Adam Jones Says He Wants To 'Spoil' Red Sox Home Opener And 'Shut Up' The Fans Who Attend. Thats Pretty Ballsy Coming From A 3-3 Team.

“You’ve seen the last couple days, you look on the scoreboard today. They had 13 runs and they put them up quick, too. I think they are swinging the bats. We’ve got to go out there ... and spoil their Opening Day."

"The more people, the more you want to shut them up. That’s how I look at it. I don’t care, they can stand up the whole game. They do anyway. But when you can silence 40,000 people, it’s pretty cool," he said.

First Adam Jones tweets about wanting Popeye's Chicken on the eve of coming to Boston for the Red Sox home opener, now he says he wants to shut up the fans at Fenway Park.

There is something wrong with this dude.  I mean, he just comes across as a guy with a complex and a big mouth (which is a deadly combination).  Youre not supposed to be cocky when your team is 3-3.  Youre just not.  It makes you look like a friggin idiot.

Believe me, John Farrell could have taken more than a few shots at the fans in Toronto but he took the high road because thats what professionals do.  Adam Jones could learn a thing or two from Farrell.  Oh, thats right, his team is being run by Buck Showalter. I guess I shouldnt really be surprised by the lack of professionalism and complex issues.

I cant wait to hear this loudmouthed bastid get booed Monday.