fucka."

David Ortiz To Terrorists: "This Is Our Fucking City And Nobody Is Going To Dictate Our Freedom." I Am So Fucking Proud Of Him.

David Ortiz has balls. He has big brass balls. He stood there in front of the Fenway Park crowd and had no problem saying exactly what was on his mind. Whats friggin awesome is that he said what everyone around here is thinking. I am so fucking proud of him.

Some people are going to criticize him for using profanity and those people just dont understand the people of Boston.  They can screw. This is how we talk around here. And when a couple of losers try and terrorize this city and treat us like we're a bunch of pussies, the dude with the loudest voice in town is going to call them out.

So today, I am declaring David Ortiz an Honorary Masshole.  Some people consider this a bigger honor than getting knighted by the Queen of England.  Wear the badge or honor proudly, Big Papi.

The FCC Said They "Stand With" David Ortiz And The People Of Boston. They're Wicked Pissa

The official twitter account for the FCC issued this tweet in response to David Ortiz dropping an F bomb:

They "stand with" the people of Boston, huh?  It seems like no one wants to fuck with us right now.  This is friggin awesome.

VIDEO: Some Weird Old Guy Got On The Field At Fenway Today And Sang Sweet Caroline. I Think It May Have Been Neil Diamond.

Is this really Neil Diamond or just a drunk prick who happened to get a hold of a microphone? I mean, it sounds like him. It looks like him. But he was a little late with the lyrics and he seemed disoriented.

VIDEO: Fans Sing The National Anthem At Fenway Park

I dont have any smart as comments to make about this. Just listen and soak it in, people:


I didnt post pictures of the victims on Marathon Monday because I thought it was inappropriate. This guy? Fuck him. I have no problem showing a half dead picture of this asshole.  He terrorized the city we love and thought the Boston PD were pussies. And he thought Deval Patrick didnt have balls.

Well, Deval had the balls to shut down the whole goddamn city in pursuit of this guy and the Boston PD had the balls to chase this dude down despite the fact he was throwing friggin grenades at him.

I am so friggin proud to say Im from Boston.

Consider this picture a modern day public hanging.   It is a message to anyone else who even thinks about terrorizing us.  You dont fuck with this city and get away with it. 

The Nightmare Is Over Because Of These Brave Souls. They Gave Us Our City Back.

Every Masshole Needs To Like This Page

They deserve it. They absolutely deserve it.  Click here to visit the page and make it happen.

Tweet Of The Night

Celebrity Tweet Of The Night

This is a real tweet by the real Donald Trump. Look at the Donald, tweeting like a Masshole:

VIDEO: NBC Cuts To NECN Coverage And Anchor Says "We Dont Know Shit."

Jim Braude representing Massachusetts like a true Masshole.

Your Wicked Pissa Photo Of The Day

Bruins And Red Sox Made The Right Call

The Red Sox and Bruins made the right call on this one. Now the Boston PD arent wasting their resources at sporting events. Now lets catch this son of a bitch!!!