File Under: You Cant Bullshit A Bullshitter. Red Sox Create A Phantom Injury For Joel Hanrahan, Will Give Andrew Bailey A Shot At Closer Role.

Red Sox manager John Farrell said this morning that righthander Joel Hanrahan has a sore right hamstring that has affected his performance on the mound. Farrell said that Andrew Bailey would close until Hanrahan is ready. The Sox will stay away from Hanrahan "for the next couple of days" according to Farrell.

First, let me say that you cant bullshit a bullshitter. Secondly, let me say that John Farrell is a friggin genius. By coming up with this phantom injury, he is basically giving Andrew Bailey a chance to try out for the closer role while avoiding any sort of media shitstorm.

A "sore hamstring?"  That is so much easier than saying, "Hanrahan sucks and we're going to give Andrew Bailey a shot."  Which is basically what is happening.

Lets be serious, Hanrahan has turned into a friggin headcase.  He blew a save at home on Wednesday and then on Saturday he couldnt even record an out.  Right now, he's about as emotionally stable as that guy Daniel Bard.  Remember him?

Bard is a perfect example of a guy who had all the talent in the world but got screwed up mentally which led to problems with him mechanics and eventually ended up in AA.  Remember, Hanrahan pitched for the Pirates and Nationals before coming to the Red Sox.  The dude hasnt exactly been tested mentally before this season.

Anyway, if Andrew Bailey comes in and goes 3 for 3 in save opportunities, Joel Hanrahan will basically be put on mop up duty the rest of the year and will forever be known as a guy who just couldnt handle pitching in Boston....and John Farrell will be known as a friggin genius for picking up on that early.