FINAL: Bruins 2 Lightning 0

Lets face it, the Tampa Bay Lightning suck. They are the third worst team in the league to be exact. Im not saying that this was a bullshit win or anything--I mean, a win is a win. Im just saying.

And it was great to see the Bruins play as if they gave a shit. They have sleep walked through way too many friggin games this year. I get the feeling they are gearing up for the playoffs after mentally checking out for the past month or so. I really do.

I know people shit on Tuukka Rask around here because he doesn’t stand on his head and steal games the way Tim Thomas used to, but you have to give the dude credit. He made 30 saves and got his fifth shutout of the season.

Listening to talk radio, you would think this guy was a deadbeat, but in reality he will be in the discussion for the Vezina Trophy. The guy has the numbers.

Anyway, so with the win the Bruins have clinched home ice for at least the first round of the playoffs. Ill be honest, the Rangers (#7 seed) and Islanders (#8 seed) scare the shit out of me right now. I think Id rather see the Bruins tank the next two games and take their chances against the Maple Leafs (#5 seed) or Senators (#6 seed) in the first round.

Lets hope Claude thinks the way I do. Stay tuned.