David Ortiz To Terrorists: "This Is Our Fucking City And Nobody Is Going To Dictate Our Freedom." I Am So Fucking Proud Of Him.

David Ortiz has balls. He has big brass balls. He stood there in front of the Fenway Park crowd and had no problem saying exactly what was on his mind. Whats friggin awesome is that he said what everyone around here is thinking. I am so fucking proud of him.

Some people are going to criticize him for using profanity and those people just dont understand the people of Boston.  They can screw. This is how we talk around here. And when a couple of losers try and terrorize this city and treat us like we're a bunch of pussies, the dude with the loudest voice in town is going to call them out.

So today, I am declaring David Ortiz an Honorary Masshole.  Some people consider this a bigger honor than getting knighted by the Queen of England.  Wear the badge or honor proudly, Big Papi.