Carl Crawford Is Still Bitching And Moaning About Boston, Says "I Dont Think I Smiled In 2 Years." Im In No Mood For His Bullshit Right Now.

From USAToday:
"I don't think I smiled in two years," the Dodgers outfielder tells USA TODAY Sports of his time on a troubled team in Boston.

"I was just frowning, I started growing grey hairs on my face from the stress and everything for two years straight," he says, stroking the stubble on his chin and grinning."

We friggin get it.  Carl Crawford didnt like playing in Boston.  There is no need for this mancunt to continue to bitch and moan.  There really isnt.  We've been through a lot of shit. The last thing I want to hear right now is a spoiled bastid bitching about how much this city sucks.

There are a lot of people who love living here and there are plenty of athletes who love playing here.  If he still has a thorn up his ass thats his friggin problem.

When you come here to play, we expect you to play.  When you bitch and moan about hitting seventh in the batting order and when you dont give 110%, we get on you.  Thats just the way it is.  Dustin Pedroia doesnt have a problem with that.  Pedro Martinez never had a problem with that.

Im so sick of his bullshit.  This dude is making $20 million this year.  What he needs to do is go out and buy the best therapy money can buy to help him deal with his hurt feelings and leave us the hell alone.  Then he needs to go fuck himself.

Bashing the people of Boston serves absolutely no purpose and, if anything, makes him look like he's a basket case.  I feel bad for the people of Los Angeles. Its just a matter of time before this sick bastid loses his mind again and starts bashing them.