Anton Volchenkov Says He Didnt Intend To Elbow Marchand In The Head, Then Proceeded To Get Four Game Suspension For Intentionally Elbowing Marchand In The Head.

Anton Volchenkov had the balls to say that he didnt intend to hit Brad Marchand in the head.  This guy is a real piece of work.  I guess he doesnt realize that the hit was on tape and there is something called "replay."

Thankfully, Director of Player Safety Brendan Shanahan didnt buy his bullshit and went ahead and suspended the prick for 4 games.  Shanahan explains in his video that it could have been a legal collision but rather than use the body, Volchenkov raises his an asshole (my words not his).

I cant believe the dude tried to weasel his way out of getting disciplined.  That is laughable.  I hope the guy enjoys his time off in beautiful New Jersey.